Aimee Chan Hopes to Find Balance Between Family and Work

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Aimee Chan Hopes to Find Balance Between Family and Work

Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) married Moses Chan (陳豪) in 2013 at the height of her career. Soon after, the couple welcomed three children – two sons and one daughter. Devoting the last four years to caring for her young children, Aimee finally feels that it is time to return to her career and has confirmed her participation in the movie, Sun Moon Stars <日月星>, produced by EEG.

“I’m very excited! I waited a long time before returning to work. It is a new experience this time. I’ll be portraying a teacher. I have never portrayed this type of character before. Prior to going on vacation to Toronto, I spoke with the director a few times and we continued to have meetings. After confirming my participation, I even returned back earlier [from my trip] in order to accommodate the filming schedule.”

To prepare for her return, Aimee spent a lot of time and effort to lose weight. “I’m really looking forward to working again. In Toronto, I continued to exercise five or six times each week. I even ate healthier!”

Having been a stay-at-home mom for the past four years, will Aimee be anxious about being separated from her children? “Of course! When I left today, they asked me where I was going and whether they could accompany me. But it’s okay, because my husband is home. When I’m done with work, I’ll return home to take over my shift.”

Despite her dedication to her family and children, the 36-year-old hopes to continue working. “I hope to continue receiving filming offers because I am a bit of a workaholic. I hope I can balance my time to take care of my children and work. My children will start school in September. I’ll be done with filming around that time, so I can be their chauffeur and take them to school.”


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