Ali Lee Tries Her Hand At Directing

Appearing at a commercial event for wedding brands in Wan Chai, actress Ali Lee (李佳芯) was dressed in an ethereal white gown and simple but elegant silver jewelry. In line with World Alzheimer’s Day on coming September 21, Ali shared about her latest project – directing, producing and acting in a microfilm to raise awareness about the debilitating disease.

The actress confided that it is an immense challenge to oversee every aspect of the microfilm. “Actually, everyone [of the cast members] has already come on board and are ready for filming. I hope that [we will] be able to show everyone something great by the end of the year.” 

Ali busy signing on mascot key chains while volunteering.

From Publishing Her Own Photobook to Film Storytelling!

The actress holding her work “Where The Heart Is” <心之所往> at a recent book fair.

On why she chose to work on a microfilm on Alzheimer’s, Ali explained that she was inspired by her experience of volunteering at Jockey Club Centre for Positive Aging, where she learned about seniors with Alzheimer’s disease getting lost and separated from loved ones.

“From working on the script to deciding on the cast, it took me a few months. This is actually the second project since I had my book published that I was wholly responsible for behind-the-scenes and work before the camera, so it was indeed a huge challenge.”

SourceHK01, JCCPAHK Facebook 

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  1. What happen to her? She looks so thin in the first pic and also the bottom pic in pink

    1. Imo that’s just a weird angle/photo. I watched her interview on that day and she’s skinny but not bone skinny.

      1. Doubt she goes on diet, she said she loves and enjoys eating…prob the rare few lucky ones that doesn’t out on weight. She also said stress makes her lose weight

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