Ali Lee Prefers to Film One Drama Per Year

After Ali Lee (李佳芯) made a strong performance in AI Romantic <智能AI(愛)人>, many netizens wondering if the actress will now be heavily promoted by the station. While many fans wish to see Ali stars in more exciting dramas, Ali reveals that her preference is to only film one drama per year.

After winning the TVB Queen title for her performance in 2019’s drama Who Wants a Baby? <BB來了>, the actress suddenly reduced her schedule and filmed only a handful of dramas, which included Big White Duel <色強人>, Beauty and the Boss <愛美麗狂想曲>, Death by Zero <殺手> and AI Romantic. Many fans noticed the drastic change in Ali’s schedule and speculated that either the actress lost her ambition or she was frozen by the station for making a political statement on her Instagram.

In an interview, Ali explained the real reason, “I think it is better for artistes to [film one drama per year]. There was a time when I just received my script and then spent two years undergoing surgeries. I tend to give myself a lot of pressure so my body and my skin suffer when filming starts. It’s better for me to film one or two dramas per year. I hope the audience won’t get tired of me. I would be able to rest up and be in a better state of mind.”

When asked if Ali is fixated on her decision, the actress replied, “I don’t have a limit and I would never push for it. However, I think it’s a better pace for me to film one or two dramas per year. Of course, if the company arranges it and thinks I am a good fit, I would do it.”

In the meantime, Ali is taking on the challenge of directing, producing and acting in her microfilm and shared some of her challenges, “I am aiming to film in September or October, so the past few months felt like I was going to war. In addition to being in front of the camera, I am also responsible for casting. It is difficult to do it by myself and I haven’t found the male lead.”

Source: HK01

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  1. This is actually good news. Filming even just a 20 episode drama is insanely stressful. Why must the production film for like 16 hours a day? Quality over quantity. Ali should be selective of her projects instead of being a slave for tvb.

  2. I feel like the only way actresses can avoid being overworked or renewing a contract after an award is to get sick at TVB: Fala Chen, half of her facial muscles couldn’t move….so she decided to go back and study. Ali, multiple surgeries in 2 years because of her ovaries…so she can reduce her workload. Can an artiste really say no when management is so demanding? And when the audience is equally demanding as management with output? You can become a cash cow and the company might dote on you more and dare not overwork you…Kelly Cheung.

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