Ali Lee Responds to Deteriorating Health Issues

Overburden with projects in recent years, Hong Kong actress Ali Lee’s (李佳芯) health has reached a breaking point and made a difficult decision to drop out of Unchained Medley <靈戲逼人> . Although Ali reveals that she wanted to continue finishing her projects, Ali confesses that filming takes a toll on her body and she will need to slow down.

In an interview, Ali directly addresses her declining health, “I have a history of health issues. Every time I film a drama, I put a lot of pressure on myself. It’s true and it has always affected my mental and physical health.”

Ali regrets not being able to star Unchained Medley alongside Owen Cheung (張振朗) and expresses her disappointment in not being able to play a female ghost, “It’s very cute. When I first read the script, I thought about how I never played a female ghost before. I have played a robot before so if there are interesting characters, I would like to try it out.”

As Ali turns her focus to her health, she is grateful that TVB understands her decision, “This is affecting my health, but it also affects filming and its schedule. It is difficult to constantly ask others to accommodate you, so I talked to the company. They were worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle it.”

Ali continues, “I have been seeing a traditional Chinese doctor to help me recuperate. They are telling me to stop staying up late. I am also doing acupuncture, but I still cannot undo the damage caused by the continuous filming. There are some dramas that require actors to film 24 hours round the clock for two or three months. During such taxing times, I was worried that my body would not be able to endure it. I want to find a good balance.”

Source: HK On CC

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  1. Sound like she may be suffering from chronic fatigue. I could be very wrong… she really need to take a proper break and rest with no stress…It will be advisable to take a prolong holiday overseas and rest her body, mind and soul…and not look at all the gossips about her etc..
    But I am unsure how easy it is for Hongkongers to travel these days.
    Poor woman…take care. I hope she has a very good support by her side.

  2. Don’t really understand TVB. Why do they make their artists film 24hrs for months on end with minimal sleep? They just want to keep churning out dramas non-stop but what good is any of it if these dramas aren’t even good and the artists are worn out? They really need to stop and focus on quality over quantity.

    1. The long hours suck but tbf its not just TVB. Long filming sessions are common all over Asia, its just part of the money making side of show biz.

      1. I remember a popular American born Korean actress who protects over unfair working conditions in SK, now she is blacklisted by many good productions. Her reputation slide very quickly.. Her name slipped my mind…

    2. @Hohliu You’re probably thinking about Han Ye Seul? I kind of understand Korean dramas because the filming overlaps a bit with broadcasting. Not saying that I support this kind of method either. But with TVB, they work people so hard and then they shelf some dramas a long time such as the Ruco ones. I feel like they have enough in their storage to allow people to work more humane conditions.

      1. Yes, it was her… But you are correct to mention Korean dramas are often filmed week by week along with broadcast…

    3. Guessing it must have to do with all sorts of logistics i e. when equipment and locations are available. But yeah, it does make you think isnt there *something* that can be done to make things a little more reasonable.

  3. Didn’t tvb say they were going to stop making their stars work so much?? Guess not, agree though quantity over quality can equal trash…

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