Alvin Chan to Juggle Wife and 2 Girlfriends in London?

Above: Alvin Chau remains married to Heidi Chan, while being involved with models Linah Matsuoka and Mandy Lieu.

At Ady An‘s (安以軒) wedding in Hawaii, Macau casino tycoon Alvin Chau (周焯華) was seen flirting all night with Japanese model/actress, Linah Matsuoka (松岡李那). Alvin lost all inhibitions since neither his wife Heidi Chan (陳慧玲) nor girlfriend Mandy Lieu accompanied him to the wedding.

After appearing in Lan Kwai Fong 2 <喜愛夜蒲2> and The Mermaid <美人魚>, Linah is quite popular in Hong Kong and has frequent modeling engagements there. With her bubbly personality, the pretty 31-year-old caught Alvin’s attention at Ady’s wedding. A video recording was leaked, in which Alvin appeared to be a drunken state and tightly gripped Linah’s waist while they danced together intimately. Linah enjoyed the attention and also had her hand on Alvin’s arm.

Their fling did not seem to be for one night only. Alvin may have taken a serious liking to Linah and hopes to deepen their relationship. Linah has reportedly been hired as Alvin’s casino’s next spokesperson and is allegedly being paid a hefty compensation of $3 million HKD for the gig.

Linah once stated that she will not be involved with a married man because her father had cheated on her mother in their marriage. However, Linah admitted that she prefers dating rich men. Although denying their romantic rumors, Linah and Alvin appear to be still close. For her modeling engagements in Europe and the United States in August, Linah will be flying on private jets, which were speculated to be provided by Alvin to offer her greater comfort.

Mandy and Heidi’s Reactions

Mandy was reportedly fuming after seeing the video and learning of Alvin’s wandering eyes and hands. Mandy became involved with Alvin although he is married to socialite Heidi Chan (陳慧玲). In 2015, when both Heidi and Mandy were pregnant at the same time, Heidi threatened divorce because she was upset by Mandy’s increasing boldness.

For two years, Alvin managed to maintain his marriage with Heidi by keep his women far apart. Mandy continues to reside in London with their two children, while Heidi lives in Hong Kong.

Asked for comment over Alvin’s involvement with Linah, Heidi refused to respond to the press’ inquiry. However Heidi had once infamously remarked over her husband’s cheating ways,  “There’s no need for me to fight anyone over anything. Win or lose, I’m still the wife.”

Three Women in London Together

There is a chance that Alvin’s wife and girlfriends will all meet in London next month. With Heidi’s daughter to attend boarding school in London, the entire family will be flying there. Mandy has already been living in London for two years. Linah will also be making a stop in London during her modeling gig. Will Alvin be able to maintain his balancing act without upsetting his wife and girlfriends?

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  1. Ha! There you go! That’s what you call KARMA!!! Mandy deserve all of it. Why Heidi is still with Alvin is what I don’t understand.. I guess she really love the guy. I just hope she is protected if they are still sleeping together.

    1. @happybi agreed. Like they say, love can be blind. Alvin is a sick, narcissistic, arrogant, sex hungry, sick male chauvanist pig. Any man who has any redpect for his wife would spare her the embarassment of openly flaunting his mistresses in her face for her and the whole world to see. I get so angry when I see or hear any news of his private matter. He obviously has no respect for women, especially his wife.

      1. @bubbletea yes! No respect for woman at all!! Feel bad for all his kids. What a disgrace and embarrassment for them. I guess money really can blind some people!

    2. @happybi wait! I thought they’re divorced? No? Lol. I guess Mandy doesn’t mind as long he give her what she wants. I mean look at Stanley Ho? He’s got many wife’s.

      1. @cutie777 i remember reading that she filed for divorce but no idea if it actually went through. All i can is good luck to her.

        Stanley Ho was a different time. It was actually during the time when you can actually have more than 1 wife at Macau. Mandy got what she deserve. Just feel bad for her kids.

      2. @linvin8 wait… what!! She’s expecting again? I don’t think so no? she filed for divorce after she gave birth to daughter no?

      3. @linvin8 @happybi @cutie777

        I think the wife Heidi filed for divorce after the birth of her (and Mandy’s) daughter, but then there was this event (not sure if public or private) she attended with her husband, and the freaking crowd kept cheering for the husband to hug her (who the hell are these immoral people?!), so then he grabs her tightly from behind, and she basically gave in.

        I also remember reading that her (rich) friends told her not to divorce, and to basically stay the wife so she will always be number 1. What stupid advice. One of the people who told her that was one of Stanley Ho’s wife (I’m guessing Angela Leong, the most “powerful” of his wives).

        It’s just a hot mess. Freaking “洗米華”

      4. @lyu310 Yes! Remember reading about that event and that she was crying when he sang a song for her or something. All I can say is.. are those even her “real” friends to waste her life with a cheater? She’s still young, should find someone who truly loves her. She’s not doing her kids any favor either by staying with him. Crazy!

      5. @happybi @lyu310 Honestly it’s such a mess that I actually don’t care much about keeping track of a timeline of events. Linah Matsuoka must be another “波大無腦” to get involved in such a situation (don’t often criticise “celebrities” as it’s not my business but can’t help it).

      6. @happybi @lyu310 To be honest it’s such a mess that I could care less about keeping track of a timeline of events. And frankly speaking Linah Matsuoka is probably one of those “波大無腦” for getting herself involved in such a situation.

      7. @linvin8 can’t read Chinese that well but I know 波大無腦! Hahahahhahha tooo funny! That just cracked me up! But from pic, far from.being big! Hey at least she is honest and said she like guys with $$$!

      8. @happybi Lol. So if Alvin can be like Stanley back in the old day he can get as many wives he wants to right? I don’t really know who his wife is but she kinda reminds me Florinda Ho Joel Chan ex girlfriend?

  2. All of them are sick in the head. He’s a disgusting cheating PoS and the women who stay with him or sleep with him are pathetic losers. The worst thing is that they’re willing to have children with him. I feel bad for the kids: they have a crappy dad as their role model and their moms have no self-respect. And that Linah chick saying she won’t be with married men is complete BS. As long as he’s footing the bill, I’m sure she’d be willing to overlook that. Disgusting.

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