Alvin Chau Visits Pregnant Mandy Lieu in Singapore

Above: Although Alvin Chau is married to Heidi Chan, his girlfriend Mandy Lieu is also pregnant.

Model Mandy Lieu’s (劉碧麗) extramarital affair with casino tycoon Alvin Chau (周焯華) is becoming more complicated by the day. Although Alvin is married to Yan Oi Tong executive Heidi Chan (陳慧玲), he continues to visit Mandy in Singapore. In December, it was discovered that both Mandy and Heidi were four months pregnant. Rumors claim that Heidi is carrying twins, while Mandy is carrying a baby girl.

Mandy’s manager confirmed the model’s pregnancy last week and stressed that Mandy has already left Hong Kong to rest overseas. Though it appeared on the surface that Alvin had chosen to end his relationship with Mandy—opting to spend more time with his wife—reporters who have followed Alvin’s family to Thailand observed that Alvin and Mandy’s relationship is not over yet.

Heidi Gives Alvin Cold Treatment

On the other hand, Alvin and Heidi are encountering some relationship problems, giving each other the cold treatment. Heidi showed off her “official wife” status by preventing Alvin from seeing Mandy during the Christmas holidays. A source close to the Chau family said Heidi invited the entire family and a few close friends to a week-long trip in Thailand during the Christmas holidays. The trip was also an opportunity for the family to celebrate the birthday of Alvin’s father, whom Alvin respects very much.

The family left on December 24, Christmas’ Eve. They went to Pattaya and stayed at the five-star hotel Royal Wing Suites & Spa. Heidi and her family stayed in a suite for $16,200 HKD a night.

Heidi and her family thoroughly documented their trip with photos and uploaded them on Facebook. One photo was a selfie of Alvin and Heidi, but reporters who were following the Chau family said the couple rarely interacted unless necessary. Heidi was seen spending more time with her daughter and her father-in-law, while Alvin spent more time with his son and friends. Heidi and Alvin also boarded different minivans when going to a restaurant for dinner.

Alvin Visits Mandy in Singapore

Heidi managed to keep Alvin for a few days, but on December 29, reporters spotted Alvin leaving for Singapore without his family. It was said that Alvin left to visit Mandy, who is staying in Singapore.

Heidi and her family returned to Macau from Thailand on December 30.

Alvin Chau’s Past Relationships Revealed

Alvin’s colorful dating past involved numerous Hong Kong celebrities. Alvin had dated actress Ellen Chan (陳雅倫) in 2009. Because of Alvin, it was said that Ellen broke up with casino CEO Mark Brown.

A source close to Ellen said that Alvin started to pursue Ellen when she was struggling with her long-distance relationship with Mark Brown, who left Hong Kong for work in the United States.

Alvin and Ellen’s relationship ended half a year later. Alvin had kept it a secret that he was already engaged to Heidi and had children. Ellen was heartbroken when she heard the news and broke up with him. When she was later asked about her relationship with Alvin, Ellen said they were “just friends”.

Alvin was also rumored to have dated 34-year-old Hong Kong singer Mango Wong (王秀琳) as well as ATV actress Michelle Feng (馮雪冰) in the last few years. Both artistes received lavish gifts from Alvin. He has also been linked with models Kibby Lau (劉俐) and DaDa Chan (陳靜).


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  1. Quite disappointed with Mandy ’cause I was actually a fan of hers and she seemed quite different from bimbo girls. Now I just think she’s one of them. It bothers me how some girls thinks it’s okay to start a relationship with a married guy just because she thinks its ‘love’ — you’re ruining a family here.

    But tbh, even if it wasn’t Mandy, this guy would probably find someone else to have an affair with while he’s married. Have some self control, you already have kids of your own. What kind of example are you showing them?

    1. Well said. If I were Heidi, I would get my hands on his money and divorce his sorry ass but then again, as we all know, many pathetic women rather stay married to morons like Alvin

      1. heidi is alvin second wife. he was married before. his son is from his first marriage. don’t know if heidi was a third party or not at that time.

    2. Tbh I was quite shocked to learn Mandys relationship with a married man , disappointed too since she seemed like a smart woman who knew better. But hey, if the finger has to be pointed at someone for the situation then both is at fault. She should have known better to not get involved with a married man, but at the same time he is dispicable for letting the affair to happen. No matter how rich a man is or how high of a social status he is deemed to be, that doesn’t justify the act to start an affair when he has a wife and family to begin with. Both put themselves into the situation, so both must deal with the consequences.

    3. this guy is obviously a jerk.
      he got his wife and lover pregnant at the same time. holding on such a playboy will only lead to more heartbreak.

  2. Doesn’t this monkey-faced dog have an older son from the first marriage? I wonder how he came to marry this Heidi Chan? Does anyone know if Heidi was a third part to his 1st marriage?

  3. Such a shame, this Mandy Lieu is multi-lingual and multi-talented and given time, she might become a sucessful international model or even actress. Why did she resort to being a home wrecker gold digger? So cheap! No self-respect. This pig has been linked with so many women. It’s a calculated move by Mandy, but at the same time she looks so foolish.

    1. Hey I don’t think it’s fair to put most of the blame on the woman when it comes to affairs. I don’t think mandy had calculated to become pregnant bearing a married man’s child given the situation has screwed up her future career big time and the judgements she’s receiving from everyone. If cheap, the man is even cheaper and disgusting for being linked to so many women and impregnanting them as he moves along. She’s slready prego with his child and being shunned upon like there is no tomorrow. yeah she put herelf in this situation so she’s already potentially going to become a single mother, but she doesn’t need all the name calling to make her situation worse than it is imo.

      1. ‘I don’t think mandy had calculated to become pregnant bearing a married man’s child’

        Yeah,right lmao

        He or she could have used protection. Now she looks like just another gold digger.

      2. @Clementine
        Men like Alvin bring shame to mankind. They dangle their wealth in the eyes of both naive and gold-digging women just because they know they have that power. This guy is known for his track record with pretty starlets. And I’m not saying he’s justified in his actions because he has that power. Mandy, who has been in showbiz industry for years, should have practiced better judgement. I believe she knew exactly what she was getting herself into. Back in August she confirmed she was dating Alvin and claimed she wasn’t aware of his marital status. Yeah, right! But let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. Suppose she didn’t know he was married with family, now that it has come into light, shouldn’t she have ended their relationship then and there? No, they continued the affair in secret. Because sometime in November, there was footage of Alvin sitting on her lap at a casino, cozily pressing the back of his upper arm against her chest while he gambled away. And she herself was dressed in this revealing dress that showcased the sides of her boobs, smiling happily as if she didn”t have a care in the world, amid all eyes on her. Four months since her admittance of the relationship, there are now reports that she is indeed pregnant with his child. Clearly, her actions show her motives. As commenter K said, protection could have been used but why wasn’t it? And I feel that there are other options in dealing with the situation so’s in.

        I sympathize with women who were genuinely fooled by married men, women who had no way of knowing the marital status of the man, and because they were in it for love, ended up as single mother. But these women like Mandy and that Elaine ( the one associated with Jacky Chan), imhave no sympathy for. They knew exactly what the were getting themselves into with this type of men, and the backlash that comes with their calculated moves. So as the saying goes, “don’t eat salty fish, of you can’t stand the thirst.”

  4. Heidi sud divorced this jerk. And split half of his assets and properties…… Damn…. the children are innocent……

  5. Lose lose for both women.

    His wife is valiantly soldiering on, despite a cold war in relatioship with husband, and in full knowledge he’s sired another child with another woman (Mandy), at the same time he slept with her (Heidi).

    Mandy – what is she hoping for? Be the one who settles him down, cause him to reform? Ain’t going to happen based on his track record.

    Even IF she does get him to settle down with her … how long will it last before he gets bored and restless, needing to sample other dishes?

    There’re so many other fish out there, with what Mandy supposedly has to offer herself. She can easily get a comfortable family and regular home life in a relationship with another wealthy guy. Maybe not tycoon, but maybe that’s a lot luckier.

    1. Generalization but mixed-kwai women tend to be home-wreckers for wealthy married (especially Asian) men due to a huge demand for their exotic “good” looks.

  6. His wife and his lover are both four months pregnant…? Sooo…Did they have a threesome or what?

    1. Heidi, THE OFFICIAL wife kept her husband with her, kids and family for a few days…but he managed to escape to see his mistress. holding on to such a jerk only means heartbreak.

      1. Why would any smart self-respecting female want to chain a guy to her?

        I know it happens a lot among Asian wives (celebs too) = that they show up or find ways to ‘imprison’ the guy. But if the core is rotten, having the physical body there means nothing if the emotional and mental bits are NOT engaged-connected to the spouse/family.

        It’s delusional if they think that’s keeping the relationship safe and the guy by their side. Ironically, such tactics it will make the guy want to escape even more.

  7. we will see in five months what happens..

    wife gives birth to twin girls.. and mandy gives birth to a son? HAHA

  8. Why did she pick this path anyway she’s ok in the way she was already…I think she could get a beta guy then him why be the 3rd party!!

  9. He too stupid to have extra marital affairs as I think his wife looks better then Mandy. He would be saying bye bye so part of his fortunes soon, I guess.

    1. That’s for sure that the wife is going to dig into his fortune as he’s foolish to play around and it’s now made public that even make the attorney’s work easier too.

  10. Any woman who thinks that she can change a man with a bad track record gotta be thinking too highly of herself or is delusional. A leopard never changes its spots.

    1. Mandy probably doesn’t care, pop a baby out and it’s a life time meal ticket. Kinda like Isabella Leong, too bad Mandy’s having a girl but I’m sure there’s still going to be huge child support payments that’s more than enough for her and the kid.

    2. Precisely, totally agree.

      If the core is rotten in any human, it will remain inherently rotten, regardless.
      The reformed male who falls in love and changes forever belongs to fairy tales movies and dramas.

      Which is perhaps why women keep drawing themselves into some deep dark hole of hope. Either thinking they’re “The One” who will reform-change a man/his future … or thinking they will have “The Baby” – the glue who will tie him down to her permanently.

      Any commitment-phobic non family man or roving-eye dude will probably remain that way, regardless.

      If Mandy thinks she’s “The One” or has “The Baby” to keep him interested and tied to her forever = give herself 7~10 yrs of ‘permanency’, and she will be probably in the same boat as his wife.

      At that, supposedly Heidi was the supportive one who was by his side as they fought their way upwards together into their current financial-social position. Maybe that’s why she’s still reluctant to dump him.
      She’s not fr a wealthy background – they were both average, or below average in finances before moving upwards in Macau.

      To survive in Macau and in the gambling world too (Stanley Ho’s turf), Albert Chau can’t be that easy a person to deal with.

  11. Try not to pour more oil into a fire. As the saying goes “Forbidden love is the most hunger and desperate love and sacrifice”. The more you try to stop the two lovebirds from making out together, the more they want to be with each other.

    Love is blind. Neither money, power, status, religion, culture or even your own self-esteem and inner self will be fading away, the only thing matters is to be with your own lover or sweetheart.

    Good luck Alvin and Mandy. To Heidi, it could be a heartbroken feelings ruining through your veins! Humans needs money to survive, but money can’t buy happiness. It can only be used to buy necessities, enjoyment and pleasures to satisfy our temptations!

    Sorry Heidi, as an official wife to this man, you are entitle to his fortunate and sharing custody of the children. But his heart had been split between you and his lover who is also pregnant!

  12. My above statement / comments may be too harsh. But it is a reality, if Alvin really be together with Mandy again!

  13. Another thing, in our previous school life either in high schools, colleges or even university, NOBODY taught us the definitions of TRUE LOVE, SEEK LOVE, REVENGE LOVE, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT OR EVEN ADULTRY!

    We had to go through all these experiences on our own. Even churches, temples, monasteries, mosques or places of worships will lightly touch on the subject. A church priest will never easily says to you ” I strongly recommend you not to commit into an adultery, it is a SIN” unless being asked or provoke on the question or subject. It is still a large taboo subject among millions of Chinese families, particularly covering wife and husband relationships.

    And in the Western world, it is well-known that the divorce rates is rising higher and higher each day because of unfaithfulness besides financial conflicts (money) as the first cause of marriages breakdowns.

    Who should be blame in this manner, and what effects it will bring to our society in terms of moral values and the costs of family breakdowns? NOBODY taught us all these in school or colleges!

  14. And the elements of love is so strong and we consume it every day. We are being sold with the big subject of LOVE again and again. Switch on televisions, internet, the media and even our own surroundings. All of us being sold to the subject of love!

    If your nose stick to the internet, you will read :

    Kate Middleton and Prince William, Obama and Michelle Obama, Jay Chou and his soon to be new-bride, Carina Lau and Tony Leung, Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong and etc.

    From Hong Kong tvb dramas to Hollywood movies. All had been injected with the big subject of love! Don’t tell me why people are sitting in a theatre wiping their tears/cries as the movie TITANIC ended. Because from a historic event that took place, they had also injected the fictional part of so called “Forbidden love that ended tragic”. Do you think people really want to see how an old woman dropped a blue diamond necklace to the ocean or how the ship sank? What make the movie gigantic is the Forbidden love and the feeling of it! Plus they inject Celine Dion’s vocal into the movie.

    So you can see how powerful the subject of love around us. Hollywood could earn millions and millions of dollars from the movie viewers, where they had succeed in promoting love as the prime momentum and defeating the historical event that took place at the ocean.

    So if Alvin Chau truly had feelings for Mandy Lieu, I wish Heidi good luck!

      1. haha LOL…nice essay huh… He/She knows about lot about LOVE? haha LOL

    1. ..and here I thought I was quite long-winded.
      Interesting insight though.

  15. This Alvin is following another veteran casino tycoon sifu footstep, i.e Stanley Ho.
    Colorful character.

    1. the veteran of casino…Stanley ho has many children…but he is broke now after division of assets.

      1. He is?

        Aren’t they still fighting over those assets?

      2. ie mainly #2 kids and #4 wife in contention … with the previously docile #3 wife now also more assertive about courting favour?

      3. Are there any news articles about Stanley Ho’s family feud?

  16. Yeah! Love is selfish, compromise, tolerance, caring, controlling, anger, argument, poisonous and revenge and etc. etc….and Love is blind … explanation in love.

  17. The man is equally selfish. He wants best of both worlds. Wife/Children & his lover.

    I feel sad for the wife. She’s pregnant, probably to think she can win him back. Not knowing that his lover is also pregnant.

    As the wife, she could either swallow and live with it or divorce him.

    For Mandy, she may not be able to be with Alvin if he didnt agree. One hand dont clap!

  18. Now, Albert is doing what most men & gold-digging girls wished they’d do. It’s historical & a very typical part of human nature. Next.

  19. As usual money and sex rules in the celebrity world! So fake! Giving rise to ‘abnormal, selfish children’!

  20. I really liked Mandy, but again, i cannot believe she is a home wrecker as she does not possess the spirit and attitude of one. I’ve seen her interviews and she seems to have a western attitude in going for what she wants without worrying about the consequences living by the words of “you only live once” which is applaudable but this relationship does her more harm than good. It is so sad and unfair to see her being labeled, hated, and blamed when its only 50% her fault.

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