Andy On and Jessica C. Meet the Parents

Hot celebrity couple Andy On (安志杰) and Jessica C. have taken their relationship to the next level. At a recent event, Jessica shared that she and Andy spent their winter holidays in the United States. She brought Andy to Chicago, where he met her parents.

“Andy and my family got along really well. I haven’t had such a good New Year’s in my life,” said Jessica with a smile.

Jessica said her family really loved Andy and praised his respectful and well-mannered nature. “They couldn’t stop staring at him!” Jessica exclaimed. “They say he’s handsome!” The model-actress also visited Andy’s family and said they were great hosts and treated her well.

Andy and Jessica began dating soon after collaborating in Hong Kong action movie, Zombie Fight Club <屍城>. Asked if she would want to collaborate with Andy again in another project, she said, “I had fun working with Andy, but now our relationship is different. If we work together again, I’ll actually feel shy.”

Andy, who attended another event, shared that he went to Chicago to visit Jessica’s parents. “They’re very friendly and funny,” said Andy. “My mother has also met Jessica, and she likes her a lot.”

Though the couple have met each other’s parents, Andy said they are not planning to get married anytime soon.

In related news, Andy’s ex-girlfriend Jennifer Tse (謝婷婷) had recently ended her relationship with Sean Lee-Davis (戴尚安). Although Sean and Jennifer had confirmed their breakup, Sean was recently spotted meeting with Jennifer at a charity event, sparking reconciliation rumors. Sean explained that their current relationship is business partners and there would be “no chance” for a reconciliation. “I think we’re better-suited as just friends. She’s a great woman.”

Source: Ming Pao 

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  1. good looking couple! I watched Zombie fight club yesterday oh gosh is so boring i stop after 20mins lol

  2. Wasn’t sure about this but, that picture makes them look pretty good

  3. She must be dating really ugly guys before since it’s like she brags about his looks every single article about him. haha… He’s not bad looking but he’s certainly not that HOT but I do think he’s COOL looking thou.

    1. Yea seriously not that hot. He’s not bad but buff and cool dude

      1. Exactly, I mean he’s seriously NOT bad looking but she’s always on and on about how handsome he is. hahaa..makes you think that she must be dating really unattractive looking guys before. He is as I said COOL and buff type. Good traits for a guy but I wouldn’t dish how HOT he is in every article like this girl. I guess you can tell she is in love hahaa LOL..

    2. @Windy:
      So exactly what is “hot” to you girls here? Lemme guess, he ought to have blond hair, colored eyes & maybe a hairy body?

    3. I think he’s quite handsome (more so on screen) and can see why she’s all over his appearance. However, I agree that all this emphasis on his looks makes it appear as though she’s never dated a decent looking guy before, lol.

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