Andy On Proposed to Jessica C. in the Maldives

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Andy On Proposed to Jessica C. in the Maldives

Beaming with happiness, Andy On (安志杰) and Jessica Cambensy returned to Hong Kong from a trip to the Maldives this morning, sharing joyous news with local reporters waiting in the airport hall. Andy had successfully proposed to Jessica during their vacation and would likely be tying the knot next year. Furthermore, Jessica is now almost five-months pregnant with Andy’s baby.

This morning at around 8:00a.m., Andy and Jessica were spotted in the arrival hall of Hong Kong International Airport. The couple’s assistants were waiting to pick them up, and also brought along their beloved pet puppy. Andy and Jessica waved generously at reporters and then quickly went on to kiss their puppy. Jessica’s diamond ring flashed on her finger.

When asked how long they have been planning for their upcoming wedding, Andy replied, “A few months. I didn’t reveal anything at the function last time because I wanted to give Jessica a surprise.” Jessica then added, “The surprise really worked! It was a romantic dinner set-up, and we celebrated our one-year dating anniversary.”

Speaking of her growing belly, Jessica shared, “I was quite nervous at first, but now I’ve gradually adjusted. I’m okay now. When I first found out about my baby, I was very surprised. It was exciting though, since it’s my first time getting pregnant. I never pressured Andy about getting married after my pregnancy, but I’m really happy that someone proposed to me!”

Jessica revealed that she will give birth in the United States, and then the couple will return to Hong Kong shortly after. Their wedding ceremony will take place in Hong Kong after their baby is born. Andy also shared that the diamond ring he gave Jessica is nearly 2-carats. Jessica happily gushed, “The ring is perfect! There were many hermit crabs on the beach, and I suddently spotted a ring while checking them out! I can’t even put the happiness I felt into words.”

After finishing off some jobs on hand, Jessica will be taking a hiatus to take care of her growing belly. She expressed that she hopes to deliver the baby naturally if all goes well. At the moment, she is still unsure about her delivery date, but she is scheduled for a doctor appointment later this week.


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