Angie Chiu and Wong Yuen San’s Underground Love Affair

Often wanton in her chatter, Sandra Ng (吴君如) revealed in a television program that she did not like Angie Chiu (赵雅芝), professing that while married, Angie had an underground relationship with costar, Wong Yuen San (黄元申) , who was best known for his performance in 1983’s Legendary Fok <霍元甲>.  In the 1990s, Yuen San renounced the world to become a Buddhist monk.

At the time, both Angie and Yuen San were married to different people. According to Sandra, Angie and Yuen San collaborated on Vortex <旋涡> and Removing the Wrong Tooth and Bone <剥错大牙拆错骨> in 1978. Wong Yuen San possessed a gentleman look and martial arts skills. There were fiery sparks between Angie and Yuen San upon their collaboration. Yuen San even wrote many love letters to Angie, whereupon her husband discovered the relationship and nothing came of the situation.


Jayne: It’s a bit unethical for Sandra to reveal other artists’ personal matters, especially in a televised program? It is unclear as to how far Wong Yuen San and Angie Chiu carried their relationship and whether it was only an affair of the heart.

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    1. Oh well, since she opened the flood gates, she might as well spill all the celeb secrets.
      I’m still waiting for her to reveal the female stamp collector she mentioned on club sparkle.

  1. What is the television program where Sandra revealed this?

  2. I have never liked Sandra’s character as well as her performance

    1. Her performance sits well with me. She’s pretty versatile and fits well in comedy, drama and “light” action

    2. I agree. And I find her obnoxious and disrespectful. She can say that she’s straight forward person and whatever, but to me she’s rude and obnoxious…falls a bit short in the class department.

  3. That’s very distasteful, considering Sandra herself has a daughter.

    She not only hurts Angie but also her husband and her children. Stupid woman..

  4. Sandra is just jealous that Angie looks better than her even though Angie is older! She’s just getting publicity for her show. Eventhough she has touched up on her appearance, she is still the same low grade artist back when she was in the ‘Ba Wong Fai’ series. Nothings changed. A pig is a pig no matter how much lipstick you put on. You can’t turn a pig into a Peacock but you can turn it into bacon!

  5. Very distasteful! Who is Sandra Ng to judge?? It was obviously a personal attack to Angie Chiu. Sandra Ng: If you are so righteous or have the guts, why not expose ALL celebrities’ personal affairs?? I’m sure there are plenty to talk about in their entertainment industry!

    1. I wonder if Angie will say or respond to this at all?? Also, I wonder how deep and true all this is?? If it was, I think it would have been really big news but I don’t remember ever hearing much about this. Maybe it was before my time??

  6. Sandra is distasteful and rude! She must’ve personal hatred to Angie

  7. What the???

    This is like 2 years ago… Club Sparkle

    They were talking about ‘rumors’ that made Sandra not like Angie and liked Liza with Adam in The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber or something like that O_o

    1. Maybe Sandra just liked Chow chi yeurk better than CM. I know I do.

      1. If Sandra like Chow Chi Yeuk more, she would be supporting Angie since Angie Played Chow Chi Yeuk and Liza played Chiu Man.

  8. What the heck?? I wonder why Sandra would do this?? This is really wrong and unethical. Is she trying to seek attention??

  9. Hm… Now I really question if this was what made Angie and her first husband divorce??

  10. This really reminds me of their characters in the Reincarnated Princess. In there, Angie was the sweet and kind hearted princess while Sandra played her evil and jealous older sister who did everything to hurt her so that she can acquire the throne. I did not realize that her hatred of Angie would extend to to real life. No wonder her acting was so convincing… IT was all real..

      1. Yes. It was a very old series. The story is about Kwan Yin before she became Bodhisattva. Angie look very young at that time. So, it’s still convincing for her playing Sandra’s younger sister. Plus, Sandra was mature looking even when she was young. But, the good thing about Sandra’s look is she ages well. If you ask Sandra to play Angie’s older sister now, I don’t think it will be convincing anymore.

      2. Yea, the series is The Reincarnated Princess made in 1985. Angie played Guan Yin and was a princess before she became Guan Yin. Her father was the king of Xing Lin Guo and wanted a son take over his throne. But since he was evil, he was destined to have only 3 daughters. Sandra played the oldest daughter while Angie played the 3rd daughter. At first Angie’s father did not like her but then loved her the most since she was intelligent, kind and filial. Sandra, on the other hand, was jealous and wanted to take over the throne since she was the oldest and did everything to hurt Angie so that she could not fight with her for the throne.
        I did not realize that she would hate Angie in real life as well.

  11. I never liked Sandra’s personality, acting skills, or her performance. She laughed more than she talked when she was the host of the program. I could not even hear the guests’ conversations.

  12. May I ask is Sandra Ng already married? because from my understanding she has a daughter with her bf and who didnt wed her right? Or he already marry her?

    1. @Veejay,

      They are not officially married, but their lifestyle is no different than a couple who’s married. On the Be My Guest show, she claimed that marriage is not important to her at this stage in life. However, this fact somehow baffles many of her relatives and she would just tell them she’s married already.

      1. Thanks Chriselle for the info. I think Sandra should really mind her own business lol..poor angie if what sandra did to her now could jeopardise her relationship with her husband and family.

  13. This Sandra Ng is so b*****. Why would she wants to dig people’s bad things and discuss? Anyway, it was Angie’s past and who is she to put judgement. As though she has never done anything wrong in her life.

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