Sandra Ng Unexpectedly Wins Best Actress Award

Two nights ago, Sandra Ng (吳君如) won the “Outstanding Ethnic Chinese Actress from Outside Mainland China Award: at the 14th inaugural Huabiao Film Awards for her impressive performance in Echoes of the Rainbow <歲月神偷>.

Yesterday afternoon, upon returning back to Hong Kong, Sandra was asked by reporters whether husband Peter Chan (陳可辛) had attended the film awards in a show of support for her. In reply to this, Sandra responded, “Peter’s mother just passed away hence he’s not in the best of mood right now. Even I myself contemplated not attending the film awards initially.”

Towards beating out hot contender Michelle Yeoh (楊紫瓊) and being crowned Best Actress, Sandra smiled and said, “I didn’t know that; I haven’t been noticing the news. However, I felt a tad moved the moment I received this award. Peter and our daughter Jillian had watched the ‘live’ broadcast of this event. Jillian even tried not to fall asleep to watch my appearance. However, she could not understand me as I was speaking in Mandarin.”

As for Lynn Xiong (熊黛林) who was also part of the attendees, she also returned to Hong Kong yesterday afternoon. Lynn expressed that she felt very happy upon seeing Gong Li (鞏俐) at the film awards, “Gong Li’s very good-looking, I was so nervous that I couldn’t say anything.” As for comments that her outfit for the awards was not sexy enough, Lynn responded that she didn’t care for the comments, “My gown for that night was rather pretty. I am not always the most sexy one.”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. Sandra Ng is a underrated actress. Proud of her achievements.

    In one of the Golden Horse awards, I recall Eric Tsang saying comedic roles are harder to play than the audience perceives.

  2. I like Lynn’s reply to the nonsense comment of her dress not being sexy enough.

    Even reporting such a prestigious event they can’t rise their standard a bit in questioning.

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