Andy Lau And Deanie Ip To Film “Forrest Gump” Adaptation?

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Yesterday, the Beijing premiere of Director Ann Hui’s (許鞍華), A Simple Life <桃姐>, took place. Depicting the moving master-servant relationship between Andy Lau (劉德華 ) and Deanie Ip (葉德嫻), A Simple Life swept countless prestigious awards at the 68th Annual Venice Film Festival and 48th Annual Golden Horse Awards.  The successful collaboration between Andy Lau and Deanie prompted Director Ann Hui to possibly reunite the duo in an adaptation of Hollywood film, Forrest Gump, as reported by Ming Pao.

In the past, Ann Hui’s films were considered to be high in quality, but low in box office returns. Andy was one of the investors that had financed the production of A Simple Life. After the success of the film, Andy hoped that more investors would be willing to finance Ann’s projects in the future. Teased about the actual box office returns of A Simple Life, Andy noted that he has already gained a lot through the film, due to the critical praise and winning of numerous awards throughout Asia to-date. A Simple Life was expected to garner major awards at the upcoming 2012 Hong Kong Film Awards, which will take place on April 15, 2012.

Hoping to work with Andy again in the near future, Ann Hui revealed that she was interested in making a Hong Kong version of Forrest Gump, chronicling the history of Hong Kong over the last few decades in a humorous manner. Andy expressed interest in the project; hopefully Deanie will be able to participate as well!

Andy Recollected the Suffering of Anita Mui

A Simple Life was a tearjerker film that spoke of Andy’s challenges in taking care of the aging Deanie ridden with illness.  The film reminded Andy of his last conversation with his good friend, Anita Mui (梅艷芳).  Although Anita was ill, her mind remained clear. At the time, Andy was holding a concert in the USA and while he promised that he will return to Hong Kong to see her the next day, it was not until several days later that he was able to do so. By the time Andy returned to Hong Kong, Anita had already  fallen into a coma and was unable to speak.

The loss of his good friend, Anita Mui, taught Andy to cherish his beloved ones even more dearly. Expecting the arrival of his baby daughter in June 2012, first-time father, Andy was highly ecstatic. Rumors claimed that Andy gave his pregnant wife, Carol Chu (朱麗倩) a new luxury apartment due to his jubilant mood. Andy did not directly address the rumors, but did express guilt in being unable to spend more time with Carol during her pregnancy.

Jayne: It would be interesting to see a Hong Kong version of “Forrest Gump,” but instead of Andy Lau in the lead, I think Sean Lau’s understated acting might be a better fit.

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  1. andy lau is my man. loves his movies and his songs

  2. Can find someone younger? Even Sean Lau is too old.

    1. Funn,
      Sam Lee has the right stoned look, but lacks the box office draw. It will be Andy’s movie, as Apple Daily also reported that he was interested in a HK adaptation of “Forrest Gump.” It sounds like the sort of high profile project Andy would be interested in signing on.

      1. Interestingly, Sam Lee will attract me to see the movie, but, not Andy Lau.

      2. Jayne, “box office draw” may also be achieved by the director or material. Who knew Michelle Chen and Ko Chen Tung before that Giddens Ko film? 😀

    2. Funn, Hong Kong is running out of talent, we have to milk these superstars till there is nothing left. It’s a shame the younger gens will never have their Ekin cheng’s, Jackie chan’s, Andy Lau’s, Stephen Chow’s, 4 Sky Kings..etc

      Man the 90’s for HK cinema were golden.

      1. EkinFan,
        Did you become Ekin’s fan after “The Young and Dangerous” movies?

    3. Andy Lau shouldnt do it.
      He can be the producer, he’s too old now.
      Should let go while he’s at the top.
      Wont watch it if it’s him.
      Plus there’s only one Forrest Gump, a chinese version… sigh…. I’ll pass!

  3. Forest Gump is one of my all time favorite movies so I don’t know how a Chinese treatment will be like.

  4. When’s “The Simple Life” coming out….??? It feels like its been a year since Deanie won awards for it.

    1. I want to know when A Simple Life will come out too..hmmmmm

  5. can some1 tell me why the movie hasn’t release yet but they’ve won so many awards?

  6. yeah his last adaptation of an hollywood movie was sooooooo good he had to do it again.

    That remake was trash, sorry to say Andy but you are better than this.

  7. andy too smart and good looking to portray forest gump. not interested.

  8. I love Andy but please don’t do it. Forest Gump is perfection so please don’t mess with perfection, it will just be cheese.

    1. I feel the same way!
      That movie is a classic.
      I’ll puke if they do a chinese version!

    2. Andy is too old. Hopefully he will play the dad.

  9. These group of chinese actors and actresses are real hypocrite copy cat cat cat !!!

    1. Everybody is doing it what’s the big deal?

      You think Hollywood is any better? They copied the HK masterpiece “The Internal Affairs” and changed it into “The Departed” which won several awards including Oscars!

      Yeah hypocrites.

      1. Exoidus and Funn,
        Well Hollywood did not hide the fact that “The Departed” was a remake of “Infernal Affairs.” It’s when they steal the ideas and try to hide the fact (similar to recent TVB practices) that make them seem like hypocrites. I enjoyed “Infernal Affairs” more as well. The only criticism I have towards “Infernal Affairs” is that the female characters are somewhat vase characters. I found Kelly Chen’s acting in the movie to be especially lacking.

      2. They are more hypocrites than the Hollywood cos even this “Simple Life” is a copy cat from a “Malaysia Movie”, called “Tian Tian How Tian”. Andy’s wife is a Malaysian, of course he can get ideas from this movie. Yeah! real copy cat!

      3. Really? I thought ‘Simple Life’ is about a young man and her nanny (didn’t watch the movie)? ‘Great Day’ story is not like this. Also, I read that the story of ‘Simple Life’ is based on a true story.

        Just a bit of promotion. ‘Great Day’ (天天好天) is a very good movie. Touching and funny at the same time. I don’t know if overseas people can see it or not. But, fellow Malaysians really should give it a watch.

  10. I rewatched “Needing You” last month or so..and oh man..Andy and Sammy were “cute” back then 😛

    1. Back then they were label as cute couple with fans admiring the cinderella story of the story but right now, Sammi was criticised as old in her latest romantic movie with Louis Koo. Sadly but true that their era has passed, it’s time for those young generation to display their affection rather than watching a middle age woman and man displaying their affection..

      1. Perhaps why “You’re The Apple of My Eye” caught massive attention of movie-goers…

    1. Seen wat? This movie is only in the plan. If you mean Forrest Gump the original then it is very worthy to watch. VERY.

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