Jordan Chan Bad-Mouths Sandra Ng

At Daniel Wu Yiu Cho and Lisa S.’s July 28th wedding banquet in Hong Kong , Jordan Chan Siu Chun may have been rattled by his encounter with Sandra Ng Kwan Yu. Although Daniel and Lisa S. requested that their guests do not post any blog entries about their wedding banquet, Jordan broke the rule and wrote, “Last night’s party was so sweet, but I also ran into Ms. Ng. Let me say this about her: She’s impossible! And she is a so-called ‘veteran’ too. TMD (Damn!)”

Currently filming in Beijing , Jordan refused to elaborate on the identity of the person mentioned in his blog. “After I woke up, I forgot what happened at the party.” (Were you referring to Sandra Ng in your blog?) “I would never offend the big director’s wife!” (You seem to have a sarcastic tone?) “Do not accuse me. I just wanted to express my feelings in my blog. There’s no need to be so sensitive!”

When contacted by the press, Sandra said, “This news is pointless! I will not respond.” Alex Fong Chung Shun, Bernice Liu Bik Yee, Chapman To Man Chak, and Chan Chi Keung, who also attended Daniel Wu’s wedding, refused to comment on the rumors between Jordan and Sandra.

Source: Takungpao

Jayne: Sandra Ng can come across as quite offensive sometimes, due to her bluntness which may border on rudeness. For Jordan to post about “Ms. Ng” in such a public manner, the pair must really not get along in real life!

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  1. Miss Ng can be anyone. Oh come on Jordan, be specific. If not name the person just tell what the hell happened!

  2. I cant’ stand Sandra Ng and I applaud Jordan for being honest. What he writes on his personal blog is his business. It’s not like he used a first name.

    Sandra is repulsive and just seeing her makes my skin crawl.

  3. Just curious Joyce, why is she so repulsive? I’ve only watched a few Stephen Chow movies with her. She seems alright?

  4. Actually, I find Jordan posting that line on his blog very childish, not to mention discourteous to Daniel and Lisa’s guests and disrespectful of their wishes. He’s lile a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum for all to see. Jeez! Get a grip, man!

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