Cherie Ying and Jordan Chan’s Lively Wedding in Disneyland

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Although Jordan Chan Siu Chun and Cherie Ying Choi Yee have been married for nine months since their Valentine’s Day wedding in Las Vegas , the couple held their Hong Kong wedding celebration in Disneyland on November 13th.  Cherie and Jordan kissed nine times to signify the longevity of their marriage union. An evening banquet of fifty-two tables was held with the attendance of numerous celebrities.

In the morning, Jordan arrived with Best Man, Michael Tse Tin Wah, and groomsmen, Ekin Cheng Yi Kin, Wong Hop Hei, Chu Wing Tong, Jerry Lam Hiu FungChapman To Man Chak, etc. Cherie’s bridesmaids played tricks on Jordan and groomsmen by asking them to blow out candles, brush their teeth with wasabi, and retrieve ice cubes from a bucket with their toes. When the bridesmaids asked the men to drink the dirty ice water from the bucket, Jordan and the groomsmen grew angry and forced the door down to reach the bride. Cherie complained to the press, “The groomsmen were outrageous! They busted the door to reach me. In the chaos, one of my bridesmaids started bleeding! The groomsmen totally disregarded one of my pregnant bridesmaids. They were a rough bunch!”

Bride Kissed Groom Passionately

After a tea ceremony for their parents, Cherie and Jordan arrived at Disneyland ’s Hotel at 3:30 PM. An outdoor wedding was held on the lawn.  Forty-three year-old Jordan wore a black checked suit and shorts while twenty-seven year-old Cherie wore awhite wedding dress paired with sneakers. Escorted by her father, Cherie walked down the aisle. Cherie’s parents and Jordan ’s younger sister acted as marriage witnesses. Louis Yuen Siu Chueng acted as MC at the lively and trendy wedding. Cherie and Jordan recited their marriage vows by looking at an iPad screen. Jordan especially bought a new pair of wedding rings for the Disneyland wedding.

When the groom kissed the bride, reporters asked the couple to lock their lips longer. Cherie and Jordan ended up kissing nine times and the guests screamed in excitement. When reporters asked for more kisses, Cherie smiled, “But I am shy!” Immediately afterwards, Cherie grabbed both of Jordan ’s hands and kissed him passionately two times. Cherie’s heated kiss stunned even Jordan !

At the opening of the evening banquet, a video clip of Jordan ’s proposal to Cherie from last year was shown. Another clip from their February Las Vegas wedding was shown, in which Jordan cried tears of happiness.

Jordan’s Elderly Father Cried Tears of Happiness

At the evening banquet, Jordan and Cherie made a toast to all the wedding guests. Jordan said to Eric Tsang Chi Wai, “Eric, you are like half my father, why don’t you come onstage and say a few words?” Eric walked up to the stage and said, “What good am I? Why don’t you ask your real parents to say a few words?” At this point, Jordan said to his father, who was terminally ill, “Father, do not give up! If you were to give up, the whole family will give up!” Sitting in a wheelchair, Jordan ’s father said, “I want grandchildren!” Jordan could not hold back his tears and said, “Yes, you have to wait for the birth of your grandchildren!” Eric also started crying at this moment as well.

After the wedding, Cherie said, “Jordan and I got married earlier in the year in Las Vegas . We decided to have another wedding ceremony and banquet in Hong Kong due to Jordan ’s father [who has mobility issues and could not travel to the USA ]. We asked Louis Yuen to host our wedding ceremony. Today, Jordan ’s father was so moved, he cried tears of happiness. Disneyland is a magical setting. The views of the sea and grass make it very romantic. We are just like a prince and princess! Unfortunately, my idol, Andy Lau Tak Wah, could not attend our wedding due to his work schedule in Taiwan .” Jordan added, “Although we had over fifty tables in our wedding banquet, we could not invite all of our friends. I hope I did not offend anyone.”

Celebrity guests at the evening wedding banquet included Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Sean Lau Ching Wan and his wife, Amy Kwok Hoi Ming, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Andrew Lau Wai Keung, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Yoyo Mung Ka Wai, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Peter Lam, Raymond Wong Ho Yin and his wife, Moses Chan Ho, etc. When Mr. and Mrs. Heung Wah Keung arrived with their son, Jacky Heung Jor, Mrs. Heung immediately said that she gave Cherie a jewelry set valued over $100,000 (HKD) as her wedding gift. When asked when her sons will get married, Mrs. Heung said that it will not be another ten years later.

Jordan’s groomsmen went onstage to offer their congratulations. Jordan and Andrew Lau sang “友情岁月”together. After Cherie and Jordan toasted all their guests, Cherie got a bit drunk and did not let Louis Koo leave the wedding. “It’s still early! You can not leave yet. Let’s drink a little more!” Louis drank another round before leaving the wedding site.


Jayne: Cherie Ying and Jordan Chan seem to be passionately in love; you can sense that Cherie is especially head-over-heels in love with Jordan ! She always has a huge smile and lights up whenever Jordan is with her. I wish the couple much happiness!

Cherie and Jordan spent a lot of money on their Disneyland wedding. Their wedding cake was beautiful! The size of the bridal party was like a soccer team though!

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  1. mulder99 says:

    Jordan is one lucky guy,

    Cherrie Ying is a hottie

    congrats to them

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  2. Darren says:

    To be honest, i never knew they dated much less married. this is a surprised. anyway, congratulation to the married couples. Hope they last a lifetime!

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  3. HeTieShou says:

    WOW, you can tell they spent a lot on their wedding. What a cute and fairytale wedding. I am sure they will have memories to last a life time!! What a big bridal party they had though..

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  4. Jayne says:

    HeTieShou, the bridal party was like a soccer team, especially since they wore shorts and knee high socks!

    Jordan and Cherie seem to have a lot of fun together. I loved reading these type of wedding articles. You can tell a lot about a person’s preferences and personality from the type of wedding they hold.

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  5. Funn Lim says:

    This gives me an impression it was a very happy wedding. Not that weddings are sad but you can see the joy on their faces. And for once Jordan doesn’t look like from drugged out junkie which could only mean the girl is good for him. But will it last is another matter. Since the wedding is so high profile I would think the marriage will last longer than most. You can see them looking lovingly against one another. Definitely a couple in love. And a wife that condones a husband’s silliness (see his pants!) surely will last as well.

    How did they meet?

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  6. j00ky says:

    I love how this seems like a reunion for Jordan with everything he has done, Super, Y&D just to name a few hehe

    Many blessings for the lovely couple! They are truly so sweet together… loved those Maldives pictures they had previously shot. So beautiful.

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