Fred Cheng and Stephanie Ho to Wed in 2020

Just in time for the New Year, Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) and Stephanie Ho (何雁詩) announced that they will be tying the knot in 2020. Sharing wedding photos that they took, the couple didn’t specify when their actual wedding will take place.

Fred and Stephanie’s relationship initially had a rocky start. Fred allegedly started dating Stephanie while still involved with his ex-fiancee Lesley Chiang (姜麗文). Both were contracted artistes under The Voice Entertainment, and Fred and Stephanie fell for each other during the filming of travelogue Anchors with Passport <這個冬天不太冷>. The public condemned Fred and Stephanie for cheating, and both their music careers were deeply impacted. Their music company frozen both artistes.

Suffering from intense cyberbullying, Stephanie fell into depression and even attempted suicide after getting drunk. Her left wrist received seven stitches from cutting herself.

Dealing with the whirlwind of negative rumors together only cemented Fred and Stephanie’s relationship more. While the past two and a half years were difficult, the couple look forward to a brighter 2020.

When the media asked Fred’s boss and owner of The Voice Entertainment, Herman Ho (何哲圖), about the couple’s upcoming marriage, he said, “If they’re getting married, they will tell me. I didn’t take a look at their personal Instagram pages yet. Did they throw a party? They always have parties anyway.” Asked if Fred ever talked about marriage, Herman said, “He did say within the next one or two years, let me ask him first.”


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  1. So another prolific TVB theme singer has abandoned career to marry a Skinny boned cheat. Career suicide!

    1. @jimmyszeto
      They were both theme song singers. We really got to see the couples downfall. Pity, Fred was a true rising star at the time and so was she.

      1. @luye He definitely got popular after winning The Voice Stars and TVB had intentions to promote him, but his personal matters were a damn mess. His spiral was definitely self-sabotaged.

        I’m ambivalent towards Stephanie, but I don’t think it’s a good idea they marry cause she’s been rumoured to have self-harmed because of Fred. She deserves better in my opinion.

    1. @hazel The wife to be is rich? He’s a soft rice king? lol haha Have no idea except she has a good voice and is kinda short. haha

  2. They are both condemned do badly after the cheat incident. Either because of Lesleys background or simply because of what they did. However, this is still less than the Jacqueline Wong incident. It will be interesting to see if Jacqueline makes a come back and these two didn’t.

    1. @m0m0 Well, you can’t really compare the incident with JW’s. First of all, none of them are that popular right? I mean, compares to Sammi Cheng’s status if the ex were really popular like her then we would prob see much more hate towards this wife to be from the fans. And none of them were married so you can call them cheaters but not like scandalously on the front page daily. haha…. Honestly, I don’t don’t even know who the ex was except she is some veteran’s daughter. They seem compatible singing wise as I do think both have a good singing voice but personality wise I see a bit of opposites attract. She seems a bit wilder and in functions he strikes me as an introvert and shy.

  3. The history in this article does not tally with past news. I remember between Lesley and Stephanie, there’s another woman. The timeline is like this.

    1) Fred rumoured with Lesley for ages. No one denied.
    2) Fred won ‘Voices of Stars’.
    3) Fred and Lesley suddenly no more together and they both denied they have ever been together
    4) Fred dated a new woman and she later became his fiancee
    5) Fred dated Stephanie (not sure it was before or after he broke up with fiancee)

    1. @kidd Yup, you got the timeline right. I can’t believe this article said that Lesley was Fred’s ex-fiancée…they were never engaged and never publicly admitted to dating either (though personally, from what I’ve seen following Lesley and her brother Benji’s careers almost since they debuted, I don’t doubt that Fred and Lesley did date at one point).

      I actually did like Fred earlier on during the Voice thing, but I don’t like how he handled his relationship with the Chiangs after he became famous (especially after they supported him for so long and treated him like part of their family)…I can completely understand why Paul Gor and Benji were so pissed that they told reporters never to mention Fred’s name in their presence again. And yes, the way Fred handled the revelation of his relationship with Stephanie was horrible (though once again, the “fiancée” whom he supposedly cheated on was NOT Lesley).

  4. Fred still have the baby face look even though he’s older than her but in the other way she seem older.

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