Anita Yuen May Drop Out of Film Due to Fear of Group Quarantine

With the coronavirus situation improving in China, production companies have resumed their filming projects. Anita Yuen (袁詠儀), who had filmed for a Mainland Chinese movie before the Lunar New Year holiday, was planning on flying to Shanghai to complete the remainder of the film. However, due to receiving notice that China has tightened its quarantine policies for arriving passengers, Anita may change her mind about flying at this time.

Initially, Anita had prepared to rent a serviced apartment in Shanghai for her quarantine. However, she received notice that she may be sent to a hotel with the rest of the flight passengers due to a group quarantine policy. Concerned about a higher chance of infection with the group quarantine, and unable to get final confirmation if it is mandatory to stay at the same hotel as other passengers, Anita may pull out from her role.

Chilam Cheung (張智霖) respects his wife’s decision and will let Anita decide if she wants to fly to China. He said, “She is an adult, so she knows the safety precautions like washing her hands. I will be keeping in touch with her constantly.”

The couple was seen going to the mall together, in which they both wore a face masks. After eating, they both washed their hands immediately. Afterwards, they went to shop for glasses and supplements where staff asked to take a picture with them. Though it is a critical time, they were still very friendly to those around. As well, during this difficult time, Chilam and Anita have donated large amounts of money towards charities to help needy populations during the pandemic.


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