Ankie Beilke Admits Going on Dinner Date with Ruco Chan

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Ankie Beilke (貝安琪) generated intense chemistry together while filming TVB drama Brother’s Keeper <巨輪> last year. Evidently mutually attracted to each other, the pair went on a dinner date after filming wrapped up for the drama. Ankie highly praised Ruco, but revealed that their relationship did not progress since Ruco was too busy with work.

Ruco Chan Ankie BeilkeRuco had openly expressed his admiration for Ankie as well, calling her beautiful, talented, and intelligent before the press. On the set of Brother’s Keeper, he took great care of Ankie and taught her Cantonese. Tabloids claimed that the pair were involved for eight months, but separated due to differences in their personalities. However, both denied being in a relationship. In an interview yesterday, Ankie finally revealed the scoop.

“After filming Brother’s Keeper, we had a one-on-one date to drink beer and eat Portuguese food. We both had feelings [for each other],” the Chinese-German beauty said.

Ankie said she enjoys drinking beer with friends, as it creates a relaxing environment for good conversations. She had a good time on her date with Ruco and praised her former co-star, “He is very handsome, eloquent, and kind-hearted. Of course, I had feelings [for him]. However, he was very busy with work so we didn’t progress further.”

Although Ruco was subsequently linked to Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Ankie doesn’t believe in the rumors, citing that Linda already has a boyfriend. Since Ruco and Ankie are still currently single, is there room for further development?

Ankie does not seem to omit that possibility. While she hopes to collaborate onscreen with Ruco again, Ankie said she also wants to work Michael Miu (苗僑偉) as well. Since her performances in Brother’s Keeper and Line Walker <使徒行者> were praised by viewers, Ankie wants to film more TVB dramas and will work harder to improve her Cantonese.


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  1. If they date, I hope she will fix his fashion style. What a waste of a face with that horrendous style : “(

    1. yup…hope she can teach him some fashion tips…with a handsome face like his, it is a waste not to wear something upbeat.

    2. I think Ruco has great taste most of the time. Look at his casual wear…he looks good and is current. Of coz he’s had some bad days. Sometimes I feel it’s the sytlist sabotaging him, especially during TVB anniversary award shows.

  2. I can sense Ruco and Ankie’s mutual attraction for each other. It’s disappointing to hear that they didn’t progress further because he was too busy filming. How much longer must he sacrifice his love life for work?

    1. When’s he’s at Roger or Bobby’s level? In terms of respect and recognition.

      Ruco hit rock bottom early in his career. For someone who experienced many obstacles, you would cherish every opportunity that’s given to rebuild your career. It seems like love can wait for him.

      It’s like a open secret that Linda has a bf, lol I didn’t buy those rumors between Ruco and Linda, but Ruco and Ankie? Yes, perhaps somewhere down the road again for them. 🙂

      1. Yes Ruco is still young now and this is the time for his career, so it’s understandable that he places priority on his busy filming schedule. Besides a male is still productive during 40’s. It’s inevitable but I’m sure once he reaches the highest level or TV King like Bobby, Wayne he will settle down with the love of his life make handsome and pretty little Chans.

      2. Those rumours of Ruco and Linda are most likely to promote Linda for TV Queen to make her more popular. Since Ruco has lots of female fans, maybe TVB wants to make Linda appealing to more females therefore TVB purposely make that rumour. It’s open secret that Linda is with Philip although if I’m Linda, I’d leave Philip and woo Ruco instead who is more eligible and have better qualities than her bf.

      3. We all know Ruco is always gentleman to everyone so him gentleman to Linda as caught by media is nothing surprising.

      4. That’s why Ruco is loved by every male and female he worked with. I’ve heard from Ruco english forum that even siu sang Bosco Wong took his time from that Joe Chen series to visit Ruco in Hengdian. That goes to show how well loved Ruco is.

      5. Ruco gentleman to Linda is just like Ruco gentleman to Charmaine during Astro award where he accompany Charmaine to toilet, although some Ruco fans who sit behind them told some forum that Charmaine doesn’t talk that much to Ruco compared to Linda who chatted with Ruco non stop. They are great friends!

      6. ” if I’m Linda, I’d leave Philip and woo Ruco instead who is more eligible and have better qualities than her bf.”

        What better qualities do Ruco have over Philip Ng? And how is Ruco more eligible? Isn’t Ruco so busy and focus on his career that he does not have time for love relationship?

      7. Ankie is much much better than Linda both in acting and how they treat/will treat their “boy friend”. In Brother’s Keeper, I like this pair or his pairing to Mandy more than Ruco’s pairing with Linda. Rachel is not worthy for the love of Sam. In real life, see how Linda treats his boyfriend? She just denies or not willing to admit; on the other hand, Ankie is frank and if he does become her boy friend, I am sure Ankie won’t deny or not willing to admit unless Ruco does not want her to “admit”.

        I know she is athletic and loves to do Yoka, but Ruco likes to eat at home, so can she cook?

      8. In terms of public image personality and career and looks, yes Ruco definitely is a more eligible and better than Philip.

      9. “In terms of public image personality and career and looks, yes Ruco definitely is a more eligible and better than Philip.”

        I agree that Ruco is better looking than Philip. But, other criteria, I don’t find Ruco to be ahead of Philip.

        Philip Ng has very little bad press. So, public image is good. He also is doing well in his career path as an action star. In fact, he recently lead in the movie ‘Once Upon a Time in Shanghai’. As for personality, you know neither of their personality. So, cannot say who has better personality.

      10. Philip has little press, but more bad press than good press. His most memorable press are about
        -his relationship with Linda where Linda keep deny(although open secret)
        -peeing on the street
        -date with another girl when Linda out of town

        None are positive and these overshadows his action stunt jobs. His acting are lacklustre.

      11. Why keep dragging ruco into linda and philip relationship? Let’s face it, Ruco is never ever ever gonna be with Linda and vice versa. Their preference are for other people, not between them. The likelihood of Ruco with Kate is higher than Linda and Ruco. As for Philip, I do not know him. I don;t like his looks but sometimes looks do not define a person within. Been reading mostly positive things about his personality so he must be quite a positive sort of guy.

      12. i saw phillip in the movie once upon a time in shanghai and i can tell you that his acting and kung fu are quite good. a good movie by the way.

      13. @Hannah: yeah..agree that Ruco had a rough start in his career. So he’s definitely making up for lost time and cherishing every opportunity that is thrown at him now. That’s why sometimes I feel TVB has sidelined him for the BA awrad as the station knows that he will remain loyal to TVB at least for the enxt few years.

    2. I honestly think they had a physical and emotional relationship. It didn’t work out because of their differences in culture but she is the type he likes.

      She was gracious in her praise of him but would he be pleased with this sudden “leak” or is there a possibility of a reconciliation so to speak?

      1. I think Ankie is wishing for a reconciliation that is why the leak.

      2. Funn,
        Perhaps it’s cultural differences. Also Ruco’s filming schedule is so hectic it is also difficult to keep a relationship. He broke off with his ex-girlfriend from ATV for this reason.

        You were right in your observations earlier that they appeared more intimate than how Ruco usually treats his female co-stars. I remember he stood so far away from Selena Li during “Slow Boat Home” as if he was afraid anyone would get the wrong idea.

      3. Type as in hot and nice figure? Haha

        Language barrier was probably also a reason. If Ruco had to help her that much with her script, then I can’t imagine having every day conversation, lol

        Perhaps another short fling?

      4. Jayne,

        That’s why I say there is nothing between him and Linda.

        ” He broke off with his ex-girlfriend from ATV for this reason”

        Actually they mutually agree to break off because he doesn’t want to commit/marry. Not really 100% career.

      1. You suspected that Ruco and Ankie had a fling, and this article sort of proves they did.

  3. They would make a cute couple. She’s pretty and he’s handsome.

  4. I like ruco’s acting. But he blew it just like edison. She’s a hotty.

  5. Not Ankie, too wild for him. Trophy gf yes, wife material? No. Don’t see the need for Ankie to bring up this subject voluntarily (as stated in the Chinese source); just using his name again for some publicity.
    Nothing wrong with Ruco’s fashion taste, we have our bad days once in a while.

    1. I agree with you. He was amazing the way he handled his relationship as his ex-girlfriends praised him after broke up.

      1. Yes i remember Eunis actually blamed their break up on herself. He must be a great guy. Eunis is also a great ex girlfriend who didn’t bad mouth him.

      2. That means Ruco is a great guy if even his ex loves him so much and admitted her faults that causes their break. Ruco also had great taste to pick nice girls, good guys attract good girls. Money spenders attract gold diggers. Bad guys attract nasty girls and so on.

    2. Ankie must be bringing this up because she still loves Ruco. Who can easily forget a great guy like Ruco?

      1. Agree totally. Who can easily let go or forget Ruco? He really seems like a great guy as a boyfriend. He’s been praised for his charisma, chivalry by other female artistes too. He’s also nice to his male colleagues. I truly think he is a good guy at heart.

  6. this is so sad ;( they look nice together! I hope one day they will continue their “progress” since Ruco is busy filming! It looks like Ankie still have feelings for him, but I hope he still does. Or at least they still text each other and stuff.

  7. Ruco has great taste, Ankie is wonderful and beautiful. I also think Ankie is still carrying a torch for Ruco must be because of how a great guy he is! It’s sad that Ruco has his career as priority now at this and so happy that Ankie is very understanding on that.

  8. I think if he think she is the one he will make the effort.

  9. Ooooooo c’mon Ruco Chan b there or b square huh! I adore Ankie Beilke btw, she rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. She is really attractive. That is a fact. She might not speak too well but i thought she acted really cool n in that character for the above role. Partly b/c Linda Chung was such a hateful character in that series so any women surpassed on that series. haaha..but i do like them as a couple, both sharp looking.

  11. I dont think Ruco will appreciate this leak cos it makes him look like a lier since he denied all along. So it’s adios for Ankie tho she might have hoped otherwise by leaking it. Her move might be prompted by the fact that Grace chan was also unabashedly gushing about working with him. Ruco’s a babe magnet, no need to worry about his future love life. He’ll have plenty to choose from when he’s ready. Ankie’s hot and good for a fling, nothing more; a sensible guy like him knows that.

    1. Unlike the other overly publicized open couples, Ruco must’ve respects Ankie so much and don’t want to use their dinner dates as publicity. However Ankie looks like a nice girl since she praises Ruco a lot, probably they just can’t hold it because Ruco is too busy with his exploding career and Ankie is a bit too western and wild for him. Maybe she’s just not the one. Ruco’s still young so it’s ok.

    2. Both Ruco and Ankie probably are attracted to each other at that time. Ruco’s good looking and Ankie’s attractive. But it could be just a casual dinner and probably Ankie is reading too much into it…

  12. Ruco’s smart to dump Ankie before she dumps him. Given her wild partying ways, westernised upbringing and countless boyfriends, it’ll be tough for him to keep up with her. Better to call it quits early than to get too emotionally involved.

    1. I think Ankie was the one who’s into Ruco more than he’s into her considering Ankie brought this up.

  13. Hmmm me no like this rumor. Still prefer linda ruco rumor. Having said that ruco mostly filmed with artists who were born outside of hk like Aimee, Selena and linda. I think Natalie tong would be a great though boring match to ruco, she seems like a nice girl next door. Ruco and myolie will also make a great couple…

    1. Me tooooo! I’m still hoping for a PanDa pairing. They’ll make such a lovely couple plus Linda’s got a much better reputation too.

  14. It seems weird that she would expose that Linda has a boyfriend, even if it’s an open secret.

  15. why ankie suddenly come out with this. what is she up to. ankie is too westernized with club hopping hobbies for ruco. he’s better off with linda chung or myolie wu.

    1. Ruco and Linda looks more compatible…he has this protective and gentleman look with Linda. I would love to see them together.

  16. Let’s wait for Ruco’s reply, if ever. My feeling is she is exactly his type but he can’t handle her, culturally and thinking wise.

    1. ” My feeling is she is exactly his type but he can’t handle her, culturally and thinking wise”
      ….Ruco will have no shortage of hot girls who are “his type”. Most men want a good looking girlfriend with nice figure. Ruco’s no exception.

  17. There’s no contest. Ankie is zillion miles ahead of Linda in all departments. Ankie is what males regard as a real woman. Ruco would be a great fool if he choses Linda over Ankie. Even if Ruco does not end up with Ankie, it wouldn’t be Linda.

    1. Linda’s fine as she is. She and Ankie are different type of personalities. A traditional Hk man like Ruco is probably looking for the Linda type over the Ankie type. Men don’t mind hot sexy women for flings but when it comes to settling down, they still prefer the good girl type.

      1. “Men don’t mind hot sexy women for flings but when it comes to settling down, they still prefer the good girl type.”

        What if that man’s interest can only can be aroused by sexy women while non-sexy good girl type does absolutely nothing to him?

      2. Funny question but i guess this type of men have their brains on the wrong part of their anatomy.

      3. Certainly there are guys like Kidd described. But what happens when that hot sexy woman becomes old and ugly?

      4. to bring home to mummy would be linda kind of girl…but for that hot night, ankie fits the bill. sorry. most hk men are traditional type.
        hot sexy women will grow old and what is left of them when that day comes?

      5. “But what happens when that hot sexy woman becomes old and ugly?”

        Aggressive women approach/chase after male acquaintances everywhere (bossing them around). Seriously, it really happens. And, funny to watch how the men ignore them and laugh behind their backs. 🙂

      6. “hot sexy women will grow old and what is left of them when that day comes?”

        Hot sexy women have personality too.

      7. Yeah for sure. Im only saying that all things being equal, the traditional hk man will still prefer a goody girl type when they’re considering marriage options.

  18. Whichever girl Ruco settles for, my wish for him is that he finds true love and happiness, that this girl will take good care of him always.

  19. Ankie drinking, clubbing, smoking, sexy, probably very open… U guys really prefer her to be his gf?? Wow. I would just date ankie for just some sexy steamy nights but not my future wife lol. Linda would be a better wife… Pretty, home girl, traditional. I prefer Linda over ankie.

    1. Since Myolie broke up with Bosco, I have always ship Ruco with her.

  20. ankie is cool to bring around for a hot date and have a drink with. but if a man wants to consider settling down, she is not the type. she could be liberal. you guys want that kind of wife?

  21. Wow, you all sound so old…and old fashioned…which is probably why you all prefer Linda or Myolie. I don’t know how good a wife those two will be (compared to this Ankie girl), but they’ll likely bore the living hell out of their husbands.
    Also, if Ruco needs his mommy to approve of his girlfriend/future wife, then he’s really not much of a man. If this is truly the case, why would any woman want to marry him??

    1. Wow, you sound so young and immature and idealistic to believe that marriage is only between two people. In reality it is more than that. I had a co-worker whose brother-in-law (sister’s hubby) killed himself as he was constantly caught in a quarrel between his wife and mom. Marriage is also more than just hot sex with a hot woman. So why would good girls bore the living he11 out of their husbands?

      1. when a man wants fun, ankie girl is an example of the woman he would enjoy. come to wife material, I don’t think the man would want.
        marriage is for life. hot babes want fun, not to have babies.

    2. Taking his mum’s opinion into consideration before plunging into relationship is the mark of a wise and considerate man and a filial son. Which foolish man would want to marry someone who beings nothing but quarrel and trouble to his household? Mt, if you have a son would you want your son to marry a woman whom you hate with all your life?

  22. Lets face it – Ankie Beilke isn’t Chinese nor are her extracurricular activities good wife material. Even American-Born Chinese males are smart enough not to marry people of such distinct cultural & value differences. So unless you guys just adore non-Asian features, I just can’t see how Ankie is prettier than Linda – she is NOT even by hapa standards. Ruco is a smart man.

  23. a hot babe is one to bring around town. even if the man wants to marry her, you think she would want to settle down, give birth and look after the household?

    1. “you think she would want to settle down, give birth and look after the household?”

      Why would she not? Even hot sexy babe wants a family.

  24. actually many hot sexy girlfriend material can also transform to a nice wife that take care of the household… Personalities do change if they meet the right man that they can settle down with…A few of my girlfriends have been the case… When they married someone they love….seriously… Anybody agrees?

    1. Agreed, people do change.

      And, even “good” religious girls keep dark secrets. One case that I know of … a religious Singaporean woman, who slept around with a middle-eastern taxi driver just so she can get rides for free. She also lived with a Malaysian man just so she didn’t have to pay rent. That was when she was still single. Her HK/Chinese husband still thinks that he married a virgin. LOL 🙂

      1. It’s diificult to tell a virgin from a non virgin these days.The dumbest guy surely has to be the French diplomat who didn’t know that his wife is actually a man!

      2. The point is … if that’s a “good” girl, this world is full of “good” girls. LOL 🙂

  25. Possible but don’t we also say that a leopard never changes its spots? Look at Edison. Anyway it’s never wise to think that you can change a person.

  26. I think Ruco knows best what he wants. He has been hurt before so he would be cautious.

  27. Lady Sour may be just a drama…although Him and Myolie are happily married, Him’s aunt and grandmother are not making life easy for his wife…so a marriage is not just between 2.
    Marry a hot woman like Ankie will not work out.

    1. Let me tell you a “true” story … about a man, whose own mother set him up with his current wife. Some men are not very outgoing and are very shy with women. Anyways, his wife is very talkative and approaches people very easily. Yup, the “aggressive” type. Guess what, his own wife (that his own mother hand-picked for him) tore up his entire family. I won’t go into the ugly details here.

  28. This is a pretty long thread for this article. It’s nice to see how well liked Ruco is as both an actor and a person. With this momentum in his career, I hope he gets to achieve all that he wants to and more.

    1. Yeah…Ruco indeed is well liked by many as he is a great guy. It’s hard not to like him. My wish is for him to break into the silver screen, cut an album and have his own concert. He deserves so much more…he is just so talented !!

  29. Yes i love Ruco 1st for his personality, then his acting. It doesnt matter if he looks nice or otherwise. He is just so adorable.

    1. To me Ruco is the total package – looks, talent and great personality. Of these, i think his most attractive trait is his personality for without it, what’s the point of having a handsome face or being a good actor if he’s not a nice person? I love his humility and how he treats everyone, especially his seniors with respect.

      1. Agree whole heartedly with you, Choco-bunny. Just want Ruco to be blessed with happiness and a soaring & successful career.

      2. @choco-bunny & coco: that makes the 3 of us. Ruco is indeed the total package and everything that you want in a guy. His personality is his biggest asset, coupled with good looks, talent, humility, charisma, sportiness….what else can you ask for? OMG…think I’ll faint if I see him in person. LOL. I wished that he’ll be blessed with true happiness with a great girl and have his career soar to new heights. I wished him success for many many years to come. He deserves it…considering the rough start he had in his early days of his career. At the same time, I think his early rough days also helped to mould what he is today. Anyway, success is better late than never!
        @choco-bunny: think you wanted to watch the interview of him and Linda after the Astro award. Here’s the link (or maybe you have seen it already). He and Linda are so cute and so sweet together. I wished they were dating.

      3. Amen to all you said RC:) Thx for the clip, they’re such an adorable couple. How I wish they were a real life couple too, nice guy with a nice girl <3 so perfect.

      4. RC, thanks for sharing this link. What else can I say? Love this PanDa couple so much. They are both non-materialistic people, great matched. Hope they can reach their targets of dancing, singing, and become the best “onscreen couple” very soon as they mentioned in the video clip and I can’t wait to see that 🙂

      5. @Rita and choco-bunny: yeah, can’t wait for another PanDa collaboraion on stage or in a new drama. They really look so good together and so convincing as a couple. Their chemistry is amazing…they truly deserve to be Best Onscreen Couple(and even Offscreen), This also makes me feel that Linda is also fond of Ruco. It’s just that she’s already attached and she probably feels pressurized to maintain her good girl image, so can’t date Ruco. If they have a new drama together, hopefully it’s a happy ending!

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