Annie Liu Declares Love for Jeremy Lin

NBA player, Jeremy Lin’s (林書豪) basketball heroics were widely admired by Asians across the world. Jeremy was extremely popular in Taiwan, where his parents were born. Taiwanese actress, Annie Liu (劉心悠), also declared her love for the 23-year-old basketball sensation. Annie preferred athletic men and claimed that Jeremy Lin represented her ideal type of boyfriend!

Annie Liu’s popularity increased in Hong Kong recently, after being rumored with Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步惊心> costar, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎). Annie also appeared in Aaron Kwok’s (郭富城) new movie Floating City <浮城大亨>. She will next be seen in Director Patrick Kong’s (葉念琛) new romantic comedy, Natural Born Lovers <天生愛情狂> opposite Chilam Cheung (張智霖). The recent slew of high-profile projects has put Annie Liu under the limelight.

Appearing as a guest at a charity basketball game yesterday, Annie urged young people to perform more volunteer work to benefit society. She hoped that she would serve as a good role model by immersing into charity work.

At the basketball game, Annie also declared her admiration for NBA player, Jeremy Lin. After discovering that he was also of Taiwanese origin, Annie was extremely excited. She imagined that it may be possible to even be on the same airplane flight as Jeremy en route to Taiwan!

Annie said excitedly, “Jeremy Lin is great! He gets every shot into the basket! He is like Superman!” Becoming a Jeremy Lin fan recently, Annie also indicated that she preferred to date athletic men as well.

Known to have participated in several marathons, Annie often spent her spare time in active pursuits. Since her palms were too small, she noted that it was difficult for her to maintain control over a basketball. However, similar to rumored love interest, Kevin Cheng, it turned out that Annie’s best sport was tennis! She was once a school captain of the tennis club!

Source: Oriental Daily

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Jayne: Jeremy Lin has probably become a romantic ideal for many women in the last few months! Annie would make a good tennis partner for Kevin too!

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  1. oh yeh i like Jeremy Lin too 🙂
    Annie sometime seem real pretty and sometime not really. I’m currently watching BBJX and i find her not pretty, maybe because of her character.

    1. Yes I agree. I found her character too serene and boring. It does not show her true beauty. She is pretty in real life.
      Jeremy Lin is quite an eligible bachelor! Harvard grad, athletic, and tall!! What a combo. Hk guys/ celebrities are too short with less than a handful of exception.

      1. “Hk guys/ celebrities are too short”

        And too old. LOL!!

        Look at 42-yr-old Kevin Cheng. The media kept trying to link them together and she finally got pissed because she, like many
        Taiwanese women, prefers younger guys.

  2. I wonder if Kevin and Annie ever had a chance to play tennis while filming bbjx. Too bad he is so busy now, they seem like compatible partners.

    Jeremy Lin should definitely milk his current fame. Never know how long the linsanity will last if he doesn’t re-sign w/ the knicks. He and Tim tebow should become best buds.

  3. Floating City 浮城大亨. That movie was (Hulk!)smashed by The Avengers in the HK box office.

    The HK film industry is so sad now. What happened? HK movies used to be so good! Their quality used to be in par with Hollywood’s IMO.

    1. Well, if they insist upon using short and old actor, that’s what happen.

      The guy has been a box office poison.

      Other HK films have been doing fine: Love in the Buff, Nightfalls.

    2. I really enjoyed Floating City too bad the version I saw was in mandarin.

      I made several attempts to watch The Avengers and still couldn’t make past the first 15 mins. I suppose it’s bc of the bad story. No surprise though since HKers would buy anything Hollywood dishes out, LOL

      Annie is pretty, sporty and seems intelligent (based on interviews).
      What a combination!

      1. The Avengers is nothing intelligent (nor should anybody be expecting anything intelligent from a comic book movie the first place lol), but it’s the perfect summer movie. All summer movies should be like The Avengers. I had such a blast at the movie theaters. Totally a rewatchable film.

      2. Obviously I wasn’t expecting anything deep or intellingent from Avengers 🙂

        Don’t know just didn’t like it for some reason. Perhaps the movie itself deviated too much from the comics. E.g Loki in possession of the “cosmic cube” would defeat the entire Avengers team with a thought.

        I suppose the Avengers 2 will deal with “alien” invasion of some sort. In that case they need to bring in F4 and X-men LOL

  4. Jeremy Lin… if he doesnt fractured his legs again.

  5. I wonder if HK realize Jeremy Lin is a mediocre player that happens to play in a big market like NY?

    1. Nope…
      “Jeremy Lin is great! He gets every shot into the basket! He is like Superman!”
      She obviously didn’t watch all his games…esp Miami one…

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