Anthony Wong Finds More Clues About His Father’s Family

Anthony Wong (黃秋生) has managed to find more clues about his lost father, who left him and his mother when he was only four years old.

Last year, the Hong Kong Best Actor winner shared on Facebook that he has been searching for his father Frederick William Perry, a former British government official. Anthony wanted to use the Internet’s help to search for his father’s whereabouts.

The plea for help worked, and with the netizens’ assistance, Anthony has managed to find more information about his lost father.

In a recent social media update, Anthony shared that a kind scrounger had managed to dig up more information about his mysterious father, and shared it with Anthony. The actor wrote on Facebook, “Someone found this information of my father: Frederick William Perry, born 11 June 1914 […] arrived in Hong Kong in 1955 with wife Vera Marjorie, born 8 September 1919. One daughter, Vera Ann, born 2 December 1940; and twin sons, John William and David Frederick, born 29 June 1943.”

Good luck to Anthony on his search!

Latest Update: On March 20, 74-year-old twins, John William and David Frederick Perry, traveled from Australia to Hong Kong to meet with Anthony.


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  1. Anthony is causing more harm for that loser’s family more than anything. His father should be dead now and all he is doing is trying to make them know their father is a cheat.

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