Artists Comment on 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards Nomination List

TVB unveiled the official nomination list for the 45th Anniversary Awards at a press conference held on November 21. The nomination list bore close resemblance to earlier leaked lists published by the Hong Kong media.

As the most-talked-about awards ceremony in Hong Kong, the TVB Anniversary Awards have already sparked controversy over its list of nominees, which many felt were included for political reasons instead of based on acting skills alone.

Kate Tsui and Tavia Yeung Hug Each Other

Hot contenders for this year’s TV Queen award, Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) embraced each other. Both said that they have confidence in the race with a 50 percent chance to win. Tavia will be voting for herself, while Kate will not give herself too much stress over the awards.

Moses Chan Defends Aimee Chan

Aimee Chan’s (陳茵媺) nomination in the Best Actress category for The Last Steep Ascent <天梯> was blasted by netizens. Moses Chan (陳豪) said that the nomination was put together by TVB and not within Aimee’s control. He did not stress over the criticism directed towards Aimee, accepting that there will be supporters and critics for any entertainment personality.

Wayne Lai Puts in Good Word for Kenneth Ma

Since the TV King will be selected by voters, Raymond Lam (林峰) will have a significant advantage due to his large fan base. Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) urged that Kenneth Ma (馬國明) should not be overlooked as well, “Maybe many professionals will be voting for Kenneth.”

Wayne pointed out that each nominated actor had his own distinguishing characteristics and his own confidence in winning is 50 percent.

Ben Wong Sacrificed 

TVB’s nomination list snubbed notable talents, Maggie Cheung (張可頤) and Ben Wong (黃智賢), in the in the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor categories respectively. Many netizens blasted TVB for overlooking Ben, who won the Best Supporting Actor award last year.

Although disappointed, Ben will not miss the Anniversary Awards for this reason.    Regarding the nomination list, Ben said, “These things, you have to ask TVB. I don’t know; I only want to do my own part well.” Asked if this will prompt him to consider leaving the company, Ben said that he still has a long-term management contract left.

TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), noted that Ben’s acting skills were appreciated by all. Although she had also voted for Ben to be included in the nomination list, it was limited to only 10 artists. She will recommend that more spots be made available in next year’s nominations, and will comfort Ben’s disappointment.

Eliza Sam Nominated in 3 Categories

Eliza Sam’s (岑麗香) popularity surged incredibly this year after her winsome performance in Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽>. Eliza was shocked herself that she is nominated in the Best Supporting Actress, Most Improved Actress, and My Favorite Female Character categories.

Fighting with Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) for the same awards categories, Eliza said, “Please don’t say that! I do have confidence!”

Christine indicated that she hopes to win the Most Improved Actress award.

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      1. hahaha…true. nikki and tavia looked great while kate looked like she was taking a photo with her idols instead of her colleagues.

      2. Am I blind? I think Tavia looks terrible in the photo above; she looks so blotchy and the cheeks are protruding so much. There was another article featuring her within the last few days and the photo was amazing – she looked so radiant!

        Nikki looks nice though. For a moment there, I almost thought she looked like a young Joey Meng.

      3. No, I agree that Tavia doesn’t look particularly great in the picture. Kate looks the worst though. So dowdy.

      4. she was probably tired, calm down guys dont blast her over such a little thing 🙁

      5. Kate probably regrets not dressing up for the press con.

        Did tavia get cheek injections too? Someone should tell her that bigger (on the face) is not always better.

        Niki does look like Joey meng there. Very feminine looking.

  1. Ben Wong is the 11th nominee is it? And TVB can’t find a proper leading actress for the best actress that they had to supplement with an obvious supporting actress? Charmaine left, Bowie left, charmaine still nominated, why not Maggie Cheung?

    Don’t answer! We all know why.Like how Dicky Cheung was snubbed for JTTW back then and hey! Decade on, still same problem! Just different level of talent.

  2. Comment await moderation. Again because of Cheung! Wai! Kin!

    Ben Wong is the 11th nominee is it? And TVB can’t find a proper leading actress for the best actress that they had to supplement with an obvious supporting actress? Charmaine left, Bowie left, charmaine still nominated, why not Maggie Cheung?

    Don’t answer! We all know why.Like how D-i-c-k-y Cheung was snubbed for JTTW back then and hey! Decade on, still same problem! Just different level of talent.

    1. Omg please don’t bring up JTTW and Dicky and TVB together. That was the dumbest thing that could ever happen. Dicky deserved so much more.

  3. Actually I support LF to win BA and kenneth for fav char.

    I think LF still is a head better than Kenneth in acting. So giving LF the awards is right IMO. But when it comes to character then I still loves Kenneth’s character the most in THC.

    1. Either Kenneth’s character or Bosco Wongs character as Hui sir. Bosco did so well with his role. He showed a lot of inner feelings just the way he use his body language. And in this role he got ride of his boy/cute image, and showed more of his manly image.

      1. Bosco? you cant be serious right? he was practically expressionless hui sir.

      2. I actually think he showed a lot as Hui sir, most of all I likes his coldness in this series. And from his expression then he could show us that behind his coldness then he was a really warm person too.

      3. Somehow I have to take My words back about Kenneth to win fav.char because he os nominated for SSSS and I haven’t watched that one.

    2. I support Michael Miu for fav char, but I know that will never be possible. I don’t understand why Raymond Wong is nominated for his role in Confidant, that slot should have been given to Raymond Cho or Power Chan.

      1. aww, I support power chan too. acc I didn’t think about MM well if he wins i would be happy too, his role as heung sir was excelent plaid 🙂

  4. “Although she had also voted for Ben to be included in the nomination list, it was limited to only 10 artists.She will recommend that more spots be made available in next year’s nominations”

    The best way is not to make the nomination list longer but to put in the 10 best people who deserve the nomination for each category. If TVB continues to put in pple they want to promote, it’s very discouraging for people who actually work hard to improve their acting skills.

  5. I don’t understand TVB’s rational for nominating people they want to promote. No one is going to remember them anyway, especially if they don’t even make the top 5. They definitely won’t win anyway. It really doesn’t benefit those actors very much and it also offends veteran actors.

  6. This is completely irrelevant..

    But OMG! Kenneth crying in SSSS Ep 22 when he is persuading his mom so that she allows him to marry Rebecca Zhu is BRILLIANT!!!!

    1. I wanted to slap him. Dialogue was ok but the puppy dog looks, feel like slapping him.

      Mary Hon deserves a nomination!

      1. From the first two episodes of SSSS I watched, I already thought Kenneth’s role would be boring as hell.

    2. never would’ve considered kenneth’s cryings scenes to be brilliant…still don’t haha

    3. agreed! he was brilliant. always loved how he portrays sadness using his eyes which makes it very believable. not many actors and actress can do so.

  7. You guys are going to laugh about the nominations…

    陳茵媺 Aimee Chan.
    最佳女主角 Best Actress in a Leading Role?
    天梯 The Last Steep Ascent.
    陳茵媺 Aimee Chan is a 最佳女配角 supporting actress.

    What’s wrong with TVB?
    WHERE IS? 張可頤 Maggie Cheung?

    Kenny wong is nominated for best supporting actor while Aimee is nominated for best actress.. is this funny?? hahahaha

    1. Aimee’s both nominations is mother of all jokes. Her acting sux to the core.

  8. Tavia looks so young in the above pic. Love it! She’s been looking great in pictures lately:)

  9. Such pretty ladies!!! Tavia is looking prettier and prettier 🙂 <3

    1. She has to otherwise how else is she going to match the younger looking Him.

  10. christine is so funny. she win most improved? mandy should get it. mandy should get the supporting actress too. not much competition.

    why is eliza in the most improved? she only had one bigish role. the gj2 was like maybe 10min of onscreen time altogether.

    1. I don’t even know Eliza was in GJ2. It will be ridiculous if TVB gives the most improved or best supporting to Christine and Eliza and an insult to those good supporting actors and actresses. I hope Christine won’t win anything, I really can’t stand her.

  11. I’m rooting for Tavia to win Best Actress. Her acting is way better than Kate Tsui.

  12. how come ruco chan is not nominated at all? and what’s up with the nomination list, it is horrible?

    1. because his role in no good either way wasn’t as brilliant and memorable than the rest i guess

      1. But his role in 3K wasen’t bad, at least he should along with Ben replace some guys in best support

  13. “Ben said that he still has a long-term management contract left.”

    Main reason why he’s not nominated. He just renewed his contract last year.

  14. My take is that they will give BA to Kenneth Ma and Professional Award to Raymond Lam (although I really want Raymond to win).

    Raymond is already commanding the returns for the company of a Best Actor or more even when he has never gotten it from TVB. I believe for the last couple of years he is in the top 3 earner for TVB. Giving him the award won’t make much difference. If they give KM, there is room to increase the income as his prices will raise for jobs/advertisement.

    Also, I feel Raymond will leave quicker if he gets the award (to movies/mainland) , if he does not get it he will stay as there is something lacking in the achievement. Once he gets it, he will move on like Charmaine and Kevin. KM looks more like Moses, Wayne type who will stay rooted in HK.

    Purely looking from TVB POV as a corporation.

  15. My partner would be devastated knowing Maggie Cheung not in the list. Maggie was the reason why we watched TLSA every night.

  16. It’s so unfair to see Aimee being nominated in Best Actress award… and sad to see Linda is not nominated for the My Favourite Female Character.

    1. If Maggie Cheung didn’t leave, then I bet she would have been the one in the list and not Aimee 🙁 It’s kinda sad.

  17. If TVB wants to promote Aimee by putting her in the Best Actress nomination despite the negative feedback, I think that is just suicidal for Aimee’s career. As an audience, I’ll find her irksome and undeserving. Years ago, when Gigi Lai was given the Best Actress award over Sheren Tang, Gigi suffered from bad publicity for a while. But being drop dead gorgeous and with great acting skills, Gigi bounced back. Aimee – she is far far far from Gigi in terms of looks and skills.

    1. Hahaha, why being afraid of embarassing the nominees? Since TVB nominated them in the first place they must be really good. TVB is doing a superb job humiliating artists already!

      If TVB wants to be fair then no nominees needed. Just let the audience vote even for klfs. That way everyone has an equal chance of winning based on performance/fanbase.

      Can’t understand why ppl bother to vote at all. The votes are not verified by a third independent party, total number of votes not revealed which means TVB can create votes at will.

      1. “If TVB wants to be fair then no nominees needed. Just let the audience vote even for klfs. That way everyone has an equal chance of winning based on performance/fanbase.”

        Yep, since TVB wants to let the audience decide this year, why not list every single artiste on their website, and then let voters choose? No need for TVB executives to decide on a Top 10 first.

        After all, they simply listed all their dramas for 2012 as nominees for “Best Drama”.

      2. the votes are going to be audited by an international accounting company, according to sandy.

    2. thanks for confirming this fraud of a voting system. it’s just a way to legitimize whoever wins. tvb can say audience voted so ppl cant complain it’s unfair or biased. in any fair election, we need to how many votes each person got

    3. That’s not the only thing Sandy Yu said…the response that she gave in that interview today was utterly ridiculous — especially her responses about why Aimee Chan got nominated, why Ben Wong was excluded, and why artists who signed with other stations (i.e. Bowie Lam and Maggie Cheung) didn’t make it on the list. I really felt like slapping her (and the rest of the ‘executives’ who make up the 9 people that came up with this stupid list)….

      1. It’d still be embarrassing for the nominee that gets < 5% of the votes. They can reveal the #'s later in tvb magazine. Just need to announce the winner at the awards show.

    4. They should at least reveal the % of top 5 .. At least that wont be too embarrassing i guess.

    5. I’d love for them to reveal the vote numbers and percentages (to satisfy my own curiosity), but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be common practice for entertainment awards shows, at least with those that I’ve followed.

      Even with reality shows like American Idol, Ryan Seacrest frequently announces the total number of votes received but they hardly ever reveal the percentages or what the winning or losing margin was. Yeah, I don’t know why they treat it like some big secret either.

    6. but if they don’t reveal it, how will we know that they didn’t rig it -_- so lame tvb

  18. Maggie signed with CTI so TVB was not gonna let her be included in their awards ceremony at all. I mean, TVB isn’t exactly the generous company they claimed to be.
    Charmaine was still nominated because she didn’t technically sign with any rival station so they’re baiting her to come back.

      1. Niki and Tavia shared the same date. Wonder if they are born in the same hospital.

      2. Kate is older than Niki and Tavia.
        Why is Kate so under dressed?

    1. Niki looks younger and more radiant than the other two Kate and Tavia!

      1. I believe Niki’s workload is not as heavy as Kate and Tavia as Niki is not signed to tvb.

  19. Very pissed that Linda Chung was not nominated in the my fav female character award .

    1. Linda is probably busy promoting her music album and no time to promote with TVB, that’s why she got ignored

      1. They are taking advantage of her , she’s nice and she’s so big hearted and they just take advantage of that and push her aside like Ben . TVB is so biased .

      2. Linda filmed drama after drama for tvb. Daddy good deeds, house of harmony and vengeance, witness insecurity, blissful ferris wheel, giant wheel. It’s not like she neglected filming for singing.

  20. “Tavia will be voting for herself,…”

    Oh, I didn’t know that you can vote for yourself! But on the other hand, Obama was allowed to vote for himself…

    Of course, Moses defends Aimee. They have to show their love, always. Every time I see them as a couple, I have to roll my eyes. People can be happy together without showing off every waking second.

    It would be a miracle, if Kenneth wins but I wouldn’t mind him doing so. Sad that Ben didn’t make the list. And Virginia must be joking. Making more spots on the list? Wow, just to be able to promote even more third class actors?

    If I have to choose between Eliza and Christine, I would go for Eliza. At least, she seems to try. Christine is just eye candy. Evry time she opens her mouth, I feel the urge to slap her. Not because of ther bad cantonese but because of her crappy way to produce her lines without delivering them. And I can’t even see a tiny hint of acting. But just for promotion, she probably won’t go home emty-handed.

    1. I honestly would NOT vote for Tavia or Kate for TV Queen .
      Ben honestly deserves it but this year the nominations were very BIASED .
      Anyways yeah , Eliza tries her best and she is improving so I would choose her over Christine .

  21. niki looks so much younger than kate and travia, see? plastic makes a person looks more matured and we don’t want that, our aim is to stay youthful and natural, we just need rest and good food, maybe some herbal sup but not abalones and seafood like lobsters, prawns or crabs cos these animals actually cleans up the seabed, that’s y they are called unclean food in the bible, did lydia die of liver cancer? maybe she ate too many abalones, our body needs more organic fruits and vegetables, not the ones contaminated with pesticides or genetic modified ones, humans trying to outsmart nature or greed of companies like monsanto? see what’s happening to china now? everybody’s afraid to eat, ppl from other countries think twice before buying china produce

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