Athena Chu Announces 3-Month Pregnancy With Nude Photo

Wearing a puffy coat in February, Athena Chu (朱茵) was rumored to be pregnant when spotted visiting a Chinese herbalist with Beyond member and boyfriend, Paul Wong (黃貫中). Although she had denied pregnancy rumors in her early months, Athena finally admitted that she was more than 3-months pregnant! Athena and Paul will be getting married later this year. Extremely happy with the impending arrival of their baby, Athena and Paul celebrated by taking nude photos together and sharing with the Weibo community!

Romantically rumored with Leon Lai (黎明), Aaron Kwok (郭富城), Stephen Chow (周星馳), and Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) in the 1990s, Athena only admitted to dating Stephen for 3 years. Athena professed that she had even caught Stephen “cheating in bed” with another woman (hearing their intimate exchange outside a hotel room). With her beliefs in love shaken, it was not until 1999 that she started dating her neighbor and fellow dog-lover, Paul Wong. Despite frequent breakup rumors throughout their 13-year relationship, Athena and Paul’s love continued to grow, whereby the pair will finally tie the knot this year as well as becoming parents at the same time!

Returning from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at the Hong Kong airport yesterday, Athena and Paul were flocked by reporters. Asked about how she felt in becoming a mother, 40-year-old Athena replied simply, “I’m happy. Thank you everyone!” She asked reporters to direct questions to Paul.

Paul revealed that he had learned of Athena’s pregnancy earlier during his birthday; thus the baby news was his best birthday present! The 47-year-old soon-to-be father admitted that the pregnancy was unplanned, whereby he was extremely surprised, yet joyous in anticipating their baby’s arrival. The couple already possessed plans to get married this year; however the unplanned pregnancy may postpone their wedding plans. In addition, Athena’s work load will need to be adjusted accordingly taking into account her pregnant state. Despite Paul’s busy schedule, he will try to stay in Hong Kong to remain by Athena’s side.

After becoming pregnant, Athena and Paul took nude photos to commemorate the occasion. Athena uploaded the nude photo on her Weibo, in which the couple hugged each other with their eyes closed in bliss. Asked why they chose to take nude photos, Paul laughed, “Why not? The results were not bad.”

Since Athena was a devout Catholic, the subject of sex before marriage came up. Paul abruptedly called a stop to the interview and said that if reporters were interested in causing trouble, then they should step aside and talk under the escalator.

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Jayne: Couples are increasingly taking nude photos during important milestones in their lives, such as marriage and pregnancy. Athena and Paul’s photos are very loving and intimate, where they are connected skin-to-skin and leave an emotionally powerful visual effect. A very tasteful and artsy nude photo; it is simply very loving and not bombastic or even erotic in any way. I wonder how the other poses in their photo collection may look?

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  1. Tattoo fake or real?

    And errr… not necessary for such photos.

    “Since Athena was a devout Catholic, the subject of sex before marriage came up. Paul abruptedly called a stop to the interview and said that if reporters were interested in causing trouble, then they should step aside and talk under the escalator.”

    Dear, they’re just highlighting the hypocrisy of it all. But didn’t the bible say “go forth and multiply”? So she is doing exactly that. Could have just answered classy way like “we are in love, does it matter?”

    1. Funn,
      “Dear, they’re just highlighting the hypocrisy of it all.”

      The reporters seem to be just echoing some Weibo commenters who asked the same question regarding sex before marriage.

    2. Athena is a Catholic? Are you sure she’s not a born again Christian?

      1. Yeah, she seems more like a born again Christian to me. The Catholics I know of are some of the least religious people I know, lol.

    3. I think he’s just being protective of Athena. You’re right that it wasn’t necessarily handled in the most graceful way but it’s sweet. Plus at this stage in his career, Paul can probably care less what reporters think.

    4. I heard that Athena was against sex before marriage. However, I think once you are in love and have dated for that long, it is hard to hold back your urges if you are not married yet. It is good that Athena finally admitted to her pregnancy. Congrats to her and Paul and can’t wait to see their wedding pix.

      1. How you know she is against sex before marriage?or just because she is devout Catholic?
        Hey , Filipino are are devout Catholic too and most of the girls from the nation have sex before marriage and majority of them become call girls in Singapore and Hong Kong .
        Maybe she have sex with Aaron ,Leon Lai or Stephen Chow before she know Paul,
        And congratulation to her and Paul.

      2. @Moses,
        I just said that I HEARD ok, so that doesn’t mean that I know for sure if she is or not. That’s just I heard… Geez..

    5. It’s amazing how some people love to pour the rain on others when it’s a time for celebration.

      Anyways, congrats that they are getting married and welcoming a new life into their family.

  2. Congrats to Athena! Out of the 40’s actresses, Athena didn’t do invitro.

  3. Wow 40 and pregnant…. congrats to the new parents…. at least she still looks young with 40!

  4. Congrats to Athena and Paul! It’s about time, they should get married.

    I wonder if they took the photos themselves or whether they got a professional photographer.

    1. I didn’t know Stephen Chow was such a scum. I’m glad Athena found a better man.

      1. Wasn’t rumored that Stephen Chow has something going on with the actresses he promoted? I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  5. Very artistic picture.

    So Athena is really pregnant? Congrats! Many congrats.

  6. Congrats to both Athena and Paul. This is a very joyous news.

  7. they posted nude photos why not sex. they are grown adults and they crave attention that much? lol

    1. Disagree with you. Does nudity really only associate with sex? You think this is for attention, but I think it’s an artistic and unique way for them to share their joy of having a baby.

  8. Not really good choice of tattoo pattern, it look more like wall decal.

  9. I really like the photo. I find it artistic, romantic and sweet, especially that Athena is carrying a baby inside of her. I don’t feel that they took this photo for attention. All the best to the couple!

  10. congratulation to both of them on being a parents. the photo look nice.

  11. Congrats to both of them. I think they look very loving in the photo

  12. LOL it is funny to read some negative comments here. Can’t believe some people are so conservative. Give the couple a break. After all they are OLD enough to know what’s best for them. Congrats to the couple. Paul really rock that pic! 😀

  13. I still cant believe this guy got her ahhaa. she used to be very cute and pretty and when she hanged w/this one ppl were like what him??

  14. its like telling the world you have a baby, no big deal, but to use a nude pic? lol. they could have just use the news.

    athena is kind of a hypocrite, she says she is catholic she does one thing and then does another.

  15. Wonder who was that lady Athena caught in bed with her ex-beau Stephen that time? 😛

    The photo is nice, artistic and loving. Paul and Athena still look very good at their age 🙂

    Congrats to them!!

  16. Congratulations Athena and Paul, i really like her, So happy for them they starting a family. I grew up watching her movies so it’s really nice to see she going through another phrase of her life, just like me !

    I hope everyone who wants children get the chance to be a parent, it is so magical , scary and exciting.

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