Athena Chu Blasted As a Hypocrite in Having Premarital Sex

As a devout Christian, 40-year-old Athena Chu (朱茵) had stated that she was against premarital sex in the past. Announcing her 3-month pregnancy this week, the unwed mother obviously did engage in sexual activities with boyfriend, Paul Wong (黄贯中), before marriage.  Netizens have latched onto Athena’s hypocrisy, attacking her for not practicing what she preached!

Dating Paul for 13 years, Athena was often asked when she would marry him. While the pair had plans for marriage this year, Athena also unexpectedly became pregnant. Friends such as Ada Choi (蔡少芬) rushed to congratulate Athena, welcoming her in the joys of motherhood. Over 38,000 fans left messages on Athena’s Weibo in response to her pregnancy!

Amidst Athena’s happiness, netizens accused her of being a hyocrite. The public backlash did not directly attack Athena for violating a fundamental Christian tenet by engaging in premarital sex, only for the contradiction her behavior. A netizen wrote, “It is normal for men and women to be physically intimate. But there is no need to be hypocritical!” Another netizen wrote, “No one can prevent anyone from having premarital sex. If you cannot practice what you preach, then there is no need to make such a public declaration!”

Another portion of the online community overlooked Athena’s “hypocrisy.” They were quick to defend that love, marriage, and having children were private matters between two people. A netizen wrote, “If two people have marked each other as marriage partners–although the fundamental order is overturned–they have shown their responsibility by getting married at the end of the year. There is no need to attack them at this point. Congratulations!”When Paul Wong was asked about Athena having premarital sex, Paul refused to answer reporters, telling them not to stir trouble

No Sex Before Marriage
Hong Kong artists who were devout Christians were often placed in awkward positions when asked their positions on premarital sex. When Ada Choi was asked whether she will abstain from sex before marriage, she said vaguely, ““I cannot say that I will be able to do so 100%, but I will try my best.” Ada claimed that she was not a saint, but neither was she a terrible sinner.
Leanne Li ( 李亞男) and Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) took a much more public stance against premarital sex. Dating for 2 years, the Leanne and Cho Lam vowed to not have sex before marriage, refusing to give in to physical temptation. The couple wore matching chastity rings to remind each other of their sacred vows to love each other in spirit only before marriage.

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Jayne: I have been to bridal parties where devout Christians confessed that they did have premarital sex, which is against their religious beliefs. I also have friends who claimed they were chaste before getting married. It’s a divided issue, where personal conduct is pitted against religious faith.

How do you choose? Giving in to physical temptation is very easy, but should there be greater self-control if they are considered to be central to one’s beliefs? Do we only pick and choose the [religious] guidelines that work for our own lifestyles and partially adopt them at our convenience?  

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  1. it would be impossible for paul to be with her so long if she wasn’t putting out or any man for that matter

  2. In fact, how many people do not have pre-marital sex these days? There is a big ?.

    I don’t think there is any more virgin on earth. It could be a shame to ladies for being a virgin. It means that she is not attractive to any man!!!

    1. Yes, you are right. When we are talking about virgins, we are basically referring to those fat, dark and ugly gals whom nobody wants………but these are beautiful gals with lots of sexual demands & fantasies from guys like us…..How can they be considered virgins when the temptations to be lured/conned to have sex is pretty very high and easy…?

      Also, the impression given by both WCL & Leanne that they are christian purists/sacred preachers without engaging into any forms of sexual service are provocatively shameful and insultingly hypocrites at best! Their statement was made merely for publicity with purpose to impress (cheat) those naive public (young innocent gals/housewives) but not to experienced guys like us………..

      1. =)) fat, dark and ugly girls are able to find boyfriends easier than some other thin, white and pretty girls, do you know? Don’t be too shallow. If you are a guy, I doubt that you are having a girlfriend because who want a guy like you.

      2. Maybe, lolz. As long as I have a bf and you are only a shadow of someone :P, can’t have your own identification.

      3. What trashy comment on fat ugly dark gals,
        Dum-things long with tu perhaps, regardless pretty or ugly are both sort after, thats reality sunshine, Virgin or no virgin, front of behind, shame or have no shame don’t matter much than tissue paper. Star or avg. gal r all d same.
        Consenting adults who have sex before marry alt to be justified, natrual pleasure regardless of their religon.
        Only d dirty devil making a big fuss out of nothing.

      4. well, most of the girls i know who have never dated (many over 30+ old) are either, fat and ugly or overrated themselves despite they aren’t fat or ugly.

    2. I don’t agree with you guys that there aren’t anymore virgins on earth. It is rare but there still are. I can tell you that I am one, BUT I am not fat,dark or I guess ugly as you say. I also know others who are pretty attractive or at least decent looking but are virgins. The main reason is of course because they have not been in a relationship before. However, it is true that if you are in one that it is really hard to remain a virgin. There are some that do date but want to save themselves until marriage which is hard to do but there are some that do… Therefore, don’t stereotype and think that anyone who is still a virgin is ugly, fat or dark because that is not necessarily true.

      1. Very glad to know that there are still some virgins who are not fat and ugly. Many people told me that there aren’t any left on earth. Some even feel ashamed if they are one. Moral is totally hopeless these days.

      2. Obviously you can’t take the comments with regards to virgins serious, LOL.

      3. Bias,
        Virgin r everywhere, perhaps admiting to be one draws more attention.
        You only live one and once is enough to make and break

    3. No virgins in the world anymore? That is a sweeping statement. Not everyone is sex crazed or something like that. There are ladies who are virgins and they are attractive. Maybe some men or women are just not good enough to pop the cherry so to speak. Some people have standards you know…

      1. No matter how high your standard is, you will tend to forget it when you are in love with another person. Moreover, you would worry that if you don’t let your boyfriend have sex, he will go for someone else.

        Many girls will go on holiday with their boyfriends after dating for a couple of months.

      2. haha no virgin in this world?. Sounds like everybody is crazy for sex, so all guys are like edison chen and all women are nympho. What kinda of logic is that.

        I think those statement is a bit extreme.
        Lots of ppl that i know, they keep their virginity and give it to the most important person in their life.

        If a man will leave a woman just because she doesn’t want have sex, it mean he doesn’t love her in the 1st place, he just need someone to satisfies his biological need. Well, one word for him talk to the hand. =P

    4. To answer your question: Many. And many of them are attractive.

      1. BTW if you are talking about the entertainment industry only, it has more sense. But talking about the whole real world, many pretty virgins are existing.

  3. I don’t think it’s the fact that she is having sex that people cared about, it’s just don’t go around hardcore preaching it if you can not follow suit as well.

    1. Agreed! I always tell my husband. Don’t be too fast to declare things when u are not sure whether if u are able to do it.

    2. I agree.. if you can’t follow it yourself then don’t preach about it and be all loud about it.

    3. I agree and I have heard that she was always against premartial sex, but not sure if it was because she was a Christian or not. She should not have said that if she really couldn’t do it…

      1. How could Athena abstain from sex if she had a boyfriend like S. Chow?

    4. I wonder has she ever go around preaching about abstinence?

  4. 13years in a relationship how can they resist not having sex. netizens should get over it, it’s none of your business.

  5. I think these are people who have hated Athena for so long and now they finally have an excuse to blow things out of proportion lol

  6. What people decide to do is between themselves. The only mistake made here by Athena was to tell other people what to do. it’s a lesson learned I think. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

  7. as a catholic myself, I will not persecute anyone for their sins as I do not have the power too. But I think she shouldn’t have preached it in the first place. But now, what can she do, I’m rather glad she didn’t lie about it unlike some other celebrities!

    1. I would say it’s not that she doesn’t want to hide her pregnancy. With the bulging stomach at this stage like this, how much more can she shamelessly go ahead and lie to the public?

      Being a CELEBRITY with the kind of status she’s currently craving now, how much can you believe that she is a devout christian?

      If anybody wants to be as a purist as possible as she intends to claim, stay away from this entertainment cycle!! This is perhaps the only way to convince us to believe her…….

  8. Religion sometimes gets in the way of nature….lol…..

  9. Yes, please don’t preach what you don’t practice. It’s really difficult to stay a virgin if you’re in a long-term relationship though. The number of people I know who are still virgins in my community can all be counted with my 10 fingers.

  10. Athena made the comment in the past. Perhaps she changed her mind, but was never given another opportunity in public to recant the statement. She was asked a question and gave the answer she felt best at the time. If she was asked the same question a year later, she might have given a different response. Personally, I don’t think she’s hypocritical because I doubt she was preaching on a daily basis, telling people to not engage in premarital sex. Just let the woman be happy.

  11. Hello Jayne,devout Christians have nothing to do with pre martial sex.
    Shakira Isabel also a devout Christians but she also have sex with a young Spanish player named Gerard Piqué ,he could still underage when he have sex with Shakira.
    They shall condemn the ugly women named Shu Qi who have free sex against older man for money and destroy people family .
    Remember all female actress have sex before marries now except those child actress ,even Cecilla Kung could be under 18 have sex with director or Ron Ng to get a role in The Four ,who know(just joke only) ?

  12. If Ada was a virgin before her marriage, I will chop off my head. And you can’t expect Athena to celibate for 13 years, or with her previous boyfriends. Yes I do agree the hypocrisy but I feel the worse hypocrisy is those wearing those rings and claim to be virgins and then quite obviously is not.

    “How do you choose? Giving in to physical temptation is very easy, but should there be greater self-control if they are considered to be central to one’s beliefs? Do we only pick and choose the [religious] guidelines that work for our own lifestyles and partially adopt them at our convenience? ”

    There is nothing wrong with giving in to physical temptation. As long as you understand the responsibility and consequences that come with sex, then by all means, be careful and make sure you’re of age. Sex is not wrong is done for the right reasons; for love or pleasure, just make sure it is no underage sex. And if you want to engage in sex, be prepared for the worst. Don’t be like Shirley Yeung. Don’t sleep around. Devout Christians doesn’t mean no pre marital sex. I’d rather you sleep around but has compassion rather than celibate and be cold hearted.

    1. “If Ada was a virgin before her marriage, I will chop off my head”

      Your head should be safe. 🙂
      Ada was a ‘good friend’ of Lau Liu (Liu Luan Xiong. Same dude who was also with Rosamund Kwan and Michelle Reis.

      Can’t be they were simply holding hands, and having coffee during those years they were together, with him paying for condo, car and designer gifts right?

      C’mon, get real folks. Why do believers always think their idols are so pure and above it all?

      Athena’s 40 for Pete’s sake. So she remain virtuously a virgin until 50, 60 if they don’t get married?

      Athena’s photo is sexily tasteful, and she’s never been in pursuit of that conventional ring and piece of paperm which societal norms dictate is ‘proper’.
      Yet they are so committed to each other for 13 whole yrs – more so than married couples who cheat. Very cool.

    2. Yes, I agree with your statement, ” I’d rather you sleep around but has compassion rather than celibate and be cold hearted”

      Are you Edison Chen’s fan? Ohh boy….!

      I totally support your ideas of going out and f*** as many virgins and nymphos as you want within the context of “willing giver, willing taker” as long as both of you understand the responsibilities+consequences that may follow subsequently……

  13. “How do you choose? Giving in to physical temptation is very easy, but should there be greater self-control if they are considered to be central to one’s beliefs? Do we only pick and choose the [religious] guidelines that work for our own lifestyles and partially adopt them at our convenience? ”

    That’s a tough question. I think that people should be able to pick and choose their own lifestyle choices, that’s why god gave us free-will. But it’s not up to me, you, or the public to judge anybody else’s actions. In the end, god is the one who is judging us. So, if you decide to have pre-marital sex, that’s between you and your partner, and god.

  14. These 2 kelefe Leanne Li and Wong Cho Lam ,are lies of support sex before marries ,i cut off my penis if they are telling the truth ,Athena having sex around is her right since she have yet to marry ,why condemn her ,her vagina is her right,she have the right to use ,this not pakistan or saudi arabia ,come on lah ,if condemn ,condemn the ugly shu ki.

  15. think ppl should leave athena and paul alone, they let the world know that she is pregnant and are having a child, she wants ppl to congrat and support her not give her all this crap about whether it is right or not… supposed she had an abortion then all you ppl will say how wrong it is do have abprtion blah blah….. so leave them alone.

  16. Lolz, the netizens who have said such thing are (1) kids or (2) adult but hypocrite or (3) too free.

    Anyone who is mature enough will think of sex in another aspect. Please, Athena is not under 18 and so does Paul. Premarital sex isn’t wrong but it contains risks. If they can bear the risks or have a good commitment, no need to care.

    I myself against premarital sex of ppl who can’t take care of themselves (for example under 18 children) or can’t bear the risks.

  17. people ain’t against Athena and Paul. I personally feel happy for them. But I understand where the netizens are coming from. They think she’s a hypocrite in making those statements. Sex-before-marriage is not looked down upon, many artists have done it before and got pregnant before marriage such as:
    – Eason Chan & Hilary Tsui
    – Suki Tsui
    – 6wing from FAMA
    – Annie Man
    – Hung Yan & Max Mok
    – Yoyo Chan & Vincent Wong

    They never got criticised because they never preached for anti-premarital sex. Its their right to have sex but they are condemned for preaching something they don’t practice that’s all.

    It’ll pass. Ppl are gonna forget about this soon.

    I congratulate her and feel happy for her and support her but I don’t see anything wrong with ppl criticising her as they have all right to criticise her words.

    One thing also, why didn’t they get married in the first place if they were planning a family? Why should pregnancy be the initiator for marriage? They waited 13 years to get pregnant (stopped contraception?) and then decides to get married all of a sudden? If marriage cert wasn’t important, then even if she’s pregnant then they don’t necessarily have to get married right?

    1. I thought they have planned for the wedding before they stopped contraception. IN the interview with Paul and Athena, he said the wedding will go ahead as planned but he admitted the pregnancy was unplanned.

      All these will pass when there is another bigger news in the HK entertainment industry. Like Britney Spears who used to say she wouldnt have sex before marriage. nobody even bothers mention a word now when talking abt her….

    2. yes, i remember this girl when some show asked her gotten married because of pregnant w/a kid she goes ‘ YES ‘ happily n w/o shame hahah…so yes most of them are just hypocrites but i think it goes w/the territory w/celebs fans should NOT be surprised at all.

      Suki Tsui

  18. Like many have mentioned, it is very unlikely a 13 year relationship is without sex. Both are fully mature adults in a serious relationship. I understand she said those things in the past but it’s not realistic and maybe she said those things to keep up with her innocent image back then. As far as I’m concerned I would say 99% actresses are probably not virgins if they are mature adults and have been in relationships.

  19. Can a person not change his/her stance? Just because you had a view 10 years ago does not mean you necessarily have the same view today. Has Athena done anything illegal? Who are all these sanctimonious assholes to criticise her?

    1. Hence the hypocrisy. You can’t change a stance as and when it suits you or to accommodate yourself. I understand the criticism so frankly she just have to bear with it. I am sure she is over the moon with her pregnancy and she wouldn’t care what others say anyway.

      1. As you go through life, there will be experiences that can make you change your view. Why should she be criticised for it? She gave an opinion. Anyway, you’re probably right, she won’t give a shit what these losers say anyway.

    2. It depends on when she was advocating abstinence. 10 years ago? Then I wouldn’t call it hypocrisy because you can change your opinion as you go through life. And it’s possible she wasn’t having sex at the time. But if it was one month ago, one year ago… Then I would say it’s hypocrisy because she was most likely not practising what she was preaching.

  20. Someone was actually expecting Athena to avoid premarital sex when she’s dating a rock star? HA?! What a joke. It didn’t take a pregnancy to prove Athena was already practicing premarital sex.

  21. Having premaritial sex doesn’t make you a ****, being a virgin doesn’t make you a saint.

    A 40 year old woman dating a 47 year old male for 13 years, did anyone really think they weren’t having sex. Sexual urges are normal. I know devout Christians who got married very quickly because they wanted to have sex but didn’t want to do it before getting married. A few years later they got a divorce. Does that make them better people than those who have premarital sex? People pick and choose what they consider a sin.

  22. Goodness so Athena has sex …so what?
    Why must she be held to such standards when she’s only a normal person with a long standing r/s?

  23. Athena is not a hypocrite. If she was pregnant and said she doesn’t believe in premarital sex then that’s hypocrisy. Her statement was some time ago. As time goes by one’s choices and decision changes. Such as people who want to save sex for marriage and it is most likely because they want it to be special for “the one”. If you found “the one” then whether it is sex before or after marriage it might not be as important of a factor as before. People change opinions all the time. Don’t blame it on temptations. Plenty of people have self control.

  24. I used to like Paul when he was with Beyond. But, now he’s trying to act and think is super cool just because he plays music. And his so called “Rock” music is ill comparison to other better rock musicians in this world. Just because he plays loud music and screams doesn’t make that Rock. He just turns me off with his, “look at me, I’m super cool and bad ass” because he plays so called Rock music…Pathetic! I don’t like Athena’s point of view on things…once in a interview she said not everyone can be sexy, you have to have the whole package to be sexy. Hello, sexiness is a state of mind! So, fat people can’t be called be sexy then? That’s so wrong for her to have this discrimination and think sexiness is not for everyone. Didn’t she have a boob job done? He body is not exactly naturally given, but she has a nice face. She also said, she doesn’t believe in weddings, everyone weddings to been to it, it’s a show and just create stress for the brides and grooms, nothing worth going through. But, now they have wedding plans? Stop talking about abstinence when you don’t live up to it.
    Both of them are hypocrite! Unfortunately, they are getting rich by advertising from this pregancy…sad!

  25. What I don’t understand is why anyone, man or woman, celebrity or not, needs to let anyone know about the your personal (sxx) life. Whether the celebrity prefers to have sxx or not, he or she does not have to openly say, especially if it implicates another party, that might be disrespectful to the other party. If the celebrity prefers to abstain, fine by all means, but keep it to yourself. Why do they need to let people know what they choose to do in the privacy of their bedroom?

  26. If the celebrity prefers to abstain, fine by all means, but keep it to yourself. Why do they need to let people know what they choose to do in the privacy of their bedroom? ………….. agree. This applies to Leanne Li and Wong Cho Nam. They don’t have to let people know.

  27. Another example is Eric Suen and gf Macy Chan. Macy Chan is another devout Christian. She publically said she’d break up with Eric is he ever pressured her into having sex with him. THAT is something that should stay in the bedroom and no need to be mentioned to the media.

    Poor Eric, he’s 39 almost 40. And Macy’s 31. For Eric’s age… treated like a child. “Mummy Macy said no sex before marriage so i’m not allowed too otherwise i’ll be punished boohooo”

    1. Well they can do everything BUYT the actual act. More imagination. And they can marry, afte all divorce is always an option

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