Audience Mocks Sunny Chan as “Alex Man II”

Since the broadcast of Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻), and Ron Ng’s (吳卓羲) TVB series, Wax and Wane <團圓>, the ratings have been unsatisfactory 25 points. This week, the ratings increased slightly. The scenes featuring Sunny in intense arguments made audiences very tired. Viewers mercilessly nicknamed Sunny as “Alex Man II” (萬梓良第二).

“Noisy and Exaggerated” 

Allegedly, TVB was interested in riding the success of hit series, Heart of Greed <溏心風暴>, and thus created the Wax and Wane script revolving around two families’ battle in business interests. Aside from not helping the ratings, the argument scenes made the audience tired, which resulted in numerous complaints. Sunny Chan’s argument scenes were severely criticized as being “too noisy” and “exaggerated.” Some netizens even ridiculed Sunny as “Alex Man II.” Allegedly, in a desperate attempt to reduce the audience’s anger, TVB held a meeting and decided to cut Sunny’s screen time.

Wax and Wane producer, Cheung Kin Man (張乾文), admitted that he followed online discussions regarding the series. He assumed responsibility for the unsatisfactory ratings. “We held a meeting to discuss [the audience’s reception]. We do not understand why the two families are so loud. Perhaps the audience did not like this type of storytelling.”

Regarding allegations that Sunny Chan was “Alex Man II,” Producer Cheung stated, “Sunny Chan is a good actor. Although he did go overboard this time, it was also my fault in not stopping him.” Producer Cheung denied that he will intentionally cut Sunny’s screen time. “I will just make suitable edits factoring in the public’s opinions. If it’s too noisy, we will make changes.”

Sunny Chan Did Not Mind Being Regarded as “Alex Man II” 

Sunny did not mind being compared to veteran actor, Alex Man. Sunny noted, “Why wouldn’t I be happy? Alex Man is a good actor. How can I say [the comparison] is not good? Being an actor is quite passive and has to follow the script. It is difficult to please everyone.”  In addition, Sunny did not mind if Producer Cheung were to cut his scenes. “Suitable changes should be made according to the audience’s taste.”

Roger Kwok: “I Told Him to Stop Talking So Much!”

At a promotional event for Wax and Wane yesterday, Roger Kwok teased Sunny, “He has always been so loud! Since At the Threshold of an Era <創世紀>, I have stayed away from him for ten years! I told him to stop talking so much.” (Did he listen to you?) “If he listened, this would not have happened! However, Wax and Wane is the type of series that you have to watch slowly.”

Sunny noted that he was acting according to the script and met the approval of the director and producer. Regarding Roger’s comment that he was loud, Sunny said, “Ha ha, perhaps this is part of my personality!”


Compiled from the Sun

Jayne: It’s a honor to be compared to acting legend Alex Man, one of my favorite actors.

It’s the first time I heard Hong Kong audiences complain of a series being too loud. I found “Heart of Greed” and “Moonlight Resonance” to be too loud as well, but the audiences enjoyed it. Every TVB series is loud and overcrowded with too many voices, especially mind-numbing meal scenes.

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  1. The HK audience can’t decide what they want. If they liked series like HOG and MR, then this would have been their type of series. I think it’s wrong to put the blame on Sunny. He’s a great actor and his character is supposed to be loud and rough, so I think it’s understandable that his acting is ott. Whats wrong with Alex Man?
    The problem is not with Sunny’s acting but with the script. The only reason I am watching this is for the male actors: Benz Hui and Ming Sir are 2 veteran actors I like very much, Roger and Sunny for their acting, and Ron and Him for providing me with some eye candy:) I also enjoy Oscar and derek’s performances as well. I honestly do not care for the female cast unfortunately so it’s less appealing to me. I think Toby is more annoying than Sunny. And I like Florence and Kate in their b*** roles more.

    1. Please excuse my somewhat repeated post below. This entry was not posted originally so I had to retype my post again.

  2. It’s not Sunny’s fault, it’s the script. His character is supposed to be loud and rough so it’s understandable that he’s ott. I can’t stand Toby even more. There’s only one reason to watch the series and it’s for the male actors: great veterans like Ming sir and Benz Hui, great actors like Sunny and Roger, and great eye candy like Ron and Him. I don’t care for the female cast and I like Florence and Kate in their bad girl roles more.

    1. yeah agree veteran actors plus Sunny and Roger. The female cast is a joke even though i find “Zita” charachter a little amusing 🙂

    2. Agree. The female cast are unreliable and unattractive ang wrongly casted. Kate as a good giril What a joke.

  3. The producer Nelson Cheung throw Sunny Chan into the boat for NO REASON. Mr Cheung produce this series, he told Sunny to act like in the character. It should be the producer’s fault who should have known without a right judgment. Just to hijack the “Wax and Wane” (HORRIBLE TVB naming) that was the hard work of both the cast and crew. The scenes re-editing is not going to push the ratings but by announcing his negative response towards the series, he is being very disrespectful to all the previous hard work put into it by his cast and crew. If you want to cut scenes out just to improve the series quality and ratings then do it behind the production set without going blabbing to the outside media and makes cast and crew bad.

    He must have look at the unreliable spam forums to see all the comments on Sunny Chan to take into consideration, jeez.

    Very unprofessional for Mr Cheung.

    Sunny is not a bad actor. It is sad that TVB these days push him to not suitable roles for him and didnt realized he put many series into the warehouse because of bad reviews.

    For then series….The script is bad. It is a long boring, non-exciting series. TVB should stop milking the “Heart of Greed” style shows. The female cast is a joke.

    BTW, Kate Tsui… her looks are awful…acting still off.

    1. She can’t carry that character and that long straight hair.

      1. I really do not why Kate Tsui overall appearance in that series is so very unnatural and that makeup artist really need to tone her down.

    2. I think WW is only vaguely similar to HOG in its backdrop – family matters, family business – but the execution and presentation are totally different. WW is more down-to-earth and less bombastic than HOG or MR. It is also less illogical. Of course it doesn’t make WW a better series.

      1. You are right on spot about the difference between W&W and HOG/MR.

        Also, Sunny’s character has been less noisy in some recent episodes as the differences between the two families are being resolved. I also don’t think his acting resembles Alex Man’s.

  4. edit: The producer Nelson Cheung throw Sunny Chan under the bus for NO REASON.

  5. What kind of producer is Nelson Cheung?

    I’ve never seen a producer that throw his own crew under the bus like Nelson did.

    Producers always defend his cast and crew in public.

    And by announcing publicly that he will edit the series according on the whims and fancy of a small group of netizens, he’s undermining the integrity of his own production.

  6. these audience are just bias, their opinions most times are based on their own biases, like and dislikes of artistes or producers which will in turn skew their opinion of a series and then there are the biases of the lurking reporters on what artistes to report on.

    1. Jim,
      Agree that there will always be media bias, in how they present the news and which topics they choose to post. Such as Next Media not reporting positive Raymond Lam news during Mavis incident.

      Thankfully many artists like to post on their blogs and clear up matters when certain incidents occur. Many news sites also have video clips featuring artists in the actual interview, so there is more direct acess and we can make up our own minds.

    2. Jim,
      I have always been curious about your choice in nickname. Hehe what prompted you to pick a male name?

    3. “Their opinions most times are based on their own biases, likes and dislikes of artistes or producers which will in turn skew their opinion of a series. And then there are the biases of the lurking reporters on what artistes to report on.”

      Jim, why are you passing off Tamaya’s comment word for word @ asianfanatics as your own?


      1. No wonder that sounds so unlike jim. But, I’ll give jim the benefit of the doubt. I remember jim said she’s not good at english before. Maybe she found tamaya’s words perfect echo her sentiments, so, she borrowed her words.

  7. Wax and Wane is better than both HOG and MR, IMO. Those two series were indeed OTT in yelling and I would describe them as loud. Wax and Wane is less dramatic and it’s mainly Sunny and his father whose loud and stubborn. However, I can’t blame HK netizens for saying that he’s loud and annoying because it’s the truth.

    Roger, Ron, and Kate are my reasons for watching this. Roger hasn’t bas a captivating role in such a long time. (I can’t believe he agreed to film Show Me the Happy, a lame TVB sitcom.) His acting so far is top-notch and I’m looking forward to see how Kate softens his heart.

    Another noticeable supporting character is Oscar Leung. He never fails to make me laugh and it’s good to have him chill out the serious drama.

    1. Same here I can’t blame HK netizens too because it’s true that Sunny is loud.

  8. Though Sunny’s character annoyed me quite alot with his outbursts in the series, for a producer to cut out his scenes is just so unfair! But anyway everyone knows, TVB doesnt like Sunny since his series are always warehoused. Sigh.

    I liked his acting when he was in Detective Investigation Files!

    I’m watching this for Ron (so handsome!) and Roger cos ever since Last One Standing I didn’t like the characters he potrayed.

    1. I’m watching to catch Ron’s handsome appearance too. He’s so handsome. Roger got an interesting character too this time.

  9. *sigh*
    Different people have different opinions on each character in Wax and Wane. Its only like the 10th episode at the moment. The characters will change slightly due to the ongoing family feud. Hopefully you all will find this drama pretty interesting at the end! I am currently really enjoying this drama. My favorite TVB actors are in it. Hint: Ron Ng, Kate Tsui, Roger Kwok etc. I do agree it is similar to Heart of Greed MR, IMO. Adore how Kate and Ron are together in this drama. Hehe Kate is so beautiful in this drama! (: Just be patience and see what will happen in the rest of the episodes till you all starting talking about it. lol.

  10. Now all the blame falls into Sunny’s head. He’ll have a bad year.

    First week of WAW is 25, if it continues 25 or lower, Sunny will become the black sheep.

    Why all the time, the reporters will claim the fault is belong to a particular actor? When a series is successful, multi factors will be listed and many ppl will be praised. But when it’s a failure, only 1-2 actors are complained (most of the time are actors, rarely has an actress).


    1. When Sister of Eternal Flower failed, the blame falls on Charmaine. When Tai Chi failed the blame falls on Myolie.

      When YSSS get interesting the praises falls on Miss Koo and same as Ghetto Justice the praises falls on Law Ba.

      every series will have either someone blamed when failed or someone praised when succeed. Sunny got unlucky but his character IS too loud

      1. I rmb that Taichi’s failure didn’t fall to Myolie. YSSS, didn’t LKH still receive the praise?

        However, maybe you are rite. I still see actors are blamed more than actresses.

      2. They did blame Myolie especially on her exaggerated crying. She also blamed for that fatty series for exaggeration too.

        I dont see LKH get any praise for YSSS. All falls to Linda.

      3. Please notice that I’m talking about the reporters, not the fans’ comments.

      4. I dont see reporters praising LKH. Most news I read only mention about the entire city cried with Linda overnight and about how audience want her to win awards and how sad her ending is.

      5. Reporters also mocked Myolie a lot during and after Tai Chi airing

      6. I saw an article praised LKH after the series ends. Even Moses. But of course, Linda has the most praises.

        As for Myolie, I dun see many reports blamed her. They mocked her? Like wat? I only saw a lot of fans mocked her crying by compare it with a statue.

  11. yes i am copyright the other people comment sory about that.

  12. @Jayne

    in this case it’s not an honor ROFL. It’s a negative criticism for his ott acting and character

  13. What’s wrong with lax man’s acting? I think he’s a good actor. As for sunny, it’s not his fault, if anything it’s the director’s fault, sunny is only doing what the director is asking him to do.

    1. What the audience said here is Sunny’s acting is OTT since Alex Man always go OTT

  14. i didn’t mind sunny’s acting. actually, i’ve been following the series every night.

  15. This is nothing compared to Heart of Greed. I enjoyed so much watching Heart of Greed, but I didn’t even finish the 1st episode of Wax and Wane.

  16. I actually enjoy this series…it’s not like what people said. I don’t think sunny acts like alex man at all. the first esp does have a lot yelling but it gets better after that. if u compare this to yes sir, sorry sir, i think this series is a lot better for sure.

  17. there ISN’T anything wrong with sunny’s acting. i enjoy it a lot. i have never seen him in such a role. people just aren’t used to sunny being in loud roles. i’m sure they wouldn’t have any problem with someone like wayne lai in the same role.

  18. I really like this series… even more so than ghetto justice or yes sir, no sir. Plot-wise, it’s not even comparable to HOG or MR… this one is not so much about revenge and money but about two families coming together and discovering the true meaning of happiness.

    I’m not a fan of kate, but I do think she is really pretty in this series… I am disappointed that her acting still sucks. You’d think after so many years of TVB, her acting would improve from one year to the next. Toby, on the other hand, has improved a lot and think she is rather cute here.

    My fave character is Roger, because he has so many sides to his personality — very multi-dimensional.

  19. He’s such a lousy actor and can’t agree more that he overacts. He’s acting is honestly boring, that’s why some people are a natural actor but some people can’t act no matter how hard they tried.

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