Ava Yu to Marry Adason Lo in March

Dating for seven years, singer Adason Lo (羅力威) and actress Ava Yu (雨僑) will be getting married on March 31.

Although Adason did not kneel down nor buy flowers, Ava happily agreed to the proposal. Sharing a picture from their wedding photo shoot, Ava wrote, “You’ve given me courage to keep moving forward all these years, and you’ve given me endless support and encouragement. Thinking back, it was you who picked up after me, making the path in front of me so much smoother. Thank God for allowing us to meet, allowing you to fill in for my faults. I hope to hold hands and spend the rest of my life with you, grow old together, be with each other until the end, and experience life’s treasures along the way.”

Looking back at her relationship with Adason, Ava laughed and said she does not exactly remember how long they have been dating. Meeting each other after being guests on a music show, Ava explained that their relationship was very simple and just like any other normal couple.

Congratulations over the couple’s engagement poured in. When talking about Ava, Adason’s face lit up immediately. He praised Ava for being a lovable person both inside and out. Adason said, “The most important point is that we’re in sync when it comes to a lot of things – whether they are eating habits, movie preferences, music taste, vacation destination choices, outlooks, values, and beliefs. These all enable us to support and progress together.”

Planning to hold a small wedding at the end of March, the couple will have a western-style afternoon reception to gather their families together.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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