Joey Yung to Celebrate Her Birthday with Her Boss

Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) held a concert featuring its artists earlier this week.  Singers at the concert included Joey Yung (容祖兒), Adason Lo (羅力威), Vincy (泳兒), Ken Hung (洪卓立) and Sherman Chung (鍾舒漫). Joey being the most senior led the group in the rendition of their ballads. June 11 happened to be Joey’s Chinese calendar birthday. Sherman and Adason birthdays also fall in the month of June, thus the trio celebrated with a simple cake cutting ceremony.

The female artists came dressed for the event, Sherman was in a translucent low cut dress while Vincy wore a spaghetti strap low cut gown showing off her figure. Both ladies stole the limelight for the night. Sherman also disclosed that initially she put on extra clothing to her translucent dress but when teased by her colleagues, she decided to take it off.

Joey, who always put up a good performance, did not disappoint this time. She was singing and showcasing her dancing ability with six female dancers. The intimate dance steps involved the dancers caressing Joey’s thighs. After her love song duet with Adason, the two bantered onstage. Joey said, “Finally I found someone in the company who is more nonsensical than me.”

June 16 will be Joey’s 33rd birthday. She disclosed that she will be having dinner with her boss Albert Yeung (楊受成) that night, denying that she will fly to the United States to meet with her boyfriend, Wilfred Lau (劉浩龍). Joey said that she did not have any time to take off. Asked what presents she will get from Wilfred, Joey said, “It doesn’t matter, I’ll be happy with any presents, but most importantly it’s to be healthy.” When asked if Wilfred had asked her out to celebrate her birthday, she became secretive and replied she will reveal the details even if he did.

Adason who had just celebrated his 27th birthday was asked if he has celebrations with his rumored girlfriend, Ava Yu (雨僑). He answered vaguely, “I had dinner with family members.” When teased by the media that he has shared a bed with his girlfriend, Adason turned pale and excused himself.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Pretty gross. Should be ashamed of her behaviour

      1. Larry likely referring to the relationship of Joey and Albert. The rumor was Joey and her mother had a 3-some with Albert. Another variation was she slept with Albert to move to the number 1 spot or did kinky stuff.

        I really don’t know and don’t care either.

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