Beijing International Film Festival

The Beijing International Film Festival began on April 23, 2011. Numerous stars attended the opening event, including Wang Xueqi, Huang Yi、John Woo, and Zhang JingchuJackie Chan and Zhang Ziyi were spotted a the event today, holding hands. Although the pair had romantic rumors in the past, they did not intentionally hide from the reporters. Rather, they flirted with the cameras and waved, taking center stage.

Ziyi was dressed in an aqua colored dress and addressed the reporters, “I’m a local Beijing gal and have enjoyed watching films since I was young. I wish the film festival all the best and acceptance at an international level.”

Other actresses at the event were Tang Wei and Fan Bing Bing. Tang Wei and Director Peter Chan Ho-sun appeared together at the festival. At the opening event, Tang Wei appeared with long permed hair and wore a flower dress resembling a traditional Chinese beauty. Peter Chan openly complimented Tang Wei’s acting and that her role was very moving in the movie, Wu Xia <武俠>. To this, a red-faced Tang Wei replied that she hoped for future cooperation.

Fan Bing Bing appeared at the opening event solo. She was dressed in a black dress, a different style from the sensual choices she usually wore.

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Source: the Sun

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  1. “At the opening event, Tang Wei appeared with long permed hair and wore a flower dress resembling a traditional Chinese beauty.”

    I don’t think so. In fact, I completely disagree. ROFL!!! Bing Bing looks very nice, as she always does though.

    1. Tang Wei’s hair is god awful but if she is in a qipao she actually looks like a classic beauty of those days.

      Fan Bing Bing to me is forever the one besides the princess sort of look, never the princess. Probably due to HZGG.

      1. I think she has the “right” face for traditional beauty…but that her is atrocious lol!

    2. Haha her hair is horrible, the curls are too tight. Natural waves would’ve made her look better.

  2. I was watching E Fashion Police and they describe Fan Bing Bing or Bing Bing Fan as China’s No. 1 actress or China’s biggest star.

    Really? When did that happen?

    1. According to Wikipedia it happened this year lol

      But it’s not a verified source…. Just that she’s starred in Shaolin and Buddha Mountain which has made her fame rise in China.

    2. She’s the most currently well-known Chinese actress overseas for her glamour. Zhang Ziyi is still the ‘bigger’ actress I’d say, though not inside China. Fan Bing Bing has had 1 or 2 independent movies go to Europe film festivals – so that’s also some ‘fame’. Plus she appeared at so many overseas functions/festivals in 2010 its crazy…

    3. agree with funn….FBB is forever the girl beside the princss…its still boggling my mind how famous she is…her acting…is mediocre at its best. and she looks so different from back then!

  3. Tang wei’s hair is awfully funny. She needs a new stylist! And dont know wht’s the hype with bing bing all this while.

  4. Jacky Chan is always the one who lucks out with the women .I’m sure he had Zhang Ziyi any way he wanted with the look she had on her face……

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