Ben Wong and Wife’s Love Story Started in a Kitchen

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Ben Wong and Wife’s Love Story Started in a Kitchen

Though Ben Wong (黃智賢) is noted for his acting skills and on-screen persona, many are clueless about his personal life. The 50-year-old actor has been married to his wife for 14 years. In 2004, the couple registered for marriage in New Zealand quietly and away from the public eye. Their relationship has always been simple and low-key. The couple’s love story actually began in a kitchen.

Ben shared, “I was working part-time at a restaurant. I worked morning shifts in the kitchen and was responsible for bringing the dishes from the kitchen counter to the window for the wait staff. She was a waitress at the time. Every day, I would look at her through that window and she would see me too. During lunch break, I would see her eating and go over to have lunch with her. She saw that my keychain was very old and one day, she gave me a different one. She had actually bought the keychain in advance. I thought she was very attentive and caring. During the whole process, neither of us said a word. Even though I was dense, I got the hint.”

Ben’s relationship with his wife is the epitome of the saying: “A simple action is worth more than a thousand words.”

In the currently-airing drama, Watch Out Boss <波士早晨>, Ben plays Flora Chan’s (陳慧珊) ex-husband. The couple divorced due to Ben’s infidelity. In reality, Ben is actually more similar to his notable role as “Ah Hoi” in A Kindred Spirit <真情>. He is a caring and attentive husband and always ensures to keep his wife aware of his whereabouts and filming obligations. “I would tell her how long or short a drama will take to film and whether or not I will be able to have dinner with her. I’d tell her to take care of herself during that time. Then she would ask me if I can take any breaks and whether we can go on vacation. That’s how our life is.”

Though the couple’s life seems simple, they have experienced their own ups-and-downs. “We have been together for more than 20 years, from the days of our youth to now when we are more mature. We’ve experienced each other’s changes and we each went through our stages of rebellion. We argued and even talked about breaking up.”

Though Ben has always been the one to cater to his wife more, it was only in the past ten years that Ben truly understood the term tolerance. “When we were dating, all we saw were each other’s positive traits. Later on, we magnified on each other’s flaws. These flaws haven’t changed or gone away. I have just learned to accept it.” He urged couples not to try to change the other person, but rather tolerate and accept one another. When you love someone, you should love them entirely, flaws and all.

Already in their 50s, the couple does not have children. Because of this, Ben recognizes that they are each other’s life companions. “I truly only have her, and she only has me. We depend on each other. Because our focus is entirely on our relationship, we cherish it more. You don’t have a second person who will walk the rest of your life with you. No matter how great your friends are, it is your other half who will stay by your side through sickness and health, life and death. That’s why I always tell her that she needs to cherish me more!”


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Ben Wong and Wife’s Love Story Started in a Kitchen

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    1. mangotango says:

      Words of wisdom and experience. Do not attempt to change your partner. Do not marry if you cannot accept faults and all.

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    2. cutie777 says:

      I always thought Ben Wong and Kevin Cheng look alike. Too bad it doesn’t say his wife name or no picture of her either. I’m glad he’s a good husband and even though the two doesn’t have any children I guess as long they’re happy.

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    3. mi88 says:

      Ben is so sweet! He probably doesn’t care, but every time he likes my comment on his IG, it makes me feel recognized or that he’s read it even though he likes everyone else’s posts. Not every celebrity does that. ^^

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