Ben Wong Talks Working with Kara Wai for “The Defected”

Loyal viewers of TVB get to spend their evenings almost every single day with Ben Wong (黃智賢). Currently starring in the Monday through Friday drama The Defected <鐵探>, Ben is also a main star in the Saturday drama ICAC Investigators 2019 <廉政行動2019>.

Starring as Chief Superintendent Samuel Ching in The Defected, Ben plays a former SDU officer who had injured his leg during an operation, crippling him. “It’s my first time doing scenes on a wheelchair,” said the actor. “It’s comfortable! The wheelchair isn’t hard to control, but there was a scene where Kara Wai (惠英紅) and I got so heated in dialogue that I flipped myself over like a turtle.”

The Defected is a political thriller that focuses on the internal battles between high-ranking police officials. It is a topic rarely done in the Hong Kong film and TV industry. “I had a great time doing the show, especially with Kara Wai. We are antagonists of each other. None of us want to be the losers. It’s really a great opportunity to boost my performance!”

Grateful for the opportunity to star alongside the film queen, Ben said his experience would have been greatly improved if he also got to work with Philip Keung (姜皓文). “We originally had much more scenes together, but when it came to the final product, our characters only appeared in one scene together. It was me inside a vehicle, and he was outside. No direct contact. It’s a pity.”

Prior to the broadcast of The Defected and ICAC Investigators 2019, Ben starred alongside Adia Chan (陳松伶) in The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady <福爾摩師奶>. Having three back-to-back shows airing nonstop, is Ben worried that viewers would get bored of him?

“All three characters are different,” he said. “In The Defected, I don’t make an appearance until episode 8. I don’t have many scenes in ICAC. I don’t think viewers will get confused.”

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  1. I like Ben Wong but I’d admit the characters he’s played in these dramas are very similar. Cool calculating/intelligent. Not much variety. I don’t see him getting an award anytime soon.

    I wish they gave him more interesting characters since he is capable of handling them.

  2. Gave up quarter way. It is not as intelligent as it thinks it is but it is not quite stupid. I am watching Dr Prisoner right now which is bombastic loud OTT stuff but it knows what it is. Entertain. This series boasts some great lineup but the story can’t match the acting so in the end it became a messy series which wants to be award winning story with award winning actors but end up with over convulated plot that makes no sense at all. Some scene had some long dialogue about something when in my mind I was thinking what about the kidnapped girl? Isn’t that more urgent than knowing Sisley’s past which has no connection? Or Kara seems to know a lot but seems unhinged. Or blatant abuse of power. I mean kdramas have frequent abuse of power. Always rich chaebol are bad, smart people are bad, people in authoritative position is bad.. but they make no apologies for those. never justified them, just is. At some point the defected lost its way. So I give up. The story turned dumb.

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