Philip Keung Plans New Travel Book Introducing Penang, Malaysia

The actor and his wife have introduce local food and sightseeing spots.

Known as a loving husband, actor Philip Keung (姜皓文) and his wife Anna Kam (殷寧) are frequent visitors to Penang, and purchased a 5000 square-feet luxury home in the Malaysian city. Earlier, the couple was invited by the local tourism bureau to film a live program sharing about Penang’s vibrant food and culture.

Shares Travel Advice

Showing their loving side, the couple would often tease each other in their videos, and Anna would also test Philip’s memory. “My wife’s memory is really great, not only does she remember where the good food is, she even remembers the prices. She had done all the research for our Penang trip previously, and planned where to bring me around for good food and sightseeing,” the actor said.

Sharing plenty of good food from the pungent fruit durian to local delights like Assam Laksa and Hokkien Mee, Philip added, “During this time when travelling is limited, [the live sessions] allows everyone to indulge their wanderlust!” Netizens have reacted enthusiastically to their live videos, and asked about the restaurants they introduced.

Besides food destinations, Philip and Anna also gave pointers on visiting the famous wall murals in Georgetown, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Anna enthused, “If you haven’t checked in here, you haven’t been to Penang!” Since the popular destination was often packed with cars and tourists, the duo recommended visiting in the evening when the weather was cooler, as an ideal time for taking selfies.

Continuing their side hustle, Philip and Anna are also working on a new travel book introducing Penang’s sights and sounds as well as the diverse local culture.

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