Vincent Wong and Kara Wai Film “Detective Investigation Diaries”

Kara Wai (惠英紅), Vincent Wong (王浩信), Phillip Keung (姜皓文), Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), and Mandy Wong (‎黃智雯) gathered for the blessing ceremony for their new drama Detective Investigation Diaries <刑偵日記>. The drama will be a collaboration between TVB, Youku, and American company Imagine Entertainment. The drama will not be a sequel to The Defected <鐵探>, and TVB hopes to bring a refreshing take on the thriller genre.

Kara and Vincent play challenging roles as mother and son with multiple personalities. Vincent has three personalities and Kara has five to six. Vincent exclaimed, “I’m very excited to work with Kara! I’m giving myself lots of pressure because I want to perform to the best of my abilities. It is always challenging acting as someone with multiple personalities. I need to be able to store away my real personality first.”

This is Kara’s most challenging role to-date as her character often has hallucinations of varying levels and she possesses a different attitude for each of Vincent’s personalities. She joked that she has to ask Vincent each day which son he is. They often have to film scenes where they are arguing hysterically, and Kara had accidentally hit Vincent the other day on the filming set. She feels that this drama is more strenuous than working on an action film.


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  1. MPD, what a refreshing idea to bring into tvb drama. I know kara could pull this off but not sure about VW

    1. @m0m0
      TVB had a drama with Mandy Wong that dealt with MPD, hopefully this one will be good too

  2. Wow they better have a fantastic plot to go along with the cast and their characters’ personalities. Glad to see TVB working with external parties. Can’t always be same old plotless dialogue scenes with no purpose + bbq ending/someone dies in a car accident in the second last episode.

  3. Glad to see Phillip Keung in this one as well. Thought he was the best actor in The Defected.

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