Philip Keung Says His Wife is Wonder Woman

Known to have a hot-blooded personality, actor Philip Keung (姜皓文) revealed he became more gentle after marrying Anna Kam (殷寧). Married for 20 years, Philip is grateful for her presence and contributions to the family.

The Defected <鐵探star describes his wife as Wonder Woman as Anna handles all small and significant matters swiftly without trouble. “My wife is really amazing. She is able to efficiently manage all matters ranging from electric appliances, renovation, investment, and finance. There was a time when a builder didn’t finish his job properly and my wife sorted all the problems out. She is a Wonder Woman and I’m only her assistant at most,” Philip said.

Although they are appreciative of each other, it is impossible to say that they didn’t fight during their two-decade marriage. Both Philip and Anna have hot tempers, so it’s easy to get embroiled in conflicts. Philip normally gives in when arguing with his wife because it’s pointless to win a fight and then lose the family.

The 52-year-old actor’s latest production is crime thriller film A Witness Out Of The Blue <犯罪現場>, where he portrays a police detective and co-star Louis Koo (古天樂) is a fugitive on the run. Currently managed under Louis’s company, Philip shared they are close friends. “Louis is really a good boss, not only does he work hard in managing the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, but he also does charity work to help out the disadvantaged.”

Phillip stated he has no plans for retirement yet, despite many people thinking he planned to retire in his newly bought home in Penang, Malaysia. He said, “It’s hard to talk about the future. Moving to Malaysia is just the first step so far, and I only intended to buy the home as a place to relax. When I feel tired from working in Hong Kong, I will go to Malaysia for a holiday. I’m currently travelling between both cities, but my main workplace is in Hong Kong.”

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