Ben Wong’s Unchanging Relationship with His Wife

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Ben Wong’s Unchanging Relationship with His Wife

TVB drama As Time Goes By <好日子> is currently airing, and it turns out that Ben Wong (黃智賢) and Alice Chan (陳煒) had collaborated 10 years ago and have been friends since. Promoting the drama yesterday, Alice shared that she had actually met Ben’s wife when they were still dating. Alice praised him, “Ben is a really great guy, and he paid for his wife’s overseas tuition.” Ben smiled in response and said that he is grateful for his wife’s continuous support.

Ben has been in the industry for 30 years and to this day he has had zero rumors. He has been with his wife for 29 years and entrusts her with all of his income. Dating his wife for 14 years, they have been married for 15 years. He insists on driving his wife to work every day and uses this time to bond. He also takes initiative to share his schedule with his wife so that she knows where he will be. Anytime that he has vacation, he will take his wife travelling around the world.

“My wife takes care of the household, allowing me to completely focus on acting. She gives me a lot of freedom and support. When I’m busy, she will send me text messages as support and when I finish filming late in the night, she will boil soup for me and prepare herbal tea for me in the morning. She doesn’t watch a lot of television, but she will always watch my dramas.”

How Their Love Started

Ben revealed how he had met his wife while he was working as a waiter in a restaurant. He would look out at her from the kitchen window every day. When it was time for his lunch break, he would go over to ask her to eat with him. They naturally started dating over time.

He shared that they have the same key chain which is a symbol of their love. At the time, his wife noticed that his was very worn out and bought him a new one. This small action allowed him to realize that she was a potential partner for marriage. In 2004, they went on vacation to New Zealand and decided to elope there.

Consensus on Not Having Children

After marriage, they have led a simple, happy life. They both have a mutual understanding that they would not be having children as they feel that their personalities are not suitable as parents. As well, it is a burdensome responsibility and Ben feels no reassurance with Hong Kong’s society and educational system. Instead they have given their love to their two dogs, Cream and Pepper. Ben had originally wanted to own a big dog, but his wife likes smaller dogs so he decided to compromise.

True Soul Mate

As an actor, income is not always stable. There was a time in Ben’s life where he did not have enough jobs and this affected his income. His wife never gave him pressure, but instead encouraged him to learn new things and try new experiences.

However, they have gone through a period where they thought about breaking up, but they were able to overcome this hurdle and grow from the experience. Only over the past ten years have they truly learned how to accept each other’s shortcomings. Neither of them have changed, but because of love they are able to accept each other. Ben believes that you should not try to change the other person, but to learn how to fully accept them because you love her.

Ben often says that he and his wife are one, and no other person is more suitable to accompany on their journey through life.

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