Benny Chan Confirms Wife’s Fourth Pregnancy

Forty-six-year-old Benny Chan (陈浩民) and wife Lisa Jiang (蒋丽莎) have been married for four years and have three adorable children. At a recent event promoting his drama, New Mad Monk <新济公活佛>, Benny announced that Lisa is currently pregnant with a fourth child, with the delivery expected to take place next summer. As for the gender of this new baby, Benny said that he is uncertain yet, but will share the news once he finds out.

Benny’s announcement did not come as a big surprise, as rumors of Lisa’s pregnancy had already started spreading sometime last month, when Lisa uploaded a photograph in which her belly already looked slightly swollen. Sharp-eyed netizens had already started congratulating Lisa on her pregnancy.

Benny spoke excitedly, “I don’t know the gender of my baby but it doesn’t matter. I’ll be happy whether it’s a boy or girl! All I want is for the baby to be healthy!” He added that due to the gender being unknown, they had not yet thought of a name for the baby.

Benny expressed that he and Lisa wanted to have a big family, “We want to have kids while we still can, given our circumstances. We have just moved, and our new house has more room to accommodate our growing family.”

Given his trend of having four children over four years, Benny was asked whether he was planning to have ten kids over ten years. He laughed and said, “The government has already encouraged us to stop at five kids. I’m very obedient!” Benny then added on a more serious note, “It’s actually all up to fate. Let nature take its course.”

With more children comes an increased financial burden. Benny said that he had promised himself to give his children the best lives possible, “We have done the calculations before. It’s not that tough. We’ll definitely not let the kids go hungry. At most, I will just have to film a few more drama series. The most important thing is that our family is able to stay together and is happy.”

Lisa had undergone Caesarean surgery for the previous three births. Would she be going through the same procedure the fourth time round? Benny responded, “We’ll have to see what happens during the delivery.”

As for whether Benny has any secret tips for being so fertile, he said, “We don’t have any secret strategy or take any special tonics. We were probably destined to have these children become a part of our family.” Benny then expressed gratitude towards his wife, “She has had to undergo surgery at least once a year….The last three times, the doctor always operated on the same spot on her stomach so as to minimize scarring. We’ll have to see what the doctor decides this time.”

Lisa, who has been staying at home to rest, responded to reporters’ queries via text message, “This has been the worst case of morning sickness for me!”


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  1. Congratulations!! Their kids are so cute!! Hopefully she will have a safe delivery as csection can get risky after 3 pregnancy.

  2. wow…lol….looks like he’s having a kid every year…. haha

  3. Wow, she’s a birthing machine! Daaaaang. Good for them though if that’s the life they chose. Their kids sure ARE CUTE!

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