Bernice Liu and Alastair Lam Broke Up?

At the end of last year, Oriental Daily newspaper exposed Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) for dumping Moses Chan (陳豪) and dating wealthy second generation, Alastair Lam (林忠豪), whose family fortune was worth billions of dollars. Unfortunately, Bernice has been working busily in mainland China, which caused her relationship with Alastair to lose sparks. “Loser in love” Bernice Liu appeared dispirited while dining with a friend in the Central district.

Allegedly, Alastair was currently hotly pursuing, Jacquelin Chong (莊思敏), who broke up with Deep Ng (吳浩康) earlier. Alastair was spotted attending a gathering with Jacquelin as a couple. Earlier, Jacquelin dined at a Japanese restaurant with Alastair and posted a photo of the meal on her blog, displaying her sweet love state. Asked by the reporter regarding her relationship with Alastair, Jacquelin indicated that she and Alastair were friends for over a decade said, “I don’t know; I have no comment.”

On the other hand, Alastair highly praised Jacquelin. Asked whether he had broken up with Bernice, Alastair said, “We have always been friends.” (Are you in love with Jacquelin Chong?) “We are good friends and have known each other for over a decade.” Asked about going out on a date with Jacquelin, Alastair said, “We did share a meal together. There were other people present.” (Was Bernice Liu present?) “No.” (Does Bernice know that you and Jacqueline had a dining date?) “I don’t know whether Bernice knew or not.” Asked what his impression of Jacquelin was, Alastair praised her, “Of course, she’s great! Otherwise, we would not have remained friends for over a decade! She is very straight-forward, unpretentious, and does not possess any temper.”

Bernice Liu: “It Doesn’t Concern Me”

Bernice Liu and Moses Chan’s relationship dragged on for six years. After leaving Moses for Alastair, Bernice dated Alastair for six months before breaking up. Working in China, Bernice and Alastair were separated frequently. Earlier, Alastair was spotted going out with Kenneth Fok’s (霍啟剛) rumored girlfriend, Zhao Pang (趙彤).

Asked by the reporter  about Alastair and Jacquelin’s dining date, Bernice indicated that she has not been in touch with Alastair for a period of time. “I am uncertain regarding the status of his love life. I don’t wish to discuss other people’s affairs. I am currently not attached to anyone, except for my work.”



Jayne: Based on Bernice’s response and how clearly she drew the boundary with Alastair, perhaps their relationship is indeed over. It appears that Bernice wants to focus on her career in mainland China now and it would be a difficult time to build a new relationship, which would require time commitment.

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  1. I’m glad alaistar and bernice didnt work out, I always feel Alaistar is just like those typical rich playboys who often change gf and I’m glad bernice drew a line with Alaistar.

    1. Maybe Alastair got tired of banging Bernice and moved on to better looking chicks. She’s just another failed-golddigger.

  2. Poor bernice. The tabloids rub in her face the pics of Moses and aimee’s hand feeding (gross!) And this story of fatso alastair dumping her for crazy haircut jacqueline.
    I wouldn’t want to stay in hk either. Maybe she’ll meet a nice guy soon and pull a gigi leung lightning wedding.

    1. I thought it was sweet of Moses and Aimee. And what face rubbing? She dumped Moses, I am sure she is ok with that!

      1. I think she “dumped” him b/c he wouldn’t admit their relationship. It’s like “he’s just not that into you” so u have no choice but leave. If he had the decency to at least give her the title of gf, I don’t think she would be so hurt. As for him and aimee now, ‘no eyes see’ them!

      2. But Moses said nobody dumped nobody and from Bernice’s interview, I think Bernice is more into the love than Moses, so guessing that Moses dumped Bernice.

        Sorry but after the love pix set of MeMo couple out, I blv they are fake with the love more. Lol, an in-love couple and live together but only fed each other kiss on head in front of a curtain, opened and paparazzies out there. At least do something like Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen.

        I will blv only when MeMo get married. If not, I’ll think of them as a couple with benefit forever.

      3. “At least do something like Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen.”

        After the Bosco/Myolie and Vicent/Yoyo fiasco, I think they will have more sense than to do those in front of an open window. Feeding food and kissing on the head are safer actions that can be seen by public without much repercussion.

      4. Because they are doing nothing, why the need to close the window? In fact, they look rather sweet.

      5. @ fox

        “Why dun close the damn curtain”

        Why need to close the window?

        Feeding each other and kissing on the head is nothing. Don’t need to hide.

      6. I feel something is fishy about this whole Moses and Aimee mess. It’s like they’re too open about it but at the same time want to play hide and seek with the media.

      7. Don’t drag Myolie into this. It was more of Bosco’s scandal about himself. Myolie is professional. She keep repeating many times she wants everybody to pay attention to her career and not her private life but those reporters never seem to listen.

      8. i believe bernice. 5 years and still moses didnt want to admit it. n since they broke up in 2008, why did moses played the “hurt victim” role when bernice and alastair’s news came out this year? (or last? i cnt rmb lol).

      9. I can’t believe that Funn believes Moses.
        When bernice and Moses were “together’, he used to say that he’s a very private person and doesn’t want to talk about relationships. But now, I can only think of him as a fake gentleman.

        Maybe the reason he and aimee don’t close the curtains is they want to be seen. After the pics come out, they do a couple’s event like wedding theme. Coincidence much?

      10. haha, there are many “fake gentlemen” indeed more so in showbiz.

        yeah moses fits that bill unless he have learned from his past mistakes, however their relationship is too high profile. im getting sick of them playing cat and mouse in order to seek attention…

      1. Veejay, that I agree but question is compared to ron/ray, does he prefer real big boobies.

      2. Funn,

        At first, I really thought Aimee possess a genuine boobs but numerous ppl here stated they’re fake..(so I’m not sure if Aimee’s ones are genuine or not now)

        Ron and RAy… these two are definitely boobs craze guys hahahaa..women they dated mostly has big boobs, I guess those B cup or A cup won’t be in their “consideration” list. I don’t think they care also even if they’re fake, since to is more important.

      3. Maybe he compensates the loss of Linda with bigger ermm… boobs. Why are we talking about boobs?

      4. @Veejay: I have an source that they dated, for a kinda long while. My source is reliable, hehe.

      5. Maybe he compensates the loss of Linda with bigger ermm… boobs. Why are we talking about boobs?

        Because I started the topic first haha, my bad 😛

        So your source confirmed Linda and Ray dated before once? Well, maybe Funn was right, Ray seeks bigger boobs than Linda’s 33c just to compensate or maybe make her feel that he can get a bigger boobies than her anytime he wants LOL.

      6. bigger boobs as compensation of loss of brain power maybe 🙂

      7. What happen if he dumps her :P? I dun say he dumps her because their relationship seems to end in peace :P. My source dun reveal more than their love so the breakup I only assume :P. Uhm, maybe she is 似是而非. Assume again.

      8. @ Fox

        “@Veejay: But Linda’s is 33C only, if I rmb right.”

        Veejay only said B and A won’t be in his consideration list. C still can.

      9. @Fox:

        Don’t know why but I feel very happy to learn that they have once dated lol! Aww, why didn’t they stay together? Haha never mind lahs, better than never dating at all! 😛

      10. haha totally random but i once saw this video which was rather popular back them and linda was only a B, hence the netizens were making fun of her compared to fala’s C lol

  3. contrary to all the bad press, i strongly believe that bernice has always been misunderstood

  4. Bernice and Sonija’s fate seem to be similar to me. Both dated an actor, then have a lot of love rumours. Hope Bernice will have a happy ending with a China guy like Sonija. Congrats Sonija’s wedding.

      1. European is also good. Any man better than Moses is a compensate to her life.

      2. @ Fox: Yea hopefully Bernice will find the right man. Moses and this alledged ex Alastair = BAD choices. She can do better. I think she’ll communicate better with ABCs/CBCs though, or even a ‘European’. Go down Gigi Leung and Karen Mok’s route? 🙂

      3. so agree!!!
        anyone is better den moses!!
        dun like him since i read the interview where bernice speak out her heart :'(
        6 years in the dark!! and lol!! while bernice was wrongly stabbed by the press n he is potrayed be the good person!
        and now with aimee… ==….

  5. moses loves big sh*ts. first bernice then “ma lui min”.

  6. Alastair seems like a Casanova (despite the non-James bond figure *gulp* I feel bad cause I’m plus size too *don’t judge*), courting two ladies (Jacquelin Chong and Zhao Pang) at one go, my goodness! :O

    1. the power of money can make most women fall for a guy even a fatty one. not surprised at all…

  7. I thought Bernice has accepted a hosting position in NowTV, didn’t she?

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