Bernice Liu Dampened by Moses Chan’s Wedding?

With Moses Chan (陳豪) and Aimee Chan’s (陳茵媺) marriage last week and the news of Aimee’s pregnancy in the air, many people gave their blessings while the happy couple were both in high spirits. However, it seems as though not everyone is thrilled about the recent events as reporters uncover that ex-flame, Bernice Liu’s (廖碧兒) mood has been down ever since the wedding announcement.

On the set of her new drama, Lucky Treasure <吉祥天寶>, she was seen constantly checking her phone on her break as if waiting for a call. Bernice also frequently skipped her meals. Perhaps her lack of appetite is due to the bad weather and all night filming, but many pointed out that her unenthusiastic demeanor was because she felt regretful in giving up her relationship with Moses. Bernice denied the rumors and stated that both she and Moses have different goals and ambitions.

When asked about her refusal to eat after hearing about the wedding, Bernice smiled and clarified, “Wow, thank you for helping me stay popular with the gossip! I do eat and I usually order takeout too, but the weather’s really hot and humid so it slightly affects my appetite.” Bernice also implied that simply sending blessings is enough and there is no need for her to attend their celebratory dinner.

Bernice Wears Lucky Bracelet

Bernice’s love life has not been smooth ever since her breakup with Moses, thus she turned to rather traditional methods in hopes of finding Mr. Right. Earlier, she was photographed wearing a tri-colored bracelet that is said to be lucky as well as helping her with her love, wealth, and career.

Aimee is Having a Baby Girl

It was finally revealed that Aimee is three months pregnant and will be giving birth in January. It is still uncertain where Aimee will have her baby but the paparazzi speculates that the pair has chosen North York General Hospital in Toronto with the same doctor that delivered Isabella Leong’s (梁洛施) baby.

Regarding the rumors, Moses responded, “What? I’ve never even heard of this doctor! How about you guys introduce him to me instead?” An insider said that the baby’s gender is a girl and that Aimee’s in-laws even want her to have a second child in future.

Video News Coverage

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  1. She look a bit down. Hope she find her happiness soon.

  2. why can’t they stop bothering bernice! what more media want from her? she already nice and sporting enough to wish them well!

    1. yeah, but in order to not forget bernice from the entertainment industry, we kinda need these rumours to support her

  3. Wow, her mandarin is really good. I didn’t think she would pick it up so fluently after going to mainland for a few years. Is cantonese her mother tongue or mandarin aside from english?

    1. She has been working in the mainland for awhile now, so she should know it pretty well. It depends on the person and how well they want to learn the target language. I remember Pauline Yeung(MS.HK 1987 and former TVB actress) studied in England for only 2 years and she can speak English very well even better than how Bernice can speak Mandarin.

  4. but she does look pretty especially her hair.. so nice.. ^^

  5. I think it is kind of normal to find down when an ex gets married, especially if you are still single. I feel it is “ke xi” for Moses and Bernice because I liked them as a couple. Maybe they will have fate in the next life. Wish her the best!

    1. Meant to say “feel” down… Gosh I need the edit button!!

  6. Wait! 3 months and you already know the gender?

    1. Which is why I wonder if it is more than 3 months.

    2. Not very accurate at 3 months. Whoever that insider is is probably relying on Chinese wives tales: shape of the belly, mothers complexion, etc. The only insider you should believe is inside Aimee Chan, herself.

  7. Personally, i think Bernice is much cuter/prettier than Aimee … and she can do much better than Moses. Nothing against Moses, but when i think he’s full of you know what, not to mention arrogrant

    1. Yes same here! Bernice is so much sexier and prettier. I still think Moses and Bernice looks really nice together. They have ‘ foo chai serng’

      I don’t think Aimee and Moses looked good together in any way.

  8. i dont think Bernice is hampered by such news. Both of them have broken up long before Moses met Aimee.

    Seems like not that Bernice could not get over the new/break-ups bt rather, it is the press that couldnt get over with it. To the paparazi, the incident is so passe. Pls move on.

  9. Please leave Bernice alone! Clearly she’s moved on and so sohave Moses.

  10. Can’t leave Bernice out of it huh? Next, we’ll read about how she feels about Aimee giving birth. Gosh, papas nowadays.

  11. wow, I remember learning about emotional roadkill when I was three years old – THIS is why HK stars should not publicize their relationships! Just DENY ’em – even if you are actually married.

    even if you didn’t do anything, you are the subject of publicity.

    look at how far back the relationships are interrogated when Yee Meen finally married – that’s BAD.

  12. Oh please!  Stupid media please leave Bernice alone!  Isn’t it enough that netizens mocked her earlier online and said how pitiful it was that the guys she used to date have all found new loves?  All she did was send blessings to Moses and Aimee – since when has that become a ‘sin’ worthy of ridicule? 
    Like I said earlier, I find it sad that when artists give their blessings to ex-lovers or ex-love rivals, it’s always viewed in a negative light.  It’s almost like the Media can’t accept the fact that certain celebrity couples break up and find the need to ‘punish’ them by constantly bringing up the other party and stirring the pot.  I’m not surprised that so many celebrities choose not to reveal their relationships – the more high profile the relationship is/was, the more cruel the Media and general public will be when that relationship doesn’t pan out.   Sad! 

    1. mm hmm and the reporters would respect you more if you tell them off in no uncertain terms – anyway, look at Tilda Swinton – who won’t even wear lipstick on the red carpet unless someone pays her to share her prettiness with the public – they’re not paying you for your private life, so you don
      t have to answer pap questions – it’s very simple.

      1. Hi Cleo, 🙂

        This is totally off topic but Tilda Swinton for Chanel is just absolutely gorgeous. They could not have picked any better. I’m in awe.

      2. thanks for pointing out Tilda Swinton new revenue stream – I feel like the styling and the clothes are wasting her potential – she deserves better and more intensity as they say in “Lost in Translation” – hahaha.

        and what is up with Coco Chanel – does she deserve a boycott for Nazism but then why is one of the characters on Princesses Long Island named “Chanel aka Coco”???

        I’m in the dark.

      3. Hi Cleo, 🙂
        Lol yea the clothes were supposed to be Scottish influenced or something, I thought they were kind of odd looking, not couture odd, but more like the chinese hopping vampire (jiang shi) kind of odd, to me at least. Lol.

        You are right about her deserving better and more intensity lol, absolutely loved the part where Bill Murrays just sits there while the girls were blasting in the karaoke place in Lost in Translation.

        Hmm about Coco Chanel, I would think that since there were no successful court cases against her regarding being a Nazi agent, people choose to forget her ‘deeds’ hence we still got characters named after her. Or maybe the character in Princesses is opportunistic hence the name? Seems that the book about Coco’s Nazi secrets portrays her to be so 🙂

    2. Absolutely agree with you llwy12.

      Bernice and Moses obviously moved on, don’t know why the tabloids can’t get a moving.

  13. it’s st michael’s hospital not north york general….

  14. Everyone blames the media for this, but you have to ask yourself “why is the media doing this?”


    Because people in Hong Kong buy up their newspapers to read the stories, watch the gossip shows listen to the radio boosting their ratings, tune in to their youtube channel feeding them hits and money. In the end, it’s the demand for this type of news that drives the media to ask such questions.

    If nobody truly cared about it, and everyone stopped buying gossip magazines etc… tomorrow, and instead decided they only wanted to read / buy stories about birds, you can rest assured that the media would be out in force taking pictures of any bird they could find.

    1. **NOTE – I said people in Hong Kong because we are specifically referencing the media talking to Bernice here… the same principle extends to all media around the world as well (eg – World News)

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