Bernice Liu is Better Than Ever After Leaving TVB

So how has life been after TVB? “Normal and fantastic,” exclaimed Bernice Liu (廖碧兒).

Bernice received widespread attention after winning the Miss Chinese International crown in 2001. She became Hong Kong’s new sweetheart after gaining fame for her portrayal as “Princess Sum Tim” in the long-running TVB sitcom, Virtues of Harmony <皆大歡喜>, a role she is still best known for today.

The 34-year-old Canadian-born actress is very aware that her road to stardom had not been as difficult as others. It is hard to come upon a debut role that will win the hearts of millions, and it is just as hard to maintain that healthy, strong, and profitable image for the next decade. Bernice knew she had been very lucky, and she is very thankful.

This does not mean that Bernice does not work hard or is not talented. She had attended the University of British Columbia. She had four years of professional ballet, jazz, and tap dancing lessons. She can speak French. She is a wine connoisseur.

Born and raised in Canada her entire life, Bernice did not master Cantonese until after joining TVB. She has gone from being Chinese illiterate to being able to read aloud simple Chinese scripts in a few years. She does not have a background in Mandarin, yet she is now able to hold an entire Mandarin-language interview by herself without an interpreter, after taking just two years of lessons. Bernice knew next to nothing about alcohol, but now she is a licensed wine taster, and with her own wine-making chateau that ferments the drink in the United States and France. She has since won two international awards for her wine business.

Yes, many things have changed since Bernice joined the industry eleven years ago.

Rock Bottom

Bernice hit the lowest point of her career after her relationship with Moses Chan (陳豪) was exposed in early 2011, which was followed by a very bad, public, but false breakup. Moses and Bernice began dating after filming Love Bond <心花放> in 2005. Bernice revealed that they actually broke up in 2008, but because their onscreen partnership had been very popular, they continued to work together as a couple.

Moses never announced to the public that Bernice was his girlfriend in the years they were together, but he was very public about pursuing Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), and succeeding in the end, in 2012. What happened? Why was Bernice neglected, while Aimee was cherished? “I don’t have any feelings for this person anymore,” said Bernice when she was asked about Moses.

Truthfully, Aimee and Bernice share many things in common. It is arguably valid to claim that Aimee is Bernice’s “successor” in TVB – Aimee is from Canada, a beauty pageant titleholder, and also dated Moses. Like Bernice four years ago, Aimee and Moses often team up together as partners to attend promotional events and functions. She is walking Bernice’s road. She has stolen Bernice’s road.

“We all have our own style. I’ve never worked with [Aimee] before, but I give her my blessings.”

Bernice hit rock bottom again after she was caught on a date with rich heir, Alastair Lam (林忠豪). Branded as a gold digger and claimed as cheating on Moses, Bernice did not know if she would be able to pull herself up again.

But Bernice understands. After you hit rock bottom, the next destination is only up. “I am still young. If I eat salted fish, I must put up with the thirst. I’ve already experienced [the low point] of my life, so I should move on. In the past two years, I worked in mainland China. Everyone said that I should start all over again and that I should learn Mandarin. My Chinese skills are better now, so picking up Mandarin was easier. I actually really enjoy that learning process. It is as if it were eleven years ago all over again, when I first came to Hong Kong from Canada to start my career. At the time, I was scared that this was a scam, because none of my parents have been in the business before. This circle is a complicated one, but after going through so much, and experiencing so much in the past years, I think I’ve only started my career now.

“I was young. At the time, everything was just for fun. Now, it’s different. I choose this to be my career. I know what it takes to be a public figure, and I know the responsibilities I have.”

After TVB

Without having to face the pressure of TVB’s limits, Bernice is now a free spirit. She has filmed several mainland Chinese dramas. She has worked with Hong Kong’s Now TV, Cable TV, Phoenix TV, and has filmed a musical drama, Fantasy Love Song 201314 <童話戀曲201314>, with William So (蘇永康) for TVB’s upcoming rival, HKTV.

“I really want to thank TVB. Without them, the Bernice Liu today would not exist. I really like the company I am working with now. There are no exploitations. I get to chase for my own dreams. What’s even better is that I get to know others who have the same dream as me, and we all get along really well. I am happy, very happy.”

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  1. bernice looks more glowing and happier and face also omore curvy & sexy (by natural ageing process)… she will be successful in mainland soon

  2. Probably better for her to leave. After her role as the Princess, she honestly wasn’t popular anymore. Her acting needs some adjustment, but still good compared to others. GL in whatever you pursue. You have no use for TVB anymore.

  3. Great to know that Bernice is doing well and good luck to her!! Her story really inspired me and hope that it will inspire many others.

  4. Bernice has always been one of my favourites so I’m glad she’s having a better life outside of TVB.

  5. Bernice really is a good-role model for her “sunshine-happy” infectious smile that always pleasant & not pretentious. Her determination in learning fast & never give-up attitude during her most darkest moment (waist operation in hospital) & breakup event that happen same time & everyone bashing her for hurting Moses (yet we know who hurt who then)…Bernice rise up

  6. I’m not sure if she did ps, cause her face looks slimmer. But looking great. Wish I can look this great with exercise. Does exercise actually help slimmer faces? I’m glad she is doing well and over the fiasco with Moses.

    1. Maybe lose baby fat, I have some too so what’s her secret? More actors feel happier leaving tvb, maybe they do treat others like crap except their first line actors.

  7. Good for Bernice! I’m glad that she has moved on to greener pastures since the whole Moses thing. She definitely got the short end of that whole mess and to see her happy with where she is in her life … great!! All the best to Bernice!

  8. Good for her!
    She used to be one of my favourites @ TVB…. i was quite disgusted by how she was treated after the breakup incident went public.

    Glad to see the phoenix rising up from the ashes again 🙂

  9. Glad to see her glowing again! And btw, Aimee is never the successor of Bernice in terms of look please! Aimee the most also, just cute. While Bernice is always giving the sexy babe look!

  10. Dang, TVB was that bad to there employee. Is it becuz they don’t have money or cheap?? Everyone seem I be so happy after they leave TVB. They better start treating ppl with respect and pay them reasonable salary.

    Mary Hon is in every tv series.

    KK Cheung’s wife in Missing You, seriously, she old enuff to be his mom.

    I’m glad to see different faces in Inbound Troubles.

    1. Old enough to be his mom? They only have a 3 year age difference.

      1. sigh I don’t really care about the same actors but the most important is how they can acted.

      2. Yeah, their age difference is only 3 years. But females tend to age quicker than males. I think Susan Tse also looks older than her actual age.

      3. In fact, Mary Hon is only 2 years and 4 months older than K. K. Cheung, as per Wikipedia.

    2. Hahaha I didn’t know that she was around the same age as KK Cheung. Well, all her partner were old, like Wu Fung and her husband in rosey business. I thought she was around the same age like them

    3. Don’t be silly. Maybe old enough to be elder sister but defo not mother.

  11. Bernice looks great now with slimmer face and more curvy body!!

  12. So happy for Bernice. Grew up watching her in Virtues of Harmony. My family still refers to her as princess. Can’t wait to see her HKTV series.

    1. I grew up watching her in VOH too! My mum and I also refer to her as princess. Haha

  13. Bernice always look like some gwai mui zombie.

    She can’t act, she is just lucky. This article must be written by her fan, i is filled with rosy, overly compliments all the way from start to finish.

    And even claim Aimee is a copy cat.

    At HKTV, even Maggie Cheung does not want her to be in the same line-up after the station recruited her, together with many others more famous artistes.

    Moses did one of the wisest thing in his life when he dumped her. Aimee is a trillion times better.

      1. Bernice’s acting is just so so, not great but a lot better than the acting of Christine Kuo, Eliza Sam and Rebecca Zhu.

        Personally I think Bernice’s acting is more or less the same as Aimee’s.

        I am not a fan of either Bernice Liu or Aimee Chan, but I think Aimee a happier person and is easier to please.

        Both of them are pretty, but Bernice is sexier.

      2. Bernice Liu got her popularity through Moses Chan, same as Aimee Chan. Too bad ….. TVB needed to keep Moses and, as a result, promoted his partners as well.

      3. Bernice got her popularity through Moses? Uhh…no. TVB was already promoting Bernice since her debut. By partnering up with Moses, it increased her income because of couple appearances.

      4. Both Bernice’s acting and looks, in my opinion, are a lot better than Aimee’s. And Bernice didn’t get her popularity through Moses. She was already popular since VOH.

      5. Bernice Liu got her popularity through Moses Chan

        Sorry but it isn’t true. Bernice got her popularity before she dated Moses and ever. You may don’t know but Bernice and Hawick’s love story was also noisy.

        Eliza Sam has not bad acting for a newcomer. She can act and she acts better than any of the current top 5 fadans of Txb when they first start. I blv even Rebecca Zhu can pass them in their first start.

    1. bernice does not need to “curry-flavor” or “shoe-polish” to get to the top… though we r not really her fans, yet her humility, always infectious smile, good character already won over the haters to like her…she is not top TVB fadan yet managed to clinch the title of Top Earning artists for 2 years and Advertiser’s favourite (which she never really depend on moses for promotion).. Bernice will be back !!!!

    2. Bernice can act. She deserves much success, wish her the best. Aimee cannot hold a candle to Bernice.

  14. I’m not a fan of Bernice, nor Aimee. But I dislike Aimee Chan more LOL 😛

    Bernice does look great in the above pic though.

  15. I think she is the only person who left TVB and not bad mouth them and acknowledge that TVB did put her in the spot light and gave her opportunity. Whether she really mean it or not, only she will know but at this she’s not saying it in public. Now I like her more.

  16. I’m so delighted to hear that Bernice is doing well and enjoying her life now. She went through a really rough period and was able to pick herself back up…a true warrior indeed. Good luck Bernice!

  17. Bernice is a survivor and more. When she left TVB she was really in the dumps, her career seemingly at an end, her reputation was at stake but the greatest hurt was when Moses did not defend her when she needed his help at that time. However, she not only managed by sheer guts to ride over her problems but has gone on to greater things, in her acting career and wine business. Besides, she looks even more gorgeous now and is very, very happy as she herself declared to be. All good wishes to Bernice.

  18. I think she has been redeemed ever since Grandpa Moses over-reached with his antics in his current love life and in his professional life.

    As for her story with her old employer, I am shocked that TVB would use their employee like a paper napkin. LOL!!

  19. I really admire Bernice’s strength! She learned Cantonese & Mandarin well. I remembered that she couldn’t read Chinese, but she mastered. Christine Kuo could learn from Bernice. Christine’s Cantonese is so bad that I can’t even understand 50% from what she says! Ruined every scene of her in Ghetto Justice 2 for me 🙁

    1. Yeah, you know what, Christine really has no excuse to suck so badly in Cantonese. If she really wanted to, she can improve. Look at all the other ABCs, their Cantonese isn’t as bad as Christine’s. I can’t stand her Cantonese, and I’m sure it impairs her acting skills as well.

      1. Maybe she should have her voice subbed like they did to Liu Xuan in Grace Under Fire

      2. I think Bernice Liu is from a Cantonese-speaking family while Christine Kuo’s parents were Taiwanese (Mandarin-speaking). It would be easier for Bernice Liu to learn to speak Cantonese than Christine Kuo. Moreover, Bernice seems to be a smarter person than Christine in all respects ….. language, acting, personality, and day-to-day conversations.

      3. But Bernice still has an accent. Christine should consider going to China.

      4. Christine Kuo can also go to Taiwan as her parents are Taiwanese. She speaks the language and has some kind of popularity in Hong Kong, plus a pretty face and a nice body.

  20. Bernice was never a great actress and never seem to improve. However, she is very cute and has charisma. That coupled with her fan base–she could probably go further than most.

  21. Aimee in comparison with Bernice? Oh , please! Bernice is way way better. Aimee is often just over-exaggerated in her acting and personal life.Plus, Aimee just doesn’t have that appeal.

    1. Bernice looks great, glamarous classy.
      Aimee can never come across as classy. Moses can see what he is missing out on.

  22. Not a fan of hers, but not a hater. Definitely miss her on screen, and more than elated to see her shining on her own. Her actions, post-moses breakup, reminds me of Michelle Ye, “Thank you TVB for giving me some spotlight, but I want to do my own things now.”

  23. Bernice is gorgeous. She has a great body.I like Bernice way more than Moses Chan. And just leave Aimee alone. Why peeps have to blame the new girlfriend for what happened. Blame Moses Chan!!!!!!

  24. compare to Aimee I think Bernice is way better, Bernice has the look, she has sexy image which I couldn’t see it in Aimee. her acting is good as well, Aimee acting kind of annoying sometimes, I’m not Aimee hater but find her not interesting.

  25. i have the same jaw line like bernice and when i lost 20 lbs it did not shrink. i am sure she did something to her jaw bones

    1. I think so, too. Personally I think Bernice’s old jaw bones gave her some special characteristics as pretty Bernice, and now she is just a regular pretty actress. She was sweeter before she had her face slimmed.

  26. Very happy to see Bernice looking healthier, prettier, and happier now. She has my respect and she deserves everything that she has now, if not more.

  27. Is it just me or she reminds of what Eliza Sam is gonna go thru during her career.. They both have a lot in common.. Both are MCI winners, Bernice Cantonese wasn’t good at first like Eliza, both came from Canada, both became popular after their first drama, they both smile a lot and always happy.

    1. Though true about Eliza and Bernice, the big difference is that Eliza has a better understanding of what she is getting in to with TVB than Bernice did when she first joined. I know a huge segment want her to fail but the reality is TVB plans to push her to the top like they did with Linda.

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