BL Drama “Dark Blue and Moonlight” Costars’ First Scene Was the Bed

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BL Drama “Dark Blue and Moonlight” Costars’ First Scene Was the Bed

Rising stars Aric Chen (陳彥名) and Tom Wang (王庭勻) are turning heads in the world of fandom, thanks to popular BL hit Dark Blue and Moonlight <深藍與月光> which aired last year. Earlier this week, the costars were invited to an event to promote the American romantic comedy-drama Love, Simon, a story about a closeted teenage boy who is struggling to come out to his family and friends.

Aric and Tom were welcomed by passionate cheers from the audience, and the boys did a lot of fan service to keep their fans entertained. Aric shared that his first scene with Tom was a bed scene, saying, “It was very hot that day, and both of us were sweating a lot. I remember you sweat falling into my eyes, and you held onto my hand as you helped me wipe the sweat out of my eyes. It really touched me then. No one has ever done that to me before. After we finished filming, I wondered if our relationship would just stop there.”

Aric then boldly professed his love for Tom, saying, “I just want to say, that I really like you. Can you accept me?” Amidst the cheers of the audience, Tom said, “That opportunity completely slipped passed us. When we were still filming together, we fooled around a lot, and you had such a sunny smile. I actually really like you too.” The MC then congratulated the onscreen couple on their new relationship.

The Dark Blue and Moonlight costars encouraged their fans to be more open to their feelings and be bold about expressing their own thoughts. They invited a gay couple to the stage to confess their feelings, and they also exchanged a kiss.

Singer Jess Lee (李佳薇), best known for her debut single “Suffering” <煎熬>, performed “You are Mines” <你是我的>, the Chinese theme song for Love, Simon.

Love, Simon premieres in Taiwan on May 4, 2018.


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BL Drama “Dark Blue and Moonlight” Costars’ First Scene Was the Bed

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      I think the Crossing the Line actors would have been great for promotion too.

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        @june Exactly. Both Crossing the Line and Right or Wrong are bigger hits than DB&ML.

        Those two series had a big fan meeting on 4/14 — Dear @jayne or @addy , love to see you include some coverage of that! Relying on Google Translate means I’ve read some pretty strange descriptions of that event.

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