Bob Lam at Risk for Laryngeal Cancer

Bob Lam’s (林盛斌) popularity rose after starring in this year’s Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>. The New Banana Club (新香蕉俱樂部) member, who joined TVB in 2012, was offered numerous jobs to host weddings, banquets, radio shows, and television programs, pushing his annual income up to as high as $10 million HKD and more. However, the 34-year-old has been overworked to the point of extreme fatigue, and Bob also revealed that he is currently at risk for developing laryngeal cancer – a tumor in his vocal chords.

“It’s true. My vocal chords aren’t well,” said Bob.

Bob, who works 18 hours every day all week, was recently seen queuing up with his eldest daughter for a primary school interview.  After his daughter entered the school offices, Bob pulled out a cigarette and smoked, looking extremely exhausted and tired. When the interview was over, Bob took his family to a nearby fast-food restaurant for lunch. Bob was seen taking some pills after his wife left home with their two daughters. A few hours later, Bob left his home for a schedule that took place in Ocean Park.

In a brief interview the next day, Bob admitted that he has not been feeling well, saying, “I may have strained my voice too much, so there is a problem with my vocal chords!” Asked if it was due to a tumor, Bob said, “A tumor isn’t considered a big deal. My doctor said that it’s because I’ve inappropriately used my vocals. I also smoke a lot, so that also strained my vocal chords. I have symptoms of the early stages of laryngeal cancer.”

Bob reassured that he is currently taking medication and is learning how to use his vocals the proper way. “I’ve been feeling a lot better and I think I just need one more check-up. I’m also not smoking as often anymore, but quitting is a long process, so please give me some time!”

Though Bob admitted that his heavy workload may have played a factor in his current situation, he has no plans to reduce his work. “Honestly, I’ve thought about it, but that’s it. I have a family to take care of! There are tons of talents out there who are more than capable of taking my job. It’s not like they wouldn’t  function without me, that’s why I am trying to take up as many jobs as I can. However, after this incident, I’ve learned to give myself some more rest. Money is important, but health is even more important! No point of earning all that money without a life!”

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  1. I hope he stops smoking since that would be a big contributing factor to getting cancer!

    Anyways, Bob and his daughter were so cute on “Where Are We Going, Dad?”!

    1. So the guy knows he is at risk of Laryngel Cancer and he choses to keep smoking…

      Wise move, grasshopper!

  2. Money is important, but health is even more important! No point of earning all that money without a life!”

    Wise words, Bob. Reminds me of that actress who decided to forgo cancer(?) treatment in order to work and feed her family. Poor girl.

    1. You mean Vionn Song. Yea,her case was so sad and being the breadwinner in the family is not easy.

  3. If he has early laryngeal cancer, he needs at least radiation, and not just rest! If it’s delayed, it would end up involving chemotherapy and surgery to remove parts of the mouth, perhaps the back of the throat or part of the tongue. And he needs to quit smoking.

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