Jackson Wang Films for Carol Cheng’s Variety Show, “Do Did Eat”

Korean boyband GOT7‘s Jackson Wang (王嘉爾) has been very active in Hong Kong lately. Earlier he surprised Sammi Cheng’s (鄭秀文) fans as a special guest at her concert. Afterwards, he was a guest on Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲), Maria Tang (麻利亞), Alton Yu’s (余迪偉) radio show When I was Young I Listen to the Radio <口水多過浪花>. Then on July 29, he attended the unveiling of his wax figure at Hong Kong’s Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Afterwards he immediately rushed off to film for Carol and FAMA’s (農夫) variety show Do Did Eat (Do姐有問題)!

It turns out Jackson was the one that requested to be a guest on the show. When Carol heard the news, she was so shocked that she spit out her rice! In previous interviews, Jackson had always shared his wish to film TVB dramas. Now that he is able to film a variety show, it is a step towards fulfilling his dream!

Carol shared a clip of her filming experience with Jackson on Instagram. Jackson is seen greeting Dodo with a hug and bowing and shaking hands with FAMA. He also rapped a little bit of FAMA’s song “Kidult” <返老頑童> and also said that he has watched their new dramas. Stephen Kwan (鄭詩君) and Billy Luk (陸永權) were extremely happy and commented that they understand why Dodo likes him so much.

Another guest on the show that night was Bob Lam (林盛斌). He originally had a an overseas commitment, but came back to Hong Kong just to film the show as Jackson had requested that he be one of the guests. Bob revealed that Jackson and his paths have crossed before, “Fourteen years ago, a young boy called into my radio show and he said that when he grew up he wanted to be a singer. I was very straightforward and asked him if his family had money. If so, then he should go for it. Turns out he thought I was referring to rice so he said yes…[Rice is also slang for money in Cantonese]. Now that his dreams have come true, I am excited for him and will be rooting for his success!”

Jackson indicated that he was the number one fan of Bob’s old radio show Club de Banana <新香蕉俱樂部>, which filled his childhood memories. He also shared that Bob ignited the fire behind his dream to become a singer.

After filming, Carol praised Jackson on Instagram indicating that he was very popular and loved. “The show had a great, happy atmosphere today. This episode was a must watch!” Jackson replied in the comments with, “Always blessed!!!”

Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. First time heard his voice… i like! Deep and has depth. Only if his face less feminine, but it’s expected/loved, the mold of K-pops. He seems like a genuine gentleman. Notice how he doesn’t “tau sui” with his arm behind dodo back but not really touching her. Best of luck in HK, mate!

    I find the “little fresh meat” offensive. The interview girl needs to work on her skills, her laughs are loud and annoying.

      1. @orchid123 Jackson reminds me of a young Aaron Kwok, especially the hairstyle. Jackson’s features are not especially feminine, but he tends to wear too much makeup and bright lipstick.

        His genuine personality is very likable and he is great in making others at ease. In the beginning of the clip, Fama said a few times that they felt transparent since a big star such as Jackson was on the show. You can see Jackson watching Fama’s response intently, and finally he said he has watched Billy Luk’s scenes in “My Commissioned Lover”, which immediately brightened up Fama’s mood.

        I’ve watched his Mainland Chinese variety shows and his sense of humor really adds to the lively atmosphere. It’s a matter of time before Jackson makes a film debut; his increased appearances in HK may signify interest in working with a HK director.

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