Bosco Wong Had Plans to Marry Myolie Wu in 3 Years

Not only is the world unprepared with Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Myolie Wu’s (胡杏兒) heartbreaking split, but Bosco himself seemed to be surprised as well. Just two months ago, Bosco confidently announced to the media that he was in a stable relationship with Myolie. He also hinted that he had already proposed to her, and that he would use 3 years’ time to save enough money to marry her! Who knew that their relationship would end this way?

Bosco Spoke of Marriage in May 2012

In May 2012, rumors of Myolie’s mainland Chinese costar, Yu Bo (於波), trying to woo Myolie were widely circulating on the Internet. Myolie clarified that she and Yu Bo were simply colleagues, and that the rumors only started when Yu Bo publicly praised her online.

In an interview during the after party of good friend, Tang Chi Wai’s (鄧智偉) Hong Kong Coliseum concert, Bosco said he believed in Myolie, and unless Yu Bo launched his pursuit on her, he should not be worried. He also added that he would go to Shanghai a few days later to film his upcoming mainland drama, and that he would use his free time to visit Myolie, who was busy filming La Ma Qiao Ba <辣媽俏爸> in China.

Asked if he was afraid that Myolie would turn into another Shirley Yeung (楊思琦), who harshly broke up with her longtime boyfriend, Gregory Lee (李永豪) last year, Bosco assured, “Nope! No problem! I have confidence. Myolie and I have known each other for a long time. We’ve been dating for about seven to eight years! After I save more money, I will marry her and buy her a luxurious mansion. Just give me three years!”

Suggesting to Bosco that he should buy Myolie a diamond ring and propose to her, Bosco said, “Who said I did not buy her one?”

Bosco Threw Away Relationship?

After Bosco announced that he broke up with Myolie on July 24th, the media was not able to contact him for further comment. In his radio interview, Bosco admitted that he regarded Myolie Wu as a wonderful woman and life partner, yet he was unable to change her mind about the breakup to reconcile their relationship.

Although Bosco was bombarded with infidelity rumors, TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) and good friend, Tang Chi Wai publicly expressed their support of Bosco. They told the media that Bosco is currently waiting for Myolie, and he that he will continue to protect her as long as he can.


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  1. Just stick with your principle Myolie, once a man goes big boobies, he will never go back to small or medium ones.

    1. LMFAO.

      I hope this ain’t all a act with Bosco being depressed and whatnot. Too bad he let ‘little bosco’ get the best of him. I feel like the story will be unveiled within a few days.

    2. Liu Yan is fake. Bosco must regret now that he sacrificed Myokie for the mainland plastic doll Liu Yan

      1. Unfortunetely guys won’t realize this because they never think with “correct” head!

      2. He most likely didn’t think he would be caught at all or think that Myolie will let him easily off. Too bad after visiting the mountain he finally met the tiger, LOL

        Don’t think it was a once time mistake influenced by alcohol now.

    3. Yeah! Who doesn’t like big boobss? If a big beautiful boobie comes to a married man whose wife is a small old boobie, do you think he’d have any chance to attempt to save his current marriage?

  2. I don’t believe Bosco. Myolie’s interview hurt me. I will not support Bosco in any form anyway from now on.

    1. Yah..after the breakup, I finally understand why Myolie said that at the award presentation few mths back.. she was hinting at Bosco to stop all his flirtious party craze hobbies before it’s too late!

      1. True, from the announcement & Bosco’s attitude I knew the RS won’t last, seems Myolie was ready to commit but not Bosco. Smart girl Myolie, get out b4 she gets hurt too much.

    2. Idk why you care so much. I’m a fan of both, but mainly because of their acting skills- I saw how their acting progressed within the last decade and it would be pointless to stop supporting someone because of their personal life, which we all should read with a pinch of salt and not let it affect us so much. I feel sad seeing Myolie showing obvious signs of distress too, but I hope she stays strong.

      1. When you support someone, you want their character to be good too. Like why do people support linda, she seems like a good girl, filial, pure. If news come out that Linda sleeps around with many guys, and is a party animal, chain smoker, how many of us will feel disappointed? Like it’s all a fake image set up by the company.

        Bosco, through out his relationship with Myolie, gave us all a steadfast, good guy image, being able to stick together for so many years. Now, if Myolie breaks up with his because of his philandering ways, many people will stop supporting him.

      2. I actually just started getting used to Linda in leading roles. When she first started off, I couldn’t stand her acting but I won’t deny and say that she didn’t improve because she did. She’s now just ‘bearable’ on my list. Point is, to not support an artist because of their personal life is dumb. It’s the entertainment industry for godsake, and they are still humans, they do make errors. Some of you people act like it’s the first time you heard of an actor cheating.

        I will say, that if he did cheat on Myolie, then he doesn’t deserve her. But that doesn’t mean I’ll boycott all the dramas he’s in from now on and not watch them.

      3. Fact is, I stop supporting those actors who cheat when they are found out! It’s really disillusioning. You know, like Gallen Lo, whose wife is quite homely looking, but has been supporting him through out, yet he went to ditch her for a mainland actress.
        Heartless and cruel people do not deserve my support!!!

      4. Fact is, he will always be a superb actor, regardless of his personal life.

      5. Is Bosco’s acting that superb? Or are you talking about Gallen?
        No doubt, Gallen’s acting is good, but so are many others. Why don’t I support someone like Bobby Au Yeung, Wayne Lai or Roger Kwok, who have both good character and good acting? There are so many choices out there. Just because someone is good at acting, doesn’t mean crap.


      6. I was talking about Gallen. And LOL @ you. Lady, you act like these people are doing YOU wrong. You seriously need to lighten up and learn how to appreciate the artists based on the hard work they put into their profession. Their personal life is merely just something we’re allowed to dabble at and gossip about. At the end of the day, it really has nothing to do with us.

        For example, if you found out that your family doctor cheated on his wife, will you stop going to him? Does it make him any less of a doctor? Kapeesh?

      7. @Vi
        Many young people treat the stars as their idols or someone they look up to. Do you want them to learn from good examples, or bad ones?

        If I find out that my family doctor is a cheat, YES I will stop going to him. You know why? My family doctor is my neighbour, he has 4 kids around my age, his wife is also a doctor who gave up her career for the kids. I know the family for about 20 years, since we kids played together in the pool. If he is so heartless as to ditch his family, he is no longer someone I look up to, and really, I don’t want his cheating hands touching my body.

      8. You act like we ourselves are in the centre of the world, and no one else matter. Just because someone doesn’t hurt you personally, but he hurt someone else? Like the suicide bombers didn’t do me any wrong personally when they crashed into the twin towers, but am I not able to express my personal disgust of their acts?

        Or we should all be blind and only care for our own wellbeing while ignoring others?

      9. That’s for the ‘youngings’ to decide who they look up to, not me. People are always advised to not mix their personal problems into their working life. Work is work and personal problems are personal problems. The two should not be mixed together. Gallen, Adam, all the tvb actors that reportedly ‘cheated’ on their significant others still has a large fanbase because they are still, undeniably, good actors that helped made TVB what it is today.

        I’ll just agree to disagree with you and end this. It’s obvious we stand on different sides of the spectrum, no point in arguing about it.

      10. Vi, I believe that’s the reason why the actors and actresses are discouraged from dating, but once they did, that’s mixing work with personal too.
        Like you brought up my family doctor, because you believe that I will purely have a business relationship with him. However, to me, he’s not just my doctor, but someone elder who I respect throughout my life.
        Unless someone manages to keeps their personal life completely separate from work, it’s something that cannot be put aside that easily.

      11. I wasn’t going to reply anymore but then I saw the second part of your reply. Your example of the terroists attacking the twin towers is quite extreme, don’t you think? Here we are talking about an actor, who has contributed to the entertainment industry and he might’ve wronged Myo, but remember, we are still not sure yet. Then you come in and talk about a group of complete nobodies just killing people for no reason and even compared them as if it’s at all comparable? whay a joke.

      12. I believe we will both agree that cheating with a 3rd party, and killing are wrong, however, their severity we can disagree on. As a person whose childhood was wrecked by mainland 3rd parties, no doubt one will feel more strongly against this topic than others. Everyone has different experiences in life, which mold their characters, their goals and their expectations.

      13. I do think cheating is wrong. And from a standpoint of a woman, as I have stated before, that if it was certainly the case, then Bosco doesn’t deserve Myolie at all.

        And you’re right, our upbringing and culture differences will no doubt lead us to have different point of views and I respect that. As you have your own opinion, as do I. Some people believe cheating is ok and forgivable and they have their own reasons for that.

        Again, I will just agree to disagree with you and leave it at that.

      14. i assume u r talking abt gallen beong a superb actor..

      15. “For example, if you found out that your family doctor cheated on his wife, will you stop going to him? Does it make him any less of a doctor? Kapeesh?”

        No, I will continue to see him as a doctor if he is MY family doctor unless he cheated on his wife with a teenager and I will definitely not go to him anymore. In fact I can’t since he would be in jail.

      16. Exactly Funn… this doesn’t make Bosco a “bad” person… he’s still Bosco. He’s just a little on the promiscuous side 😛

        Interesting to note that Myolie’s first impression of Bosco was that he was a bad boy and that she should stay away. Maybe she should have listened to her gut – lol!!

      17. Just sad that fans would drop him like that based on somethig we’re all not even sure of yet. And exactly, it doesn’t make him a bad person. Brad Pitt cheated on Jennifer but he does heaps of charity work, especially for Katrina victims. People can repent. I just don’t see why some people think he’s unworthy now that he’s done somethig wrong.

      1. @Funn Lim: haha! Have you read the book: “Eats, Shoots & Leaves:[..]”? A must for English grammar stickler.

      2. Cheat or cheater is the same, both referred to someone who cheats.

        In Oxford dictionary, there is the word “Cheater”.

  3. And? He should have done that earlier to save their relationship.

  4. Because of Bosco Myolie has waste 8 years of her life in suffering and vain. I’m happy she choose to get out before they got married.

    1. I thought he only paid the downpayment?? This was said by Myolie in an interview.

    2. Larry, you’re funny, LOL. And yea, he only paid the down payment. Heard somewhere that he bought her a flat tho?

      1. It was mention in the radio interview. I dont think she didnt accept Bosco’s apartment gift.

  5. probaly myolie dumped bosco becuz she just got tv queen, that she has a more higher rank then bosco and neeeds to choose somebody thats more better then him and have a higher status.

    1. U smoking?
      She announce their relationship on the night she won TV Queen. If she thinks she wants someone better, why not just keep their relationship a continued secret, but she announce it to the world.

      1. yes im on drugs! she was just too happy so they just wanted to announce their relationship, well ur a girl so of course ull support a girl and a boy would support the boy side

      2. Yes, she’s too happy, and she wanted to share her joy with the person she loved most. Doesn’t seem like someone who is so calculative and wants to choose someone with a higher status?
        It’s not about who is a boy or a girl, anyone with morals will know who is right.

      3. hahahah i think thy were at different stages of life so noones to blame

    2. If she wanted someone better, why didn’t she go for Feng Shao Feng when he was “courting her”? He’s rich. Bosco may not have as good standings in TVB, but neither would Myolie if she had all the female veterans blocking her way like Bosco does. Men in the industry peak at like 40, like Moses and Kevin and Michael, while women peak in their early 30’s, like Gigi, Charmaine and Myolie. Bosco just hasn’t reached that age yet. She praised his acting and said his time will come. She’s always been higher in her career: when Bosco was nominated for most improved, she was Top 5 Best Actress nominee. If that’s your reasoning, why’d she get with him in the first place?

    3. Myolie denied that their relationship are unstable when she announced it during her award. I believe her. I think it start to happen when she was away in mainland for 6 months like what the magazine said

  6. Marriage is just a piece of paper, no quarantee at all!

  7. Why did he say that in May 2012, and wasn’t the car given in like May 2012 too? Why would Myolie accept the car if she already broke up with him…?

    1. Myolie said they officially broke up one month ago. He must be trying to change Myolie’s mind with car and ask for forgiveness but sorry to say Myolie us a woman with principle. He only paid the downpayment and help get the car. That was nothing.

      1. Lol, i doubt Myolie would just be like, no I won’t take you back, but thanks for the car, dude. I’m pretty sure she tried really hard to accept him too. Where did you hear that they broke up one month ago? I thought the interviews said “a couple months now”

      2. I think Bosco succeeded in seeking the forgiveness frm mYolie because I remember reading an article that Myolie drove a red luxury sportcar to tvb something like that and she said it was a present from Bosco.

      3. No Veejay you must get the wrong news. The news I read has Myolie said Bosco only made the downpayment.

      4. Well , techinically it was still a gift from him. She drove it around, I don’t think she really forgave him but she was trying damn hard to…

      5. i read that it was the down payment too. it was on a vid clip too.

      6. Articles yesterday said Myolie said she broke up with one month ago. Yesterday was only the day she choose to face the world with the sad news. She’s a strong lady to endure a failed 8 year relationship. 8 years of vain and waste of her youth

      7. It was only downpayment..That was nothing compared to what he did in bread tree location with Liu Yan that we don’t know

      8. maybe shes returning the car to him hahahah. guys do fork out expensive stuff out of guilt lol

  8. all guys are cheaters, what guy doesnt get at a girl when they see a hot girl? Even somebody blasted raymond was a player! No Man in this world would say bye to big boobies lol

    1. Since you are saying all guys are cheat, then why are you denying the rumors for bosco?

      1. LOL…. u r sharp, lady!!!! *like* or is it “thumbs up sign” 😉 oops, aiyoh, not facebook lah. 😛

    2. When he fell for Liu Yan’s boobs and forgot about Myolie it showed what kind of guy he is. Myolie will be hapier without him for sure

    3. All guys cheat? How about they die for their love like the Aurora, CO – Batman movie screening shooting. 3 Brave men save their girlfriends lives, and they died to protect their love ones.

      1. Ironically, those brave men really love their girlfriends and will die protecting them. But according to Virginia Lok, bosco “would rather die than have anyone hurt Myolie” well then, better get to suicidin’

      2. yeah it’s brave act from them to have protected their gfs but is it worth the price? I mean.. ok i sounded a bit selfish but thats perfectly normal for a human to think this way..ok u saved your “gf” now and u’re dead and she get marry to someone else and u’re still dead burried under 6 ft… Sorry I said this things but honestly would u risk your life to protect your merely ‘gf”?

      3. @Larry: Not to detract from the men’s heroism, but you do know one of the men Jonathan Blunt left behind a wife and their two young kids in Nevada while he dated another woman in another state while working there.

        So yeah, Blunt was brave and heroic but a cheat nonetheless.

      4. So he died for his gf, what about the family he left behind back in Nevada?

        And the gf he saved? Left him for dead and never looked back.

        “I’m mad about that too, not being there with a girl, but when she called me personally it was a whole different story what she told on the news,” Chantel said. “She told me she got up and left him. She needed to clear her conscience and tell me she never looked back. She never checked on him.”

        Sorry about this OT.

      5. “die” could mean an end to his career (if the truth ever gets out)? not necessarily death on his life?

      6. @claimine,

        Wow, so one of the shootout victim Jonathan protected his gf when his wife and children were home knowing nothing of his affairs? That’s so cruel and what the heck was he thinking? Did he thought the gf will stick with his dead body and will never move on?? oh my..I felt for his wife and children..

      7. That’s not heroic at all to die protecting you secret lover when you cheat on your wife and kid at home!

      8. I did not know there were 4 brave men. In the articles I read they only listed 3 brave men who saved their girlfriends. Alex Teves, Matthew Robert McQuinn, and Jonathan Blunk. Who was the other one?

      9. LOL, Veejay I don’t think these guys had time to think abt those things carefully and/or didn’t think they would die.

      10. And there was this brave girl (late teen?) who stayed with her friend who was shot in the neck and refused to leave her side at her peril. And later somehow she managed to drag her injured friend through 3 parking lots to an ambulance. She was brave and heroic too. Her heroic story was reported on the news, as did many other heroic acts.

      11. “McQuinn of Denver was a technical support provider. He also shielded his girlfriend’s older brother from the gunfire. “

        Wow, this is really love your girlfriend, love her family too.

  9. we should actually be happy they broke up becuz they dont even match!

    1. You’re right they don’t match. She wasted 8 years of her life for a flirt

  10. Fans will always stand by u Myolie, you’re not alone! U will find some1 way way better.

    So so disppointed in Bosco, tho i’m a fan of him.
    Hate how 620 n whoever that TCW guy is supporting Bosco.

    1. Myolie wasted 8years of her youth (poor girl) while Bosco still can date some1 18yrs old kid or some plastic china doll.

    2. I will always support Myolie and from now on because Bosco made Myolie shed her tears in pain and still has to countless media, I will not support Bosco in any way anymore. I will not support Tang Chi wai too. He commented as if he was in the relationship. Silly!

      1. Good luck with not supporting TCW. Almost every TVB theme is composed by him.

      2. Chi wai? It’s possible he sounds like he’s the one who know Bosco best and love him to step in for Bosco

    3. 620 and Tang Chi Way is doing some damage control. Especially 620, she needs to STFU.

      1. Tang Chi and 620 are outsiders and i agree they should shut the f up. Let Myolie talk.

      2. I hope you mean, let Myolie and Bosco talk. I wanna hear his side too. I know we may see him as the bad guy but I still want to see how he explains himself. Mostly I want to hear him sincerely regret hurting Myolie and ruining their relationship

      3. Jackie, he did give his take in Eileen Cha’s radio interview.

      4. Yeah, but so did Myolie. I think the back and forth should be between Bosco and Myolie. If Myolie already talked and Bosco already talked, they should simply respond to one another

  11. If Bosco did cheated on Myolie, then he does not deserve her. Maybe Myolie will find a good mainland actor as a boyfriend for herself. Who know what will happen, I do love them as a couple. It’s all depends on what Myolie wants and what makes her happy.

    1. Those mainland actors really seem to have/ have had their eyes on Myolie, Feng Shao, Eric Huang, and Yu Bo. I guess mainland guys are smart enough to stay away from plastic dolls.

      1. Yu Bo praised Myolie openly. He’s a great man. Now he can woo Myolie openly. I don’t mind.

      2. the mainland guys probably tasted and tested plastic barbies and tired of them because there too many prohibited places they can’t touch?

      3. Feng Shao is def HOT! but isn’t he dating some1 already.

        After this break up i don’t think Myolie will be looking or thinking of dating some1. she may work harder to hide her feeling and get rid of the pains.

      4. Too bad for you, Feng Shao Feng dated a China girl.

  12. I find it hilarious that the discussion is so one sided when there’s no real evidence of anything. I saw the interview with Myolie and I do believe from what she said that Bosco did something really bad. However, I don’t think the breakup was due to a third party. Bosco already refuted that and don’t forget, he was the one who announced it, not Myolie. I don’t think Bosco would be the one to announce it if a third party was involved. Unless of course he’s asking for career suicide.

    1. Well, it better he announces it than Myolie. First of all, he can set the stage with his “sympathy stunts” and say what he wants to say, whether true or made up. If Myolie is the one to reveal it and he was the one who was at fault for the break up, he has no way to make it sound pretty.

    2. He is doing career suicide… PR damaging will hurt him. 620 is willing to save him.

    3. @Ric
      Apparently Bosco is the second last person who got interviewed by Eileen Cha yesterday morning.The first person was Myolie then follow by 620 which at the end of her interview Eileen Cha said she still can’t contact Bosco. It’s not until around an hour later did they manage to reach through Bosco’s cellphone. So technically Myolie is the first person who announce it to the public.

  13. i really hope they get back together but its up to them. hopefully they are happy not matter what.

  14. As a woman gets older, she craves stability in a man.. not just good looks and a fun time. Seems like Bosco still liked to go out and have a good time, not saying he cheated, but he still acted like a 21 yr old kid. After a while, you don’t want to take care of your boyfriend like you’re taking care of your kids.

    Perhaps its good for them to take a break and find out what they really want in their significant other.

    1. Myolie wasted 8 years for norhing for Bosco. I’m most disappointed about this but finally she can find her happiness now.

    2. Yep that sounds familiar. The ex-couple that comes to mind is Courtney Cox and David Arquette. Reports said that Courtney was tired of being a mom to David rather than being his wife.

  15. Bosco is extremely flirtatious,and Myolie cannot seem to stand that. However, that is pretty normal for a guy and Bosco seems to love Myolie very much. Myolie just could not handle it anymore after years and years of waiting for him to change. Well a man’s gonna be a man…

  16. Being flirty and having an affair in a relationship are two completely different things though.

    1. It’ll be a total strange to me to believe a cat doesn’t eat mice!!

      Who doesn’t go to flirt around and cheat his wife if he has a monetary mean to do so?

  17. Funny. In Jayne’s latest headline column, I see at least 3 contradictory articles by Bosco and Myolie or at least by Bosco alone.

    1. I find it weird how Bosco and Myolie say they’ve split up for a long time (several months?) yet he bought her a car, said he’d hire her bodyguards, said he missed her, said that he “preordered” her and Myolie accepting his car. They looked so happy at the Racecourse promotion too. Myolie was deeply expalining why she loves Bosco so much numerous times…

      1. I mean they seemed fine at the time of the break up and now all of a sudden it’s bursting into tears time.

      2. Jackie, I believe that several months ago, they called it quits, like a cooling off period, over that time, Bosco appears to have tried to patch things up by buying a car, etc. Perhaps Myolie did try in her heart to forgive him, but something else must have happened (when he went to china to film) which lead to her breaking it off officially at the end of last month.

      3. I really hope it’s not what you said, actually LOL because that would imply that Bosco tried to “learn his lesson” and patch things up and during this period still couldn’t get over his temptation and flirted with other girls. Why on earth would you do that when you’re already on a “probation period”. I hope it’s just Bosco is a flirt that she doesn’t want. He uses this time to mature and she focuses on acting then when he’s done maturing in like 3 years like he said he can ask for her back, and shwo her the changes he’s made and they can get married ^_^ Ahh, my fantasy.

      4. Lets see if Myolie can be another Hillary Clinton or not..stick by her man

      5. But Hillary has hated/still hates Bill. Sh stayed together because American presidents and divorces are a no-no. It’s not like she just took him back. They didn’t get a divorce, but it’s not like they slept on the same bed either.I hope she doesn’t turn out like Hillary.

      6. Even those that don’t behave frigidly on the outside, you wonder how their family life is *shudders* Like Joe ma and his wife.

      7. What does taht mean Nicole? LOL sorry I dont understand canto.

      8. Joe’s wife is impressive letting her hubby eating outside frequently.

        Guess she loves her designer accessories too much to let him go…

      9. “A prodigal who returns is more precious than gold. Broken bones well set become stronger.”

      10. LOL I still wonder how Joe Ma’s wife can live qith him after he got caught red handed by national media many times cheating on her.

      11. Joe Ma or Jackie Chan’s wife.. I don’t know what to say about them. If Bosco can become well behaved, then I will support him to chase back Myolie, but if he still gonna be that way, just go find some leng mo or someone

      12. Same question to Jackie Chan’s wife. Answer;

        1. they have a child to bind them;
        2. they really believe their husbands were “framed”;
        3. It is just sex as compared to affairs which is a no no


        4. they turn a blind eye which is easy if you’re leaving apart but not so if you’re together.

      13. hahahah Exoidus, you know everytime i see Joe ma on TV now, I see a big fat “hamsup” aka Wolf now hahaha..I can’t see him as the old Joe ma anymore after the incident with Rose Chan.. All I could remember of JOe is his hand all over little “naive” Rose Chan if she’s really “naive” as proclaimed…

      14. If Boscolie can overcome this, they are seriously my idol couple forever. That’s only if Bosco didn’t cheat and was just flirty. I believe Bosco didn’t make her feel secure, and therefore she may have speculated that there was a third party. Her fault? His fault? Neither. Only if there was a third party would it be entirely his fault to me. Her fault for wanting him to change. His fault for not changing for her. I just cross my fingers hoping she just felt really insecure and if Bosco changes and proves that he loves her and only her then they will have a happy ending

      15. “But Hillary has hated/still hates Bill. Sh stayed together because American presidents and divorces are a no-no. It’s not like she just took him back. They didn’t get a divorce, but it’s not like they slept on the same bed either.I hope she doesn’t turn out like Hillary.”

        And how do you know that is Hillary and Bill’s situation? She could have divorced him and no one would blame her and she will be more popular with cheated wives. I feel what I see on screen is real; their daughter reconciled them. No doubt Bill loves his daughter very much and so is Hillary but Hilary is also madly in love with Bill. And it is a working partnership but the core is his daughter and Hillary’s love for him. And since they’re old, sleeping apart is ok.

      16. @Veejay I’m actually ok with Joe ma.. since he play professional roles, but BENNY CHAN. OMG.. When I watch part of the show with Jessica and Benny, I can only think why his face looks so ham sup! LOL

      17. Huh Joe become fat? So I suppose you enjoy watching the “flying wolf” 😀

      18. Benny and Joe Ma’s wives are binded by children and marriage. Benny’s wife look cool but who knows what’s inside the preggy lady.

      19. I have studied US history here in America. They say that she was a fiesty woman who was already disinterested in him before the scandal started. That’s what I learned in class, unless i’ve been studying gossip and rumors.

      20. hehe nicole, btw, how’s the typhoon in HK? is it gone already? I heard ppl are getting “holidays” from that. My friend is still in hk it must be her most memorable one since she can’t go shopping outside the hotel eversince the typhoon attacked hk.

      21. “hehe nicole, btw, how’s the typhoon in HK?”

        Blown away, like how we all are by this news! Is this cat 10 news? No? 8 perhaps?

      22. Wait! I am not Nicole. So Nicole is in HK? Any sightings of “bad eggs” thrown at Bosco yet? Oh he is filming in China right? Ok who here from China?

      23. LOL, luckily I’m not in HK at the moment, as I needed to take some time off for myself, but should be going back in September.
        Luckily for Bosco I’m not in HK too. LOL

      24. “I have studied US history here in America. They say that she was a fiesty woman who was already disinterested in him before the scandal started. That’s what I learned in class, unless i’ve been studying gossip and rumors.”

        You mean Hillary? I suppose you can’;t believe everything you read in textbook. Look at the way she looks at him. She married him for love, she forgave him for love, she love him for love.

        And USA never liked Hillary anyway.

      25. Haha! Bosco is lucky you’re not in HK? But he isn’t either! Isn’t he in Shanghai?

      26. Will he still be filming in October in Shanghai? If I get to see him anyone wants a representative in

        a. throw bad egg at him
        b. hug him and say I.BELIEVE.YOU


      27. Did he fly back to shanghai already? dodmt myolie say he was in hk yesterday?

      28. Time to pull a Feng Shao Feng in Beauty’s Scheme and kneel on a red carpet walking on your knees asking for forgiveness Bosco 😀 And I’m kind of conflicted ath te moment, so if i saw Bosco, I would probably throw an egg at him while running to hug him and saying “go get her tiger”

      29. Jackie said:
        “But Hillary has hated/still hates Bill. Sh stayed together because American presidents and divorces are a no-no. It’s not like she just took him back. They didn’t get a divorce, but it’s not like they slept on the same bed either.I hope she doesn’t turn out like Hillary.”

        I agree 100%… I would never want to see Myolie live in the same life that Hillary has had to endure. I wish Myolie a lot more happiness in her personal life.

  18. Joe Ma is hamsup but Benny was eating the ‘naive’ Rose. Puke at all three.

    1. So Joe is hamsup but never eat, Benny is hamsup and eats?

      1. Joe licks and watch the eating show, Benny eat like a gluttony. Poor wives and children at home.

      2. Vivien, that sounds like a poem.

        Joe licks and watch the eating show
        Benny eat like a gluttony
        Poor wives and children
        at home

  19. Hopefully Myolie moves on with her life! She is still young and can find someone better!

  20. It’s bad enough for non celebrities to get caught cheating.. but you’d think that celebrities would try to avoid doing things like that, as once they are exposed, the entire world knows about it!

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