Bosco Wong Photographed on Date in Shanghai

During the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) was photographed looking longingly at ex-girlfriend, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒).  Bosco had allegedly sent Myolie multiple text messages hoping for a reconciliation. However, news surfaced today which claimed that Bosco went on a date with a beautiful woman in Shanghai earlier.

Bosco was spotted shopping in a mall in Shanghai with a long-haired woman who wore glasses. Bosco bowed his head while the woman followed closely behind him. The mysterious woman’s identity is unknown, but the pair was reported to dine together as well.

“The Young Detective Dee” Starts Filming

Bosco Wong Detective deeAlthough his romantic life is under close scrutiny, Bosco will be making significant headway in mainland China this year. Since January 2, he has started shooting The Young Detective Dee <少年神探狄仁杰> with Ruby Lin (林心如) in Hengdian. Bosco portrays the titular character while Ruby plays Wu Meiniang, who later becomes Empress Wu. The drama also stars Bu Bu Jing Xin’s <步步驚心> Yuan Hong (袁弘) as Li Zhi or Emperor Gaozong, as well as Ma Tianyu (马天宇), and Qi Wei (戚薇).

The 40-episode drama is the fictionalized account of Tang Dynasty official, Detective Dee. The historical suspense thriller will follow Detective Dee’s early career in solving crimes as well as trace his romantic adventures with first-love, Chu Yun.

The Young Detective Dee is invested by TVB and filmed by China’s Huan Rui century Film and Television Media Co.

Source:; Zjol

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  1. I don’t there are any men out there who are willing to wait and be loyal to his Ex ( in this case i’m talking about handsome/ has some money etc_. Only in TVB’s dramas that you see such a loyal/handsome/decent ex bf, waiting for his so called true love bleh..

    1. They’re parted and neither of them said anything about reconciling, it’s over. So just let them go their own way and having friends with opposite sex is not a sin.

      1. Agreed! And it’s not like Bosco didn’t try he really did. But it didn’t work out, it’s the circle of life not everything works out

    2. it felt he moved on very quick but then i checked they broke up around july 2012 right? he should move on when he is ready for it.

  2. What’s wrong with this? I don’t see anything wrong for a single man and woman to go shopping and dine at public place together. Do they want him to avoid all contact with any woman and become a monk? What a hard life Bosco has now.

    He never said that he will reconcile with his ex, so the press should just “let them go”. Besides I heard this long haired woman is his China assistant.

    Ray was also rumoured with his assistant a few years ago while filming in mainland. It’s hard being an actor.

  3. Since January 2, he has started shooting The Young Detective Dee with Ruby Lin (林心如) in Hengdian. Bosco portrays the titular character while Ruby plays Wu Meiniang, who later becomes Empress Wu. The drama also stars Bu Bu Jing Xin’s Yuan Hong (袁弘) as Li Zhi or Emperor Gaozong, as well as Ma Tianyu (马天宇), and Qi Wei (戚薇).

    Anyway, the cast is super good! Bosco, Matianyu and Yuan Hong in the same drama is a blast! Yuan Hong used to work with Ray in Ad Mania too, but that drama hasn’t released yet to my dismay.

  4. Just let the man carry on with his life. He has all the right to meet and see whoever he wants. Is his every move going to be scrutinized by the press?

    1. Gar,

      Sadly, that goes for all celebrities. And partially the reason why they’re celebrities and not commoners.

  5. The Young Detective Dee is one series I will look out for since got a few I want to watch. But Ruby Lin as Wu Meiniang is to me a bad casting decision. I suspect Detective Dee will have some love connection with Wu meiniang in this one.

    1. “invested by TVB”

      No wonder Bosco is in it.

      Anyway can this be broadcast in China? What happened to the one of the lead must be from China? Neither Bosco nor Ruby is from China. I am confused.

      1. Funn,
        Yuan Hong should qualify as one of the leading roles?

        “The Young Detective Dee” is one of the first dramas that TVB is investing in mainland China. They would not invest in it and cast Ruby Lin (her fees are not cheap) if it cannot be aired in China.

      2. First of all is the source 100% correct? From the start of script writing and casting there has been zero information of TVB involvement except for this one article. This is to be doubted because other than Bosco, none of the cast are involved with TVB.

        Secondly, Ruby is NOT the main lead. She is only a guest performer. The main female lead is Qi Wei. The second male lead is Ray Ma Tian Yu.

        Thirdly, even if TVB did invested which I doubt the authenticity but wouldn’t say impossible, I don’t see what’s the negativity is about. Bosco is a very good actor in his generation and one with immense potential to be remarkable in dramas and movies. He reportedly is getting around 200,000 per episode for this drama which is 10 folds than what he’s making for a TVB series. The cast ensemble looks good and I’m looking forward to Bosco’s version of a good looking and younger Detective Dee ^^.

      3. I have to add too that this drama was not included in any of TVB or TVBC(TVB China) flyers or advertising booths while they were promoting TVB dramas last week in Beijing. If TVB is really investing, this is quite a dumb move to hide this drama with a promising and attractive cast.

      4. Funn, this drama has been approved by SARFT. Now only depends how Huan Rui will sell the drama to buyers which I mean mainland and overseas TV stations.

      5. Yuan Hong can’t be the lead since Bosco is the lead unless the lead interpretation is very very loose if you know what I mean. Or maybe the rule is amended, relaxed? I still don’t get how’s the rule works or if there is still such a rule. But don’t care. Will watch this for everyone but Bosco. I am sorry to say I am not a fan of Bosco and his sleepy eyes but what to do? Yuan Hong should have been Detective Dee and Bosco as the useless emperor.

      6. I see, Ruby is not the lead. again a loose interpretation since if Ruby is Wu Meiniang and she is probably in every scene, how can she not be the lead? Same as Wallace Huo in QSHF which I suppose is promoted as a special guest star when he is one of the 2 leading actors. Still confused but again not complaining.

        Isn’t Yuan Hong too sharp looking as Wu Meiniang’s husband?

      7. I will watch this for Bosco since he magically become awesome since LOO and WI and TVB series look crappy besides Dayo’s series. That I disagree Funn, droopy or not Bosco’s eyes can act volumes although Ray has the prettier and better speaking eyes. I like Yuan Hong but I like Bosco better. Ray is still the best anyway.

      8. Funn, we’re obviously not in the same boat and have opinions that are poles apart so let it be. Preferences are subjective. Bosco has played a smart officer well and it will be refreshing to see him be a smart detective in an ancient drama this time with entirely fresh cast. Yuan Hong will be equipped well with Ruby. There’s no telling that Ruby will be in every episode since so far she hasn’t yet joined the team.

      9. If I’m not mistaken, Yuan Hong and Ruby will only be cameos for this drama. Male lead is Bosco and female lead is Qi Wei.

        I thought this drama was produced by Ruby Lin’s company and she’s just making an appearance just like she did for Painted Skin.

      10. I guess they are out of ideas so have to make a young Detective Dee series. I think it is a bit ridiculous to have him like WuZeTian. That is totally messed up!! Ruby is a very bad choice for Wu Meiniang. I wonder why she is getting all of these roles that she cannot handle and aren’t suited for her, However, it is good if she is only a guest star, Anyways, glad to see Ma Tian Yu and others and hope the story is good since there is way more to a series than just the cast.

    1. Exactly and even if he was dating, what is the big deal?? He is now single…

  6. So Bosco, a single man, is out on a date?

    The scandal!

  7. Now that he is no longer with Myolie Boscoe will be continuously hounded by the press for his “amorous” affairs. Why should he care as he is single again and not responsible to anyone for his actions. Myolie would not care less either.

  8. I don’t really see what the fuss over Bosco is, and I am pretty sure that a lot of people will agree with me. Sure, he is kinda cute, but then again, a lot of young Hongkong guys are. He doesn’t stand out in terms of looks, doesn’t have really good acting skills, looks like a drug addict… so why is he so popular?

    1. He has really good acting skills and looks attractive onscreen. Other than Ray who is my bias, Bosco is another one caught me. It used to be Ron during TOB fever but over time I found that Ron hasn’t been progressing in any way in his acting or charisma.

  9. to be honest, it looks like she’s just walking behind him.. xD

  10. It would be so romantic, if he would have waited for Myolie….. sigh…..
    All the best anyway!

  11. good for him to have moved on, a person shouldn’t stay sad for a long time else will go crazy

  12. He’s cause when a man and woman meet up for lunch def means they’re dating….I’m glad Bosco is doing well though he’s such a talented actor

  13. hope this is not real cause i really hope bosco and myolie to be back together. 🙁 still think they both know each other very well in terms of attitude and personality. so hopefully god can bring them back together again.

  14. I’ve watched so many stars from mainland china, I dnt see it, bosco droopy eyes for a detective? he looks like a pug, clueless? Maybe ron Ng look better, stil, tvb needs to search for new stars, its getting pretty stagnant

    1. To set things straight don’t worry because this drama is not for TVB Jade and in fact just as you wish TVB are promoting many other faces for TVB Jade and is not promoting Bosco anymore. You will only saw him in one TVB drama this year and it is only an ordinary production. Preference are subjective, Bosco has proven that he can carry introvert role, slick triad role, and righteous smart officer role very well, and now it’s time for him to go further and tackle a new detective role in his own version.

  15. just because one is an artiste doesnt mean they can’t date. That’s his assisstant, i dont know why the media is making such a big deal. ARTISTES ARE HUMANS TOO, THEY NEED TO DATE ALSO! ARE THEY SUPPOSE TO WAIT TIL THEY ARE LIKE 60 TO DATE

  16. Yeah, i mean if you stripped them of their fame, their as normal as your brother r any other regular human being relationship,

  17. Can anyone please tell me why, with these china tv dramas, I have do not hear the original voices of our TVB actors when I watch them in Mandarin which I don’t understand. And same thing happens even when I watch them in Cantonese.

  18. Myolie is a super awesome girl, she deserves a lot better, I wish a rich guy would date her and make Bosco regret what she have done to her… I mean who dates someone else that fast after breaking up with a 8-year boyfriend… i use to love Bosco alot out of Ron ng and Rarmond, but now, i think i rather want Myolie with Raymond now.

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