Bosco Wong to Myolie Wu: “Right Here Waiting for You…”

Rumors intensified that due to Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) infidelity, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) finally had enough and called quits in the relationship. Bosco denied East Weekly’s claims that he had been involved with 3 women while Myolie was busy filming in mainland China for the past 6 months. Bosco was depressed over the breakup and wished to reconcile with Myolie!

Virginia Lok: “Bosco Will Wait for Myolie!”

TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), confirmed Bosco and Myolie’s split in a radio interview with Eileen Cha. Ms. Lok said, “I know it happened. Last night I chatted with Bosco until 4 AM. He cried so hard! He said he did not want to break up!”

When asked if Bosco’s infidelity reports were the main cause for the break up, Ms. Lok sternly replied, “I am very sure that Bosco is not that kind of a person! He is a very popular siu sang; every move he makes is monitored by the press and public anyways! If he did anything like what those tabloids have claimed, it would have been reported a long time ago. It’s impossible! He’s so busy. He does not even have time to rest!”

Regarding the claims that Bosco was romantically involved with his female assistant, Ms. Lok said, “I do not understand why the reports would slander him like that! She is just an assistant! We also helped hire her. Also, while he was filming for The Woman Above the Bread Tree <面包树上的女人>, some of his good friends, such as Tang Chi Wai (鄧智偉), visited him several times to look after him. Bosco has been feeling depressed recently, and it might affect his work.”

Ms. Lok continued, “I think Bosco really wished to marry Myolie! He really wanted to have a future with her!” Asked whether Bosco had attempted to propose to Myolie, Ms. Lok said, “I do not know. You will have to ask him. I think he planned it for a while, and it is not the first time he talked about it.”

In the media’s coverage of the breakup, reports have been more negative towards Bosco. Ms. Lok said, “I think he can handle it. He said if (the reports) have to go on and target someone, target him. He does not want anyone or anything to hurt Myolie.” Asked whether he is still protecting Myolie, Ms. Lok said, “They are both protecting each other.”

The press currently was unable to reach Bosco for additional comments. When asked about Bosco’s current situation, Ms. Lok said, “He cried a lot last night! He said he will wait…” Asked whether Bosco will wait for Myolie, Ms. Lok replied, “He hopes that Myolie will have confidence in him. I told him to pursue Myolie back, but Bosco said he needs to prove himself first.”

Ms. Lok also said, “Bosco and I have come to an agreement that no matter what happens, Myolie would stay safe. He said he would rather die if there were any media reports slandering her!”

Tang Chi Wai Denies Bosco’s Infidelity Rumors

TVB’s music producer and Bosco’s good friend, Tang Chi Wai, also accepted an interview with Eileen Cha. In the interview, Chi Wai stated that Bosco’s infidelity rumors were false, “The reports were ridiculous! The Bosco Wong I know is not like that. Absolutely impossible!”

Chi Wai said, “I was in Shanghai with him last night. We all knew about it (the break up) for some time now, and we are all really worried. It is not easy for a man to have a heartfelt conversation with another man, but Bosco revealed it all to us last night. He was unhappy all night. When we left around 5 AM, Bosco was still upset. It is unbearable to see him cry so much!”

Chi Wai remarked, :As outsiders, we have no right to comment on their relationship, but as his friends, we can stay by his side when he is unhappy. Bosco is trying his best to salvage the relationship. When we ate dinner with him, he would not talk all night and just stared blankly at the streets. He is a very emotional person. It is very worrisome to see him so quiet. It is so unlike him!”

Tang Chi Wai ended the interview by stating, “Last night, Bosco asked us to give them some space. He wants to protect her, and he hopes that all the bad things will happen to him instead of her!”


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  1. 620 n TCW should leave Bosco alone n give him some space instead.

    1. Plus, they should STFU. Let them solve their relationship problems.

      1. I agree. Why does Tang chi wai sounds like he’s the one in love with Bosco? Is he the third party and not Liu Yan?

      2. agree too. what does chi wai and virginia has to do to speak out about this? i demand them to inyerview nancy wu and mandy right now! they’ll defend myo

      3. Maybe TCW is in love w/ Bosco so he set this whole thing up to break up boscolie so he could have bosco all to himself! I’m sure he could steal ideas f/ tvb series.

        Like he invite hot girls to a party, get Bosco drunk, and then leak news to myolie. Once myolie lose trust, TCW spread more rumors of Bosco w/ the busty mainland chick in shanghai so myolie will dump him for good. Then he spill the story to the tabloids so they can’t reconcile and Bosco is left a crying mess. Now he can have Bosco all to himself!

        Ok, maybe not.

    2. I think Bosco must be really nice to TCW. TCW is trying to protect him. I just read this interview.of Cilla and Ronald Law and they also said Bosco is nice to them while filming WI and give good advices. LOL too bad Bosco might’ve been nice to a third party from mainland too…

      1. Nice to every single girl is mistreatment to the wife.

  2. Anyone will deny rumours from magazine. I don’t believe him. If he didn’t have anything especially with the plastic doll, Myolie won’t shed tears at her interviews like that.

    1. I also believe that their broke up have something to do with these plastic chuckie from mainland.. I doubt a decent woman would just dump you like that without a good reason.

    2. and i dont think he would wait 8 years to do this… people are forgetting the fact that theyve been together for 8 years…. if he cheated on myolie before, i dont thnk myolie can “stand” him fr 8 years!!!! i dont think the cheating rumours are true…

  3. To Tang ch wai, as outsiders you shouldn’t comment anything at all. You don’t know what really happened between them. Shut up and continue making music


      1. Not wrong at all. He can give comments and his work is to give comments at this moment. But dun give too many comments. The insiders should be given some space to solve it themselves without the noses of others. They know in heart what happened. Overall, CW isnt the representative for Bosco.

    2. how is TCW an outsider????? if u call HIM an outsider, you guys have no rights to make any assumptions and comments to this piece of news… im so sick of everyone jumping to conclusions. YES, the chance that bosco cheated is pretty high but we DONT KNOW THAT FOR SURE. we hear a little less than 1% of the news and we claim ourselves to be experts in their relationship. we don’t know what happened. and im so sick of people bashing on bosco. “oh myolie said that… that means bosco hit her… oh myolie said that.. that means bosco did that.” like 620 said, bosco had plans to marry myolie. why would a cheating man want to settle down so easily? sure, you can say that 620 is just trying to protect his image… then why not just tell the whole world that bosco proposed to her but they are not ready or something….
      yeah sure, call me a bosco fan… but just cus i am one doesnt mean i’m blind. if he did cheat, i’d be disappointed but please you guys, give him a chance first…

    3. Tang Chi Wai was not making comment about their relationship and giving assumption about what happen. He was just relating the condition of Bosco when he visited him in China.

    4. He can make comments. And so far, he dun make that many comments. Why he has to shut up when everyone else (artists, fans, nonfans) can comment? Unless he says too many, too unnecessary, too hurtful to one party (which he didnt), he should take the control.

  4. The headline with the pic of Bosco = bwahahahahahahaha…

    They are just trying too hard to protect Bosco makes it even clearer to the public.

  5. I find it unbelievable how Bosco called 620…first of all, why would he call her LAST NIGHT when they broke up a month ago? Second of all, why would he call 620 out of everyone he knows? Not his mom? Not their mutual friend Kevin?

      1. Please dont mention that… it will give me nightmares.

      2. Haha… then ms. Lok must produce a lot of milk b/c she has several baby boys to care for.

    1. maybe 620 called him to inform Myolie’s decision to make it public and he cried because he thought Myolie will give in to him again. You’re wrong boy. Myolie can do better than you. She wasted 8 years, she won’t make it 9.

    2. 620 = company.

      Do you want his mom – a ppl out of showbiz to be on the mags every day? Do you rmb the Lee family in Shirley incident? Good for Bosco to not do such thing.

      KC isnt the suitable all. Either party if a mutual frd protect and say for, it’ll come to assumptions. Do you see wat is happening to CW? Ppl even call him to shut up. KC will be treated better? Or will drag his fans in and longer war?

      1. They wouldn’t have to comment publicly… it’s just i find it weird how Bosco’s late night venting buddy is his boss. Wouldn’t he vent to family and friends? Why her? It’s not a matter of who’s commenting on what. It’s a matter of why would he even go to her in the first place, at 4 am venting when he can just talk to someone who would keep quiet.

      2. 620 = company = help him to launch a public conference in prior.

        Friends and family might be contacted, but is it ridiculous for him to say “Hey I contacted with A, B, C, D, E, F”?

      3. Even if KC was dragged in, I don’t think it will be like TCW. When Kevin made his reply to the press today, he did know what happened, but he still said it’s their own business and not for outsiders to say so much. Unlike TCW who acts like he’s the 3rd party in the relationship.

      4. If TCW is the third party it’s more interesting. Tabloid reports will talk about Bosco losing himself to a man! Not big boobs!

      5. TCW never really made any opinions to the relationship…. all his answers were regarding to Bosco’s behaviour and mood lately…

  6. Please don’t speculate, we don’t know what went wrong. Cheating is usually symptoms of bigger problem to a relationship. We do not know for fact if cheating was involve if so it’s their problem not ours. The hurt and sadness from both parties is immense and real. 8 years is not a very long time and lots of memories. Please don’t tarnish their love they had for each other by attacking any one of them. It just seems wrong.

    1. 8 years not long time? Myolie has wasted all these years for nothing!

      1. 8 years is a tremendously long time when you’re in the early thirties. That’s the bulk of their young adulthood, a time when they mature concretely into the type of persons they’ll be for the rest of their lives ( yah, yah, there are always exceptions)

        Only after they’ve each gone thru the next stages (kids, marriage, hitting old age) in life can they, I believe, feel less pain. Time doesn’t heal all wounds, but it does lessen the pain.

    2. speculating what? myo said clearly yesterday that she told reporters to ask bosco himseld about the infidelity! please respect myo

      1. why should i respect myo if u dont respect bosco? just becuz he’s cheating? give me evidence please

      2. please watch myo’s interview. the evidence is right there.

      3. i watched it, how do u know she aint faking, she doesnt need to act anymore she already got TV QUEEN, thats what many people are saying. I need evidence of bosco cheating like pics of him with other girls kissing hugging etc.

      4. I agree that hints should not be considered evidence.

      5. Well, at least we have our own beliefs. I believe bosco partied his way like a playboy, everyone in the industry knows it’s his nature. And he probably had a fling with his costar. You guys have ur own opinion, i have mine.

      6. do you even understand what evidence means??? its things like photos with bosco like making out with another women… or even finding a BABY in the other woemn. THATS evidence… what myolie said was just a hint and she might not have even meant that!! seriously, all you bosco haters- we get it. you guys dont like him. thats enough…… ive been seeing the same comments by fiona and vivien talking about how bsoco is a cheat. please respect them, we are just speculators- we have no riights to come to a conclusion so fast

      7. Hey don’t group me with that crazed Myolie fan. I don’t like Myolie

  7. just let them all blame bosco for cheating, when we dont even know if its true or not, they just believe the test, even if the tabloids wrote something like bosco is secretly married already, i bet u guys would all beleive it lol

    1. I thought you just said that all guys cheat.. Now you are saying that you don’t know if bosco cheated.. Hmm..

    2. omg you must be a bosco fan who still want to like him after he tortured myo. shame

      1. why wont u go marry myolie right now or ask ur dad to marry her since ur a fan of myolie and that she’s heartbroken, so help fix her heart by marrying her

      2. tonnes of guys better than bosco are pursuing her now. Myo won’t be lonely ever

      3. Man you are a one HELL crazy of Myolie’s fan. I like most of Hong Kong lead or support actors and actress…Don’t you have a life that you need to be worry about? Since the break up made headlines – you are so sure that Bosco cheated on her! Did you actually see him with any woman kissing or hugging or even catch them in bed together. If not, then SHUT UP!!!

      4. LOOOOOL KD- that comment made me laugh… exactly my thought!!! i just couldnt word it :3

  8. Starting to think there’s no cheating going around here. It may have been a case of Bosco going out too much or partying too much and Myolie couldn’t stand it anymore. That’s why Bosco said he has to prove himself to her again.

    Idk, just trying to give Bosco the benefit of the doubt here.

    1. yeah i agree aswell… he also stressed on the fact that he didnt have any third parties in his radio interview.. i mean like if he wanted to prove to myolie and stuff, he wouldnt have lied in the interview… it will just make the situation worse so i think its either a big incidence (maybe something private?) or misunderstanding/ mistrust.

  9. As someone who has always liked Bosco Wong since Aqua Heroes, I think it is best for me to remain in denial and continue to believe that Bosco is not the kind who cheats on someone he has openly claimed to love very much.

    It is easier that way. Definitely easier that way…..

      1. Sorry Fiona, but you make it seem like you are 100% positive and have hard core evidence that Bosco actually did cheat or something. Until we how more evidence or something then we still do not know for sure if he did or not. But if you hate Bosco you will immediately come to the conclusion that he cheated for sure…

      2. THANK YOU HETIESHOU!!! i am so sick of their “expert” assumptions!!

      3. Fiona, then you must be one of the three females that Bosco (allegedly) cheated with.

        No one asked you to agree. It’s called having an opinion.

  10. 620 keeps speaking out for bosco, how come she doesn’t do the same for myolie? lol (idk who’s on who’s “camp” in tvb)

    1. hate 620! she made myo come out alone in her press conference!

      1. because when myolie attend the interview, she is in ghetto justice 2 promotional virgina lok come out together with her?virgina lok did says in eileen cha radio interview that she will protect myolie instead of bosco since bosco is a guy and guy should be tough.

      2. It seems like ms. Lok is trying to save bosco but myolie is not going along w/ her damage control plan. Like myolie could deny about Bosco cheating but she didn’t. She must still be mad at Bosco and even madder at ms. Lok for taking his side. I have a feeling myolie will be replaced as #1 fadan soon if she doesn’t cooperate.

      3. Or maybe Ms. Lok wants Myolie to speak out, reverse psychology to make her look more like the victim. After all, it’s all about ghetto promotion right now. Maybe she wants Myolie to look cornered so that people sympathize with her?
        If Bosco is really like that, using sympathy to save his career and have Myolie look like the bad guy, he ought to just cut off his balls and tell the world he’s not a man. Seriously, if you did it, suck it up and face the consequences.

      4. Dang! You should call 620 and let her know you should be there with Myolie when they had that press conference so that you can protect your goddess.

      1. hahahaha… imagine this headlines “MW caught BW with 620” eat dust plastic dolls, auntie cougar is in da room!

    2. Does she say anything that Myolie is a bad girl or cheater? She dub protect Myolie as much as Bosco because ppl are more in her side now and nothing to fix. From her words, I think her intention is even better than some harsh ppl: she wants them to get back again, if Myolie agrees.

      1. I think 620 has already been trying to get these two back together for awhile. it’s been a few months apparently. Myolie has so far disagreed. I think 620 speaks more on Bosco’s side because she knows that is where more of the damage control is needed. She’s not against Myolie – but knows that publicity wise, Myolie will be fine.

    3. She spoke out for Bosco, but, she didn’t bash Myolie either. She did say a lo of good words for Bosco, but, her comment on Myolie was also kind.

  11. There’s too many breakups in the entertainment world and this is a couple that I don’t like to see in splitsville. I just hope both parties are not milking each other for publicity n sympathy. Think Moses… that guy still left a bad taste in my mouth.. all those reports of desolation n sadness n it turned out to be faked…

    But, as a fan of this couple, I do hope to see them back together again. A happy ending like Sammi n Andy after a break?

    1. myolie was not faking. she cried real in front of reporters yesterday. that means her heartbreak is real but she can’t say the whole truth about bosco’s cheating because she still contracted with TVB and has to respect the company. So she only hinted about his infidelity

      1. 8 years is a long time and I think both are hurt in their own way. That is just sad to see. As i said, i like both of them as a couple. I just hope all the emo-ing is not overly done for publicity n sympathy. 620 is coming out a bit strong for Bosco n I always find her reporting dodgy! maybe i’m just bias towards 620 lol

    2. Although the case is still not clear, judging from Myolie’s past interviews, Bosco has done some bad deeds, not once but a couple times and she’s always forgiven him. But this time, I think she’s decided enough is enough.

      1. agree.. but I do feel her strong emotions for Bosco n vice versa. Maybe a break as she said n then maybe become friends again in the future. But, strong conviction on Myolie’s part though to breakup for now. Anger + hurt = strong love?

      2. I’ve a feeling that what Bosco did this time is really bad until myolie couldn’t take it anymore and decided to quit it. She probably caught him sleeping with a plastic!…that’s the worse I could imagine.

    3. Me too, I prefer that Bosco and Myolie should patch up and dont make rash decision. 8 years is 8 years and both of them have relied on one another for those years. Now that the are successful individually, the more should they be together and enjoy the fruits of their hard work. Marriage for them is the best answer. Bosco dont lose Myolie.

  12. Bosco is very good natured and friendly with everyone. My best friend’s husband was like that in his younger days. They don’t realise that being overfriendly can sometimes send out the wrong message to female company and their behaviour (both of which they thought were harmless fun) could hurt their loved one’s feelings. Whether Bosco was being ‘unfaithful’ or not during night outs with his friends, only he himself knows the truth. If he truly loves and wants to marry Myolie, he is right to say he has to prove himself and win her back.

    1. well just see if he’ll win her back or not, probaly when he gets tv king and say a speech, he might win her heart back and if he doesnt get her back so what? Its not the end of the world, she isnt even that good anywayz

      1. She was a loyal girlfriend who stuck by him for 8 years. That’s a gem isn’t it. Bosco can go back to his mainland barbies who only care about excitements and fame.

      2. Acceptance speech love confessions are probably not a good idea anymore. Besides myolie’s speech, On jai professed the “kitchen love oath” to sammi when he won jsg fave male singer. But then they broke up too. Yes, they reconciled but it took many yrs and I don’t think they had to overcome the hurt of infidelity.

    2. It’s too late. He shouldn’t have mingle around with Liu Yan and his assistant too much and hurt Myolie. Myolie deserved better. No offense.

      1. Unfortunetely, Bosco’s mind wasn’t there when he was sleeping with Liu Yan…

      2. @ Veejay

        You are getting more and more presumptuous.

      3. Jump so far into conclusion. Not only bad for Bosco but also Liu Yan.

      4. @Kidd,

        Not only me who has pressumed things about Bosco and Liu Yang, others too think Bosco cheated on Myolie with a hotter gal.. Its just a matter of time, where pics of Bosco cheating behind Myolie gonna leak…

      5. Kidd:

        I don’t think it’s that bad for Liu yan. At least she gets some free publicity and get to show off her assets. Sorry, but her dress w/ the big cut-out over her chest does not scream classy. (was she afraid her boobs couldn’t breathe so needed an opening?)

        Anyway, now some people in hk know her and she can try to fight w/ viann for rice bowl.

      6. Maybe it’s the first time you ever heard about Liu Yan but I scare that she is more famous than you expected. As a host and recent years as an actress. She isnt a young model at all and she showed that she ia very ambitious. With that, she wont put efforts to seduce Bosco for any fame or money since she can easily find some more. I dont downgrade Bosco but to a woman like Liu Yan, he isnt famous enough to be her target.

  13. Regardless of what has happened, it has already happened and there is no use crying over spilled milk. Whatever the future holds will hold and no one will ever know.

  14. What if this all is just a stunt to promote Ghetto Justice? It’s up against the Olympics….the news surrounding it must be juicy. Maybe they just faked a break up to boost ratings? I mean, Boscolie is one of the biggest things TVB has. They create a lot of news. Knowing 620, this isn’t a line she’s afraid to cross. Or maybe they just dont like high profile dating and would rather go back to

    1. Witness Insecurity & Ghetto Justice 2… free TVB promo.

      1. My theory said for GJ2 only because:

        -press con done during GJ2 promo event
        -only Myolie attend press con
        -Bosco got negative impact. It can affect WI

      2. well they’re trying really hard to even out the impact by making Bosco sound good. So they are attempting to make it positive for both.

    2. The Myolie crying GJ2 press is obviously a PR for GJ2, but I think they really broke up and really have these emotions. Bosco did something that Myolie cant stand, and later she choose to break up and Bosco was heartbroken and try to chase her back but fail. He decide to prove himself to get Myolie back but for Myolie, it’s over.

      1. She could have done this “crying” in TITS2 press conference. Guess she was not ready or did not want to get stuck with a Deadly Typhoon storm.

      2. but why promote TITS now? it’s not airing until 2013. This news will be gone by then. GJ2 is what’s airing now. Plus a couple days… doubt that is gonna heal her if a couple months can’t

      3. TITS 2 is suffering lack of news. Which I dont really care. 🙂

      4. Try understand what is Ocaum’s Razor, and perhaps you’ll become more mature and less annoying.

        The GJ2 press announcement was over shadowed by the breakup news. The atmospehere was solemn and resembles a funeral. There is little news about GJ2 actually in the media as it was mostly about Myolie -if it was for purpose of GJ2 publicity then it really backfired.

      5. It appears that the TV host interviewing myolie almost cried too. Must be depressing..

      6. Yep, I dont see a lot of GJ2 press coverage. Only a few clips of Kevin and Christine just to say WTF happen on the breakup.

        Thanks 620, plan fail.

    3. What if all the stuffs bosco said to 620 was to get sympathy frm her and the public? What if he’s just acting like a victim when he’s not? Hahahhaha, sorry, trying to exaggerate the whole thing. Bt bosco crying at this point when the break up happened months ago is pretty much… Weird.

      1. Why would he want sympathy from 620? Bosco and/or Myolie crying at this point is weird…and calling Ms. Lok and calling that one guy … why now? Why not back when it actually happened? Seems all fabricated to me…

      2. sometimes I don’t know if I wanna pity TVB artists or sympathise with them. Any emotion that they show when linked with 620 is simply NOT credible. (even if its true!) maybe Bosco is really hurting, maybe not. But as long as 620 is in the picture, it all seems so ‘faked’ so conspiracy theory n the timing had to be so coincidental with GJ2 press con n WI is having great ratings…… Dodgy mo? to me super dodgy!!! ;p

      3. I think ms. Lok told Bosco to confess now b/c she was tipped off that the tabloids were about to run the story. So she have Bosco announce it first and try to get sympathy points before the news breaks.

  15. All the best wishes to Bosco and Myolie being able to reconcile. Bosco absolutely did not cheat on Myolie as he still loves Myolie very deeply.

    1. He went to China to see a size 34E cup and get ready to rumbooooo!

    2. It’s hard to say if he really loves her. Maybe he’s just acting to get some sympathy. And i tot he’s a quiet person. For such a personal matter, i just thought it is weird tht he would accept the radio interview and cry on the phone.

      1. What you said sounds right. But Bosco is also an emotional person as most artists are whether they are an actor, musician, or dancer. In such a serious case, it would be hard to control one’s emotions and hide it.

    3. All the best to them too. They might not be fated to stay together.

    4. How can one side’s story can be trusted and the other side can’t? There are 2 sides of a coin.

      I can’t believe some people here can believe that 34E girl crap rumour that easily. I read the magazine cutout, the only picture they had is only official picture from filming the mainland series and her single picture. I feel sorry for the 34E lady if she’s innocent and just got dragged in.

      1. i agree with Lara. I mean it is normal for a guy to flirt with other girls. However, cheating is a whole completely different story. Even if Bosco did flirt with those girls, it does not mean that he cheated on Myolie.

      2. Flirting a 34E cup gal is a good relationship with your current girlfriend?

      3. Yup Victoria, we don’t even know much about what happened in their relationship.

        However even if he cheated, that won’t affect how I view him as an actor and how I’m viewing Hui Sir. Hui Sir is still a great man. I feel sorry for capable actors who are under rated because of their personal rumours. I hope Bosco stays strong. I love his acting in Witness Insecurity.

        For his personal life, maybe he and Myolie are just not meant to be match. Bosco sounds sad now, if he’s guilty as assumed I hope he can improve himself and if he’s not that bad, I hope he can move on. Maybe one day he will find his own female version of Hui Sir just like how Kiu Chi Lam find hers.

  16. just watch jayne posted video of myolie. Sometimes i am not quite sure why they accepted the interview, if their mood was so “cha” they should wait until everybody more calm down and less crying when face public. Sometimes when you cry in public ppl could either say you are acting or play sympathy card. They should just said no comment on their private lives. Even though they comment ppl still won’t believe it’s the truth reason anyway. So why bother explaining yourself. Just a thought.

    1. I’ll try to translate. My translation is not as good as Jayne’s. Actually, not much info. Most can be heard from the radio interview liao.

      Bosco Wong, Closes Market

      I already knew that Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong has broken up since a few months ago. But, I saw that Bosco tried very hard to make up and, deep down, I also wish that these two handsome man and beautiful woman that I witness growing up will end up together. So, I gave them space. But, shockingly, a magazine front cover has reported this news and the arrow pointed to Bosco, saying he has 5 girlfrieds in half a year. Why Bosco is being defamed when it’s actually a peaceful break up? In an hour and a half program, I’ve interviewed Myolie, Bosco, Virginia Lok and Bosco’s good friend Tang Chi Wai.

      In the interview, Myolie has admited breaking up officially with Bosco, and Bosco has also revealed that he and Myolie broke up peacefully after a deep discussion. Virginia Lok clarified that there’s not 3rd party. On the day the news came out, Bosco’s emotion was very down, crying until 4am in the morning. Good friend said he can’t bear to see.

      Breakup was a harmonious one, but, unexpectly, a defaming news came out, making someone need to come out and clarify.

      Bosco privately told Miss Lok that he want to use action to move Myolie and will wait for Myolie. So, even after breaking up, Bosco will close his market.

      1. That means they broke up a few months ago. Possibly when Myolie was in mainland.

        From todays news, Bosco stands by his word that the breakup isn’t caused by third party.

        Miss Lok said Myolie feel insecure but denied the latest rumour.

      2. Sorry, a mistranslation. Should be ‘I already knew that Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong has broken up since more than a month ago.’

        Need help from those who is proficient in chinese

        個多月 is ‘more than 1 month’ or ‘a few months’?

      3. Thanks violet. So, Myolie and Bosco has broken up 1 month +.

        Sorry Outsider for the misinformation.

      4. LOL. Eileen Cha’s words are better than 620. Thanks Kidd. My chinese reading weak.

      5. Yah not much new info. Only that Eileen’s writing make her view sounds good and more coherent than 620

      6. Left one the name Tang Chi Wai in this sentence. Sorry.

        ‘Good friend said he can’t bear to see.’

        Should be

        ‘Good friend, Tang Chi Wai, said he can’t bear to see.’

  17. Bosco, just tell the damn truth. 620 is not a fairy godmother who can solve this debacle instantly.

    1. He continue saying the breakup is not caused by a third party. We will know the truth when the magazine printed EDC style pictures or bedroom pictures.

  18. Myolie is very very old liaw. Time up for him to continue to forge a love relationship with her.

    While Bosco is still young, he should go out and explore himself further to find a better quality gal who can understand and “intimate” with him better.

    Forget about this “lou gu poh”

      1. She look old recently with her heavy makeup and old hair. It’s obvious when she stand near Fala

      2. Of course, Fala Chen is younger and prettier than Myolie Wu. Myolie is too thin and skinny.

      3. Well at the TITS 2 press conference. Francis Ng call Myolie fat. She agrees, she is fatter now then TITS 1 when they film.

      4. One calling Myolie fat, and one calling Myolie skinny, gosh…
        She’s not fat, 110-120lbs on 5’7″ is not fat (btw, I think Francis was teasing)
        But of course, I do hope she has more womanly curves than when she was 22 years old! She was probably like 100 lbs then?

      5. they used the term “baby fat”…boring conversation.

    1. Perhaps it is good for them. First, they are two persons of totally different personalities. Myolie is a serious but outspoken person who likes to talk a lot about her relationship with Bosco. On the other hand, Bosco is a very reserved person; he does not like to open himself up to anyone, including Myolie and his mother. Moreover, he is a playful person and likes to “joke” around with females. He is good looking and baby-faced, and is very hot and popular among females. He does not seem to reject them, which gives his female friends and colleagues (especially the ones in Mainland China) some kind of misleading impressions that they can flirt with him.

      It is very hard for two people of totally different personalities to be together unless one party is willing to close his/her eyes all the time (like Lam Fung-Gill and Jacky Chan).

      1. From reports, it’s Bosco who likes talking about his relationship with Myolie…. Myolie has said “please don’t mention him” and “give us space”. Before they admitted, it was Myolie who dodged and Bosco who was open. He can’t be quiet and flirty at the same time, what the hell. Pick one. You can’t flirt when you’re a mute.

      2. He said in his latest interview that he has a cheerful and flamboyant personality in public but somewhat quiet and melancholic in private. This aligned well with him being flirty among other people but reserved when only with himself.

      3. Well shoot. Isn’t that true about everyone? I mean if he is alone and talking to or flirting with himself, i’d be worried…Seems to me like “prep” for the big announcement.

  19. Very immature commenting about the woman’s age. Who wouldn’t age, so does that give a guy the right to switch to a younger model every five years? GEEZ! I forgive you since you’re probably 13.

    Imagine if your dad did that to you mum, how many small mummies would yo have now?

    Those china girls are really notorious… they snatch anything and everything they can. Funny thing is in the end, they will be fighting each other for these TVB siu sangs. All the viann zhangs – fake and attention seeking…

    If thats what bosco wants, thats his problem. I hope Myolie finds herself a good man who will take care of her. No point going for looks over substance… can’t last.

    Its done. I’m painfully affected thats to really liking Bosco’s new drama. Now all I see when I watch him as Hui Sir is “Jin Nan”

    1. Gigi, i was laughing when i read your last sentence. It’s quite true as much as don’t want to be effected but right now can’t really see him as hui sir.

      1. me three. But I won’t mind watching him as Bai Co. or Chris or someone else. Just Hui Sir is like sooooo GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD like a saint. LOL

    2. Hui Sir isn’t that perfect. If you watched the episode last night, he also has an uncontrolled side of himself when a character close to him leave him for good.

      Bosco is doing a great job as Hui Sir I reckon.

      1. Yes he’s doing great in the witness serial, but to mass audience an actor nowadays will be judged by his personality too.

  20. i really liked Boscolie together, so i felt very depressed hearing about their breakup, especially that i’m in a long-term relationship myself. i’m really disappointed in Bosco, he doesn’t deserve Myo. yes i admit, i’m Myo’s fan, so it’s hard for me to stay unbiased –i just want to express my true feelings now. it was so hard for me to watch Myo cry, she looked so heartbroken. no matter how much i loved and supported Boscolie as a couple, i must say, i can’t stand another chance for Bosco to hurt Myo again.

    hope Myo can stay strong. as a fan, i will support her all the way –i hope GJ2 will be another success.

  21. Poor Myolie, I am quite sure she wasn’t faking during the interviews as she seems a sincere person judging from the interviews I’ve seen of her. It would have been terrible for her to talk about her breakup with Boscoe especially after her historic confession of their love during the TVB Awards last year. As she never at any time revealed the reason for the breakup it is really not fair of us to make speculations. Long engagements like theirs have proved not to be too healthy. Anyway, I hope they will soon get over the affair and get on with their lives.

  22. I really wonder what both parties’ parents think about this. I know Bosco’s mom really liked Myolie, so will she be upset and make Bosco chase back her good “daughter-in-law”?
    What about Myolie’s dad? He loves Myolie a lot and sent her for a good education…Bosco doesn’t have a great education and he seemed already a little disapproving of their relationship. Even if Myolie miraculously wants to forgive Bosco, will her dad let her?

    1. During her first year in university, Myolie took part the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1999 and clinched second runner-up. Shortly afterward, she signed on to TVB as a full-time contracted artiste and withdrew from school. In other words, Myolie did not even finish Year 1 in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Bosco finished Form 7 (Matriculation, the year before entering university). Therefore, their education is about the same. The only difference is Myolie should have a better command of English as she received high school education in Boarding School at Methodist College Belfast, Northern Ireland.

      1. Myolie Wu’s high school education was sponsored by the Government of Hong Kong as her father was a civil servant. Her dad did not have to pay for it, maybe just some pocket money for Myolie.

  23. i think myolie is a player since she is the one who broke this relationship. i think she look down on bosco because she became tv queen and earn more money than bosco and became bossy behaviour.poor bosco he is too naive to trust this heartless women.

    1. It is true to a certain extent. Myolie seemed to be a demanding person who liked to “control” Bosco a lot, and Bosco needed a lot of freedom to “flirt” with his female friends, which was not acceptable to Myolie at all.

      After all Myolie seemed to be a lot maturer than Bosco, mentally and physically.

    2. Do you know the definition of player? What you described is not one. But why would she look down on him and everything if she used her Best Actress speech to admit that she was his girlfriend? And do you know that Bosco has side business investments that actually increase his earnings by a lot? He’s not poor. I do agree that she did like to have control over Bosco, but that’s true for every female. You need to control your man at least a little or else he runs away. It’s a security thing. Bosco also has a right to talk to whoever he wants. He wants to be flirty, that’s fine. Just not when he has a girlfriend. I don’t think it’s a maturity thing, as I was like this even when I was 13.

      1. Jackie:

        Were you able to get a wife then? She must be very generous and didn’t mind you flirting with your female friends. But Myolie is not like that.

        Moreover, Bosco is 31 and not 13 years old. That is his personality. Myolie has to accept it if she wants to keep Bosco as her boyfriend, or breakup is the best solution.

      2. U know I seriously think that Bosco might has had done something really bad behind Myolie until she broke up with him..imagine a relationship of 8 years..and ppl said she has endured his previous flings and was able to tolerate them and forgave what do u think that caused her to suddenly break the tie? It could be something really severe that destroy the trust.

      3. Probably Bosco cheated on Myolie and dated someone else, but that is his personality. There are not many men who never cheat on their wives, especially if they are handsome, popular, and loaded with money? If Myolie wants to keep Bosco, she will have to accept it. It is very hard for a woman to change a man’s personality. She has to take it or leave it. Bosco will surely do same after marriage.

      4. Mind you, I’m a girl. I was talking in the perspective of Myolie, it’s not that she is mature that she wants a little security with her boyfriend. When i was 13 and had my first boyfriend, I was also controlling and wanted to be secure. And I said it’s fine for Bosco to be flirty BUT NOT when he has a girlfriend.

      5. Well, you are speaking from a female’s point of view. Of course, it is very different. Ask some rich, good looking, popular and successful men if they ever cheated on their wives, I don’t mean girlfriends!

      6. I dont get your point. First you think I’m talking from a guy’s perspective and you say I’m never going to get a wife because I think it’s okay to cheat. Then I say you misunderstood my whole point and that i aws speaking from a girl’s perspective and you say that all guys cheat on their wives. What are you trying to say?

    3. 1. If she look down on bosco because she became TV Queen, then why will she ANNOUNCE THEIR RELATIONSHIP to the world when she won best actress?! I don’t know what you saw, but most people saw that there was love and hope shining through her tears when she made her acceptance speech.

      2. If she look down on bosco because he earns less than her… Why do people keep acting as though bosco is very poor and has very poor earning power!?!!?! I believe with his investment in red wine, housing and restaurants, he is actually doing better than Myolie!! while she has more endorsements and events, the real money he made investing in red wine, collecting rent, and being a boss. Gosh, this guy can afford to buy his girlfriend a car and own 3 properties at 32 years old, and more, and you guys saying that Myolie earns less than him. Do we see any news of Myolie investing her earnings in any way? Like we see Selena opening a make up school, or Tavia with her hobbies related shop, but Myolie?

      Who is the heartless one? A woman in her thirties who given the best 8 years of her life sticking by one man? Or a man in his golden years who is known for being flirty with his female co-stars (regardless of whether he has an affair).

      1. “Who is the heartless one? A woman in her thirties who given the best 8 years of her life sticking by one man? Or a man in his golden years who is known for being flirty with his female co-stars (regardless of whether he has an affair).”

        No one is heartless. She gave her 8 years voluntarily, he needn’t feel burdened by that. He should feel burdened by the fact that for 8 years she was faithful and supportive whilst he hasn’t. That should be the way to go.

        And nothing wrong with being flirty except not too flirty.

      2. My “heartless” comment is due to Shu calling Myolie a “heartless woman”.

    4. looks like “somebody” didn’t do her/his homework!!!! Myolie, player? *points finger LOL*

      1. oops, better clarify. it’s index finger hor. 😳

  24. And Myolie’s reply?

    (you can wait) until the flower dies.

  25. But one thing I don’t understand with men generally, or women.

    Why do they proclaim undying love and sounds like they mean it and apologies and sounding like they really really mean it AND yet they cheat? Because they can?

    1. Has to do with teh fact that we’re techinically animals. It’s unnatural for a male to be monogamous i guess, since in nature it’s usually the female who raises the baby. I studied this in Psychology. Women are not okay with emotional infidelity because they want to feel secure that their partner is going to be there for them when they have kids and will be there for the kis too. Men are not okay with sexual infidelity because they want to ensure that the kids that the woman has is theirs.

      1. hmm…so men are okay with their woman thinking of other guys, as long as there is no sex involved?

    2. Cheating is also a game to some… they feel power by it. He had Myolie, who he truly loved, and yet he could still have this pretty girl here. It’s not being able to appreciate what you have. The forbidden fruit.

      As the saying goes, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Now that Myolie’s gone, suddenly Bosco is like “Oh, she wasn’t kidding, what have I done?” and NOW he’s repentant? Too late Bosco… maybe you should have listened to the warnings before.

      At least Kristen Stewart reminded us all that it’s not just men who can fall by the side…

  26. There is still no outright denial from Bosco on the third. And Ms Lok and Bosco’s friends better be careful about what they say. If there IS a third, and they keep covering up and lying about it to the point that netizens turn on Myolie, she may reveal the truth. Right now she’s also protecting Bosco by not saying anything. But if these two busy bodies keep interfering and trying to drum up support for “poor crying Bosco”, it could backfire.

    The best thing for Bosco to do would be to clear the air and be direct. Get it out there and it would end speculation. Say definitely one way or another YES or NO. Enough of the vagueness… it will only hurt you further in the future especially if there IS a third party, and that third party steps forward themselves (maybe with a little $$$ encouragement from a media source).

    All these reports of him crying, or wanted to take the blame.. that all the bad things should happen to him – is he trying to show that he’s a white knight again? Or is it that he desires punishment because of a guilty conscience?

    1. Was shocked and sad to hear about their break-up.

      Judging from Myolie’s GJ2 interview and how they responded, it seems that Bosco did indeed cheat. If he did, he should take the Kristen Stewart route and just admit it. The backlash will be severe but not as bad as when the media digs up hard proof of his cheating. How come no one has figured out that 620’s PR skills are horrible?!

      If Bosco didn’t outright cheat, I think it’s just a matter of Myolie no longer willing to put up with his flirtatious ways. She is now of the age that she is looking for a life partner — if he isn’t right for her, now’s the time to end it.

      I believe that Bosco really loves her, and maybe this is the kick in the a- – to get him to really change for good and hopefully win Myolie back.

  27. What do you guys think? Is bosco willing to wait for Myolie or it is just a phrase to help him clean up his third party situation?

  28. None of this gossip would happen if Bosco kept his mouth shut, now the world knows it and it gives us something to talk about. If Bosco wants peace, I know Myolie do, is to keep quiet, not air you relationship to the public like he did and poor Myolie has to respond. My take is that he did this to try to reconcile in the public while the private channel is silence between them. Myolie deserves better than a cheater, fingerprints all over it.

    1. Its not Bosco, he can say what ever he wants. Its 620 and Tang Chi Way who spoke out and sort of support Bosco, the way they answer may be damaging to both Bosco and Myolie’s reputation and it does not help bring their relationship back.

  29. Did you guys honestly believed he is trying to salvage the relationship… all i hear pretty loud and clear in his radio interview is “When the feeling is gone, its gone”

    Sigh… “jin nam”

    1. I think Bosco needs to save himself for his future. Its going to be exciting few months.

  30. Ooohh maybe he could do what Kristen Steward did.. public apology to Robert Pattinson.

  31. Myolie sure handled the situation very well..perhaps too well. Although, she didn’t directly saying bad things about Bosco (to get sympathy from others)but she gave out VERY OBVIOUS hint!!! I just don’t buy it that she is not saying all out just to protect him…more like she is not saying it just to make people speculate stuffs that may or may not be the truth! Its a great way to get back at Bosco without looking like the ‘bad’ one! A little too cunning in my opinion.

    I am not a fan of either. To be honest, I don’t even like much of the new generation TVB actors. However, just can’t help commenting since it seem like so many people quickly jump at Bosco’s throat. If he did cheated, then he totally deserves getting dumped by Myolie but until there’s evidence, why make such an assumptions based on just ‘one’ person’s word?!
    We don’t really know what’s going on behind.

    It is sad to see an 8 years relationship comes to an end. I am sure both are hurting despite whatever the reasons for them to broke up. Anyhow, there’s no need to put blame on anyone, it is their relationship, not ours.

  32. I’m honestly starting to think this is just fake… Bosco and Myolie seemed fine before talking about each other, and now at the mention of each other they start crying and talk about being depressed. Yeah, it can be that they finally decided to split, but they’re stirring up more controversy by hinting Bosco is the cheater who “now regrets it” and wants her back. Like someone said, if he wanted to cheat, why wait until now? Myolie went to mainland before.If it was a true break up and Myolie and Bosco wanted their privacy, they should know by now that the only way the media will shut up about it is if they give definite answers, like with their relationship in the first place. They admitted, and there were a few articles about how much they love each other and Bosco being more open about their relationship, but no one really cares about if they date and stuff anymoer because they’re already a couple. I know for sure, at least I can feel it that their relationship was true…and my gut feeling was right. Everything just seems really illogical.

  33. I don’t think those those two are only hurt right now, but a lot of their fans are hurts too, like me. I am a big fan of both, and to be honest, sometimes I keep thinking that I should stop reading this, because all this reading makes me feel more sad, but when this news keeps on popping up, then I just cant not read it, so one part of me just want to ask those media to stop writing so we who loves those two together, and for them to get some space from everything.

    1. As a Boscolie fan, first I was in denial, telling myself this is just a publicity stunt. Then I accepted the fact that they indeed broke up and I really hope Bosco can get Myolie back.
      Right now, I think Bosco really did do something to hurt Myolie, so I’ll respect her whether or not she accepts Bosco in future.

  34. It seems that Bosco died in last episode of WI. LOL, fans are saying that he is just as sad in love in reality and in the series. hmm.. since Miss Lok said he will die rather than let Myolie be hurt.. maybe he will also end up dead in real life. LOL

    1. that’s a little harsh, isn’t it? I thought you were once a Bosco fan. Even if he did hurt Myolie he doesn’t deserve death… he just doesn’t deserve her. Ms. Lok said that stuff not Bosco, how do we know he really said that and she’s not the one exaggerating?

      1. I meant it as a joke, I didn’t say I want him to die. LOL I just said will we see him dead, since they say he’s the same as sad in love in reality and in the show. LOL

      2. LOL I think its harsh too. Or Nicole is Myolie in disguise? LOL

      3. I clarify I didn’t say I want him dead. I said maybe he will end up dead because of 620’s dramatic statement.

      4. Yeah, I do agree with you that 620 and TCW ruined the sympathy Bosco would get if he stood alone. I honestly would have listened to Bosco more if he didn’t have those two blabbing in the back. I believe, or want to believe that he loves her and wants her back with him, and that he’s willing to change his shortcomings (whatever they are) to make her happy. Maybe it is true! But 620…made it seem so fake by exaggerating it. But maybe that’s the plan all along? I doubt 620 is stupid enough to say such OTT things on accident. Stirs up controversy, rather than just a break up.

      5. I dont think Nicole meant it that way, she was just joking.

      6. They’re a little crazy, aren’t they? Haha, considering Myolie and Linda were just promoting House of Harmony and they said they got super close like sisters and Linda commented on Myolie’s weibo post about her having to cut her hair short. People need to calm down. Whoever this girl is, or if there even IS a girl, will be revealed eventually. It’s their business, don’t pull in random people and use them as a scapegoat for your anger.
        And yes, Nicole, I think she is a very mature person. Just because she has big (fake?) boobs doesn’t mean she’s a dummy. I know I have a friend with a similar size who is smart and wise. Her job probably required it, don’t blame her, blame society these days for expecting famous women to be goddesses. She’s very sweet too, to say that she’s being hurt the least. She shouldn’t be hurt at all, considering she has nothing to do with it. I would be angry if i was her, but instead she’s gracious and empathizes with Bosco and Myolie

      7. Indeed, besides I really doubt Linda will be the type to go after someone who is attached.
        And they dragged kate in as 3rd party too. This is her response.
        K: “Really can’t believe! After I watched Myolie’s interview, then I know it’s really true. I really can’t accept it. I’m closer to Myolie, and have texted her, hoping she can feel happier, but actually I myself is very sad ” (lOL at that, she’s just like us fans.. )
        R: Is Bosco a flirt?
        K: Colleagues won’t ask so much!
        R: Any chance of progression with Bosco?
        K: Absolutely not!

      8. OMG who would be so dumb to believe Linda or Kate is the third party. The reporters are too dumb to think of some better person to take the blame?

        Did anybody see Nancy and Linda’s TV funny interview? Linda was really close with Nancy. No way Linda is the third party cos Nancy would never treat Myolie’s love rival that nice.

        And I remember Kate was totally rooting for Myolie and Bosco to win TV King and Queen last year. She even said they should get married if both them win it together.

    2. From your harsh words Nicole you sound like Boscolie and Myolie fan once but not Bosco fans. That’s why you have been very active accusing Bosco of everything since Myolie ‘hinted’ in her vague statement LOL. I never thought of making fun of someone with DIE. I don’t like Bosco but I still wish that he can learn from mistakes since he’s still young and hope his career wont be affected. Face it, he’s quite a good actor although his image is very playboy.

      Joe Ma make mistakes many times. Benny ate a young girl. Both caugh red handed. I still dont make fun of them dying. It’s too harsh LOL.

      1. Im making fun of 620’s OTT statement, which was too dramatic, that make everyone suspect bosco.
        And I was Bosco fan, since I watched him as Chris in TITS. I even remember his name and even though his scenes were few, he had the x factor even then.

      2. If 620 and TCW didn’t come out and make bosco look like cry baby, I think more people will feel sympathetic for him, but now he’s like little boy who has his toys taken away, and need mommy. LOL

      3. Making fun of Bosco to die is OTT still LOL. You sound like a crazy Myolie fan now.

      4. If 620 didn’t say that stupid OTT phrase why will I say will bosco also die like she said? She herself said bosco willing to die than hurt Myolie, then she cuss bosco to die?

      5. I mean a young girl like Kristen Stewart can come out and say sorry for hurting Robert Pattison, yet Bosco who is 10 years older still need 620 to baby him.. Sigh Then stupid Ron still denying even with the messages shown. Why can’t they just admit it.

      6. Bosco spoke for his own too. It’s not like Bosco didn’t speak anything and points a gun at Chi Wai and Virginia Lok asking her to speak for him.

      7. I agree with Nicole, she still loves him or else she wouldn’t cry. But right now she is mad at him. Who says she’s targeting his career? That’d be so heartless, considering in the past they were there for each other as their careers developed and Bosco especially supported Myolie during her lowest point. Why would Myolie turn on that and cause an obstacle for Bosco? From what people say about Myolie being a good person, and even Bosco admitting that she is an ideal woman to marry… She’s not like that or else Bosco wouldn’t have even loved her in the first place.

    3. He also got his punishment now. The whole world has brand him a cheater except his fans only LOL. Myolie must be happy now since she can get her revenge without need to present real evidence.

      1. You act like love can just disappear so easily. If you spent 8 years dating someone and truly loving and trusting them, you think you can just turn a 180 degree turn and want them to be miserable? I doubt Myolie has lost all her feelings in Bosco. I’m sure like the rest of us, they just want each other to be happy and don’t want to hurt each other anymore than what’s already done. Hence Myolie said “I don’t want to explain why we broke up, I don’t want to speak badly about him” well this doesn’t necesarily have to be about him cheating, but think about it, asking for a reason is sayingl ike “what is it about him that you don’t like? what are his shortcomings and bad habits?” she doesn’t want to reveal them. What she says is misleading, perhaps hiding the truth out of good intention to protect him.

      2. She has lost the love.

        PROOF: Someone in love will protect and hide the breakup reason at all cost, but Myolie is leaking out the reason by her ‘hints’ and she doesn’t do anything to help Bosco when the entire nation is blasting and bashing him. What Bosco should do now is leave TVB for a longer period until Myolie’s fans stop their hurling insults at him.

      3. I agree with what Vivien said. Myolie give the hints so that media and her fans can punish Bosco on her behalf so she doesn’t need to do the dirty job. Myolie sure know her fans these days can do anything.

      4. I don’t think she lost the love entirely, since feelings don’t dissipate that easily, but love intermingled with hate and hurt, can be just as dangerous as without love.

      5. But I do think she’s past the stage where she loves him so much, that she will do anything for him. Love + Disappointment + Hurt should be more likely.

      6. I say she lost that special feeling because she doesn’t want to help him at all. What’s left is a little bit of good memories, anger and disappointment. The anger and disappointment must be bigger than her good memories since she basically destroyed his image with her speech.

      7. so she just “lost the love” that quickly? First of all, she is hinting…but that could just be the failure to hide the truth…as we know Myolie isn’t that eloquent… remember her Fav Female Character speech? And either way if Bosco cheated, he is trying to make himself look better by saying Myolie was just bored of him and broke up with him for “no immediate reason”… I’d be pretty pissed off if my ex did me wrong and then lied to protect his own name in a sly way by trying to put the blame on me and make me look heartless. Doesnt’ mean she wants revenge, just means she’s mad.

      8. Agreed! I think she hate him now and is happy to see her press con made her crazed fans attack him LOL

      9. 1 over 2 probabilities he did something wrong, but he never tried to blame her and never said anything negative about her.

        Virginia and Chi Wai also didn’t say anything negative against her. To say that these people are trying to blame her is false statement.

      10. I think 620 is very miffed with Myolie for being so difficult, why not just close one eye open one eye, Bosco has always being flirty, right? So now all this ruckus to take care, creating so much trouble for her and for tvb and for Bosco.

      11. They never attacked her , but Myolie didn’t attack Bosco either. She never said anything bad about him. She said she DIDN’T want to say anything bad about him. So double standard here? Both are up to interpretation. General interpretation of Myolie’s interview is “I can’t say, but he’s probably having an affair.” when all she said was “I can’t speak for him because we’re not longer able to do that now that we’re not together. I can tell you from my end there is no one”. General interpretation of Bosco’s itnerview is “I want sympathy from people. Please help me keep my career, I can’t let people see me as an ass!” All he really said is that he loves her still and wants to be with her if she still accepts him. How do you know what they REALLY mean?

      12. Nah Myolie is free of trouble and get publicity out of this. Virginia Lok, Chi Wai and Bosco didn’t say anything that will hurt her. Only Bosco and Liu Yan are suffering from all the speculations and false rumour from Next Weekly. The mainland actress Liu Yan was very sad when she was accused by the media to be the extra wheel.

      13. If we listened to their interviews in sequence, the first one Myolie did with Eileen Cha, she really did not reveal much, and she was very calm in her replies.
        Then 620 comes and talks about dramatic dramatic dying , wanting to get married with Myolie, crying crying talking until 4 am.
        Then bosco comes on, and starts crying. Then TCW comes telling everyone Bosco cried soooooo hard and so long, and he’s so heart broken.

        I think after all that drama 620 and TCW pulled, she got kind of fed up with them. It’s like they are trying to make it into a circus to save bosco, and she herself wants their personal relationship to be kept under wraps in a mature manner. And under the pressure that she was in, she might have let some of her hurt feelings through, when she met the reporters by herself.

      14. seriously, without those two jokers, I don’t think the hoohaa will be as big, especially most of the things which were making headlines, like Bosco wanting to marry Myolie, and Bosco is gonna prove himself to Myolie were said by 620 and TCW respectively.

      15. I do feel sorry for Liu Yan too, because it’s not her… didn’t they say that Myolie intiated the break up before Bosco went to mainland. Even if they hooked up in Mainland (not likely since Liu Yan doesn’t like his type) Bosco would have been single by then.
        But I definitely agree with Nicole. She said she doesn’t want to talk about it, but obviously they’re going to make her talk. The truth would be revealed eventually but she just wants some peace and quiet and then 620 goes around hollering BOSCO WANTS HER BACK HE LOVES HER YEAH. and she’s like “just shut up already” If she really wanted to hurt Bosco, she would have said from the beginning that she and Bosco broke up due to an “incident” and then she can do the whole thingl ike Bosco did. Don’t blame him! I still really love him and would do anything to make sure that you guys don’t hurt him! THAT makes herself look more like an angel than what she’s doing now, don’t you think?

      16. Maybe 620 purposely said the OTT way to sabotage WI rating and boost GJ rating by making Myolie look like a hurt woman LOL. Poor WI team. Poor Linda too I heard people accuse her as third party because her chemistry with Bosco was good? LOL

      17. Jackie, I especially like this line that Liu Yan said. She sounds like a mature person.
        “The guy is being scolded, the girl is hurt. Actually the harm to me is the lowest, because I’m not involved.”

    4. Sigh. Even their co-stars are shocked by this split. I know that we should give them their space but i wanna know why already >.< If it's that severe to the point of unfixable, at least give us fans some closure…

  35. bosco doesnt need to wait for myolie, he got other prettier girls he can date

    1. Does he want them though? He doesn’t need to wait, but he’s CHOOSING to wait. Good for him. If he truly loves her and hasn’t given up hope, he would try to win her back.

  36. Latest updates 620 on Boscolie’s breakup


    So according to the news above Bosco indeed cheated on Myolie before but it was many years back and Myolie had forgive him??Well well thank you Miss Lok for your “kind honesty”. Once bitten twice shy. I don’t know how many time Myolie had to put up with Bosco’s unfaithfulness but if he really is that kind of person then I’m feel extremely sorry for Myolie to have wasted 8 freaking years of her life with a guy like him!

    1. Wow.. I just read the comments on weibo, and everyone is scolding bosco, now that the truth is out. 620 confirmed that bosco did cheat on myolie, although she said that it’s in the past and myolie has forgiven him.
      But how does she know he didn’t at all in the past four years.. she was hiding under his bed for four years?

      1. so did he cheated on Myolie with Liu Yan? Or someone from Mainland too?

        I knew it, He cheated on her and she just want out now~!

      2. Come to think of it I think everyone knows about Bosco’s secret rendezvous at his early years. Even during Eileen Cha’s interview with Bosco she said why did both you breakup?This past few years you have been really good already. DANG!Why didn’t I notice this sentence earlier.

      3. We don’t know who he cheated with now, or if he cheated recently. but 620 said with her own words that Bosco cheated on Myolie in the past, but Myolie forgiven him then. Then she still try to save him, by saying she can confirm he didnt cheat in the last four years. But really, how would she know? Unless.. she’s hiding under his bed, or she’s the one he’s cheating with!?!

      4. I think it must be something really disgusting until Myolie can’t forgive him anymore..probably some nude pics of Bosco with soem busty chick? LOL I think most women won’t be able to take back their partner if they see such pics..

      5. Yeah I think it must be a really HUGE blow this time to Myolie where she had come to realize that he is not worth her time and love at all. As a woman a sense of security is really important especially during her age right now where she is no longer young and naive.

      6. Points from the news:

        According to the Miss Lok, Myolie doesn’t feel sense of security. When responding to the rumour of Bosco and the three mainland woman, Miss Lok said it’s not true. Miss Lok also said that Bosco used to cheat about 4 years ago, but Myolie has forgiven him.

      7. If 620 can say Bosco didn’t cheated on Mylie in the recent years..then what would have caused Myolie to dumped him? and 620 might have alrady bribed those women who Bosco slept with $$$ to shut their mouths lol.

      8. From Bosco’s news:

        Bosco denied Liu Yan is 3rd party. He said the breakup should be between him and Myolie but now has involve many innocent people. He stand to his words that they didn’t break up because of a 3rd party.

      9. @Nicole
        Wow that’s a bit absurd don’t you think??The guy in the picture doesn’t even look like Bosco =.=”

      10. Nicole: The guy doesn’t look like him and other infos don’t point anything. Can you get me the specific weibo link so that we can read the contents?

      11. Which one? I didn’t really see it, there’s too many comments. But if that’s really the case.. we just have to give it some time, and the truth should be out.

    2. Hahaha, 620 pressured to give in otherwise the doggies would digg even deeper to reveal even more ugly stuff.

      Bosco must have cheated in Myolie N number of times. Initially I thought it was a one time affair and in that case I would’ve liked Myolie give him another chance.

      Now Bosco can wait till he turns into a stone statue, LOL.

      1. Let’s say byebye to a once potential big actor in the making. Many people said there will be a follow up issue. Let’s wait. I’m assuming pics of Bosco caught redhanded like Joe Ma.

      2. That’s expected. Actors are not judged by their acting alone by the mass population. Bosco has good strength in his acting and with more experience he can be a prominent actor, it’s a waste that his personality can’t stick to one woman.

    3. Surprised that Ms.Lok appear in Stephen Chan’s event. I thought they don’t see eye to eye?

    4. Myolie really wasted her 8 years! She should be like Viann and walk out before it’s too long!

      1. I also agree that Myolie should forget about Bosco and seek a better life without him. Living with a cheater like Bosco will just waste her time. Sometimes separation isn’t something bad if both have disagreement on an “issue”.

  37. 620 give up on Bosco and decide to keep Myolie LOL. 620’s the one trashing his career now.

    1. Say byebye to Bosco’s career. Shame because he’s very popular and had good chance to become big until this.

      1. Now 620 and TVB also dont want to save him anymore.

      2. This makes me wonder what would have triggered 620 to spill the beans out of the sudden??Hmmmm…..

  38. Wow, if it’s true that Bosco cheated on her 4-5 years ago, then I’m thinking it is with Elva Ni.
    It happened in 2008 and she posted a picture of him almost kissing her cheek.

    The other females rumored with him at that time were Fala Chen and Toby Leung but they only seemed to be costars and used for promotion only.

      1. I can’t read chinese, but isn’t 3weekly not really reliable? Toby seems more like a friendly, westernized girl so that’s why there’s so many rumors of her with different guys. Tabloids do seem to add in a bunch of stars even if they know it’s not true so that it can help sell the magazine.

      2. 3 Weekly as reliable as Apple Daily and Next LOL. I always dismissed Toby because I saw Tommy and Bosco still get along LOL. LOO producer was under Tommy ROFL

      3. I just got info about the assistant that was rumoured by Next. People who know her said she’s totally innocent. She’s just an assistant and always accompany him because she’s his assistant in China.

      4. Toby has rumours with Ron too LOL. Poor Toby. Until married tabloid still write her because she’s friendly.

      5. vivien, the producer for LOO is under Tommy, but the producer is not Tommy.
        Tommy produced many series of Myolie like GF, SL, DOL, yet she didnt attend Toby’s wedding, when people like RL, TY all attended.

      6. Bunch of artists went to Toby’s wedding :P. Even more crowded than the Txb award few days before that.

        LF and Myolie are under Tommy’s side more. This is why you don’t see them in Cat Tsang’s side’s series much.

      7. Tommy produced like 6 series in the last 10 years, excluding those ICAC ones. He casted Raymond and Myolie in 5 and 4 of them respectively. Can really see that they are his favourites, from Golden Faith, Survivor Law, Drive of Life and Taichi.

        When Myolie won Best Actress she also thanked Tommy Leung the most, yet she did not attended his daughter’s wedding, when Raymond sure did, and many others who are not close to Tommy, did as well.

        Why didn’t she????? Suspicious not?

      8. Busy? Not in HK? Sleep late and forget the wedding?

      9. She was in HK at that time. And other people who were busy also attended, we all know Raymond is busy, yet he manages to attend. Wedding is at night, so hard to sleep late.

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