Bosco Wong to Open Oyster Bar in Hong Kong

Besides filming in mainland China, Bosco Wong (黄宗泽) has been aggressively investing in business ventures in the last two years. He and a group of friends earlier invested $8 million HKD in a bar restaurant in Malaysia called House Music Club. Possessing a heavy interest in culinary arts since childhood, Bosco took further steps in this direction. This time, he and a partner invested $3 million HKD to open an oyster bar in Soho, the Central district of Hong Kong.

Bosco’s mainland Chinese detective drama, Young Sherlock <少年神探狄仁杰>, finished filming on April 10. Back in Hong Kong, Bosco was spotted with his business partner and a real estate agent in Central, Hong Kong, at 3 PM. The trio checked out over seven shops in the area suitable for the oyster bar, observing the surroundings.

“I have friends in the dining industry who can receive liquor licenses, so this time I want to open an oyster bar, which can be a place of gathering for those who love to eat oysters.” Bosco said. Bosco’s wish is to become a chef, and so he would like to set the bar’s menu himself. Bosco’s dream shop would be around 1,000 square feet, so that it is easy to manage.

Net Worth of $30 million HKD?

In 2010, Bosco moved from his village house in Shatin to a mansion in The Grandville, with rental fees of $30,000 HKD per month. Currently owning four properties, three of them are rentals, providing him with an additional source of income. Bosco owns multiple cars, including a red Audi RS5 worth $1.3 million HKD and a Benz S350, which also has a cost in the millions.

With his popularity, Bosco allegedly earned $180, 000 RMB per episode while filming in mainland China. He has also expressed that he declined ten filming offers in mainland due to his workload in Hong Kong. Bosco is currently predicted to have a net worth of $30 million HKD.

In Hong Kong for the next several months, Bosco will film for a 20-episode modern drama temporarily titled Cat Mother <猫屎妈妈> for TVB in May. He will be collaborating with Michelle Yim (米雪).


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  1. Good luck to Bosco on his new side business and collaborating with Michelle Yim seems good for his experience although the title sounds gross. Let me guess: it must be a comedy….

    1. LOL might as well collaborate with Myolie. There was just an article about her and a part about her cats.

    2. Direct translation of the title is “Cat Feces Mother”? It does sound..nevermind.

      Bosco said he might be collaborating with Michelle Yim and Eliza Sam.

  2. It seems that Bosco Wong has a good business mind. Investing in a business is a good side job (business) for him in the long run.

    1. He may have learnt it from his close friend 3 Gor.

  3. If Bosco is very successful in his investments/business, then his acting career can become his hobby. He can then select his characters and his movies or drama series. Why not if he knows to how to invest and run a business?

    1. He’s still a newborn baby in business and I think he still makes acting in dramas and movies as his priority and main source of income. He had just newly invested in the businesses and no one including himself knows how well the businesses will run through in the long run.

      Ray will likely retreat from full time acting first before him judging from his recent close up interviews.

      1. Of course, Raymond Lam has a rich daddy and Bosco doesn’t.

        Bosco will stay in the entertainment world for a while. As you said, he is still a newborn baby in business. He has to learn through mistakes and failures in investments/business in order to gain his expertise and experience.

      2. Arghh it was a mistake for me to accidentally say something about Ray even for a seemingly normal matter. I forgot.

        It was my fault at first, but let’s not talk about Ray anymore ok. However before that let me say first that Ray’s success today is not related to his rich daddy. He starts in TVB from the bottom too like others do.

      3. Agree. Raymond’s success has nothing to do with his Dad. However, he can “retire” easily if he wants to because he can start his second career as his dad’s business partner.

      4. Yeah should not bring Ray into something like this. Because someone will always mention that he has a rich daddy. But despite all the negative news about Ray, all I know is that he is hard working and there’s no doubt about that. I mean look at people like that Florinda Ho…rich daddy and never worked a day in her life.

  4. I seriously thought he has much more net worth than the above stated, especially when I recall Bernice making more than that in one year.

    1. I’m quite sure that Bernice Liu was making at least $3 million/year whilst she was at TVB… most of the money came from endorsements/ads though..

      I think they called her the “dark horse” of the TVB artists income race (if you can call it that!)

      Can’t wait to see some of her new dramas filmed with CTI… (and her new jawline lol).

      1. I don’t think that was the case. She was making 30+ Million a year, being the top earner at one point. Majority of the money did come from the endorsements and show fees. Bernice made a lot of money during her peak at TVB and 3 Million isn’t a lot of money.

        If you do the math and look at Edwin who made 5 or 6 million last year, you’d know the math doesn’t add up.

      2. No offense but stating that Bernice makes 30+million at her peak(which was 3 or 4 years ago) is bogus. Moses and Ray made more than her and at that time these two were rumoured to make only about 18 to 20 millions per year. IIRC Bernice was only rumoured to gain 6-7 millions a year at her peak inclusive of endorsements and show appearances. Of course in these few years both of these two top earners have earned double or tripled of that with more endorsements and mainland dramas coming their way.

        I’m sorry I need to mention Ray’s name again although mentioning his name seems like a taboo in this site.

      3. In recent years what Edwin earned is possible since he held numerous singing shows in mainland and that’s where most of his 5-6 million yearly income comes from since TVB and HK shows won’t pay as much as mainland.

      4. Bernice was top earning artist in TVB for a year or two… So yes that means above Ray and Moses

      5. In 2005-2007 Bernice topped the earning chart of Txb artists, more than Charmaine or any guy. She earned about 9 mil each year those years. But from 2008 she started to fall in income.

        Moses and LF only can reach to 15-20 mil starting from 2008-2011. Before that, they were under Bernice. Providing that even now, Bernice still can make 8-9 each year. Her China fee is higher than most of Txb current fadans, at 80-120k per eps.

  5. all these actors have so much money, couldn’t they spare some cash to help veteran actor gordon liu? they are not related but the seniors somehow path the way for the industry to grow, no doubt bosco, moses and the rest are well to do now but can never know what will happen in the future

    1. No wonder every youngster wants to become an artiste in Hong Kong because of the money ……….. I think the average income of a HK university graduate is approximately $500,000 per year if he is lucky.

    2. Are you kidding TVB actors don’t even earn that much. 30million HKD is like 4million Usd. Which is like what Hollywood actors earn for 1 movie…actually they probably earn more than that for one movie.

  6. Bosco Wong seems to be one of the more business savvy TVB actors. There’s always news of his successful investment and business venture.

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