Bowie Lam’s New Drama “Strangers 6” Broadcast In Japan

Bowie Lam (林保怡), Bernice Liu (廖碧兒), Peter Cheung (張崇德), Eugena Lau (劉美娟), Jeanie Lee (李幸倪), and Maria Cordero attended a luncheon commemorating the 23rd anniversary of a magazine. Due to his relatively free schedule without current filming projects, Bowie Lam gained weight and will need to exercise more.

Bowie’s new drama, Strangers 6 <六個陌生人>, featuring Toshiaki Karasawa, Oh Ji Ho, and Liu Xuan (劉璇), was currently being broadcast in Japan.  The Korean-Chinese-Japanese collaborative drama centered around a group of six experts from the police forces of Korea, China, and Japan whose secret mission was to protect the countries’ economic future. Toshiaki Karasawa was originally scheduled to travel to Hong Kong at the end of February to promote Strangers 6, in which Bowie made plans to take him out to dinner. Unfortunately, Toshiaki had to postpone his original travel plans to Hong Kong until the drama was broadcast locally. Bowie indicated that he did not know when the drama will be broadcast in Hong Kong.

Bowie also disclosed that he received a filming proposal from mainland China regarding spies. There was a high chance that Bowie will accept the filming offer, but he did not know who his costars will be. Bowie suggested casting Flora Chan (陳慧珊), as numerous netizens wanted them to star in Untraceable Evidence 3 <鑑證實錄3>. When it was pointed out that numerous TVB veteran actors were recruited by the new television stations in Hong Kong, Bowie indicated that he was not clear about the situation.

While tabloid reports claimed that Bernice Liu had already signed with City Telecom (CTI), she clarfied that was not the case. Bernice had signed with a management company, allowing her to collaborate with any television station. The construction of Ricky Wong’s (王維基) CTI production facilities will take place in Tseung Kwan O shortly. If CTI were to invite Bernice to appear at the event, she was glad to attend. When it was pointed out that TVB was petty, Bernice said that TVB was not petty to such a degree.

Former TVB artists, Eugena Lau and Peter Cheung, have been pursuing the true cause of their son’s death for the last 7 years with the Hong Kong Medical Council. Although Peter’s lawyer had issued numerous letters to the medical authority, the results were still under investigation. Peter intended to follow up with complaint experts.

Watch “Strangers 6” Trailer

[vsw id=”vxqjpuuhlMk” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Jayne: Congratulations to Bowie’s new drama being released in Japan. His acting caliber and language ability truly allow him to cross international borders. Bowie has reached heights that many artists aspire to be at.

Does anyone have details regarding Eugena Lau and Peter Cheung’s son’s death and what had occurred?

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  1. Well I like the idea of cross-border, but can’t they come up with a more original idea than police force?

    How are the experts from police going to save the economic future anyway? Not very realistic. If they could we wouldn’t have the current debt crisis in Europe, LOL.

    Are they going to fight terrorism? They would certainly lack both the financial resources and knowlegde to fend of any attacks from global speculators.

    Would have been better imo if it was a secret society with members from the most powerful families in their respective contries. Joining forces would provide them with unlimited financial resources, technology and close ties to the politics that could literally achieve anything 🙂

  2. i watched 2 eps of “Strangers 6” already, and Bowie did a good job. As a whole, it’s a good drama, 1000x better than TVB

    1. Empty,
      So Bowie’s voice is dubbed by a Japanese actor? Does he speak in Chinese or English in his own voice at all?

      If you don’t mind shedding more light on “Strangers 6,” what happens in the first two episodes?

    2. Always felt that Japanese dramas are well told, from a storytelling crafting point of view. Whether the story is original or not, the unfolding of the story is well crafted and the directors skillful in eliciting overall good performances from artists, even idols.

      1. Agree. J-drama changed a lot since the past and becomes very interesting. Even the idol type is still very nice. Just watched Yamada Tarou’s story and although it is an idol series, it can very touching and super sweet in every moment. And the actors of J-drama can look just ok but totally fit the roles they are in as well as make the role believable. Love how. The only thing I don’t like in J-drama is the length of each eps when one eps can be cut into several parts and I hate to close the pop-up to each part :(.

    1. haha, any japanese series is better than tvb’s in term of background and camera angle etc.

      1. Not true lar! I saw a highly stylistic series canned Majo Saiban and I switched it off after 2 episodes. The good thing about Japanese series is a 48 episodes series is considered long. For TVB, they are just warming up.

  3. It turns out that Liu Xuan is also in “Strangers 6”! I added the trailer clip for the drama and it looks very sharp in style and action packed, almost resembling a film project!

    A must see for Bowie fans!

    1. Not too sure, but Peter Cheung posted this on weibo: “@張崇德 : 7年前的今日,我的兒子「天藍」離開了這個世界。我用了整整7年時間向醫務委員會作出申訴, 但到了今天卻仍未得到他們的調查結果及報告。有傳媒朋友可以幫忙嗎?有誰可以幫忙?也請各位幫忙轉發,讓更多人知道他們是如何處理申訴的! 謝謝!”

      ” 法律程序幾年前已結束了,我說的是醫務委員會的投訴及內部調查。”

    2. their first son died 24 hrs after successful delivery. cause of death was due to blood cot in the brain.

    3. Nicole and Min,
      Thanks for the information. I remember reading very briefly about Eugena’s son now…it was many years ago. The family just wants a conclusive answer so that their frustration and perhaps injustice that the medical staff may not have done their best to save their son’s life can finally be laid to rest.

      It sounds as if Peter Cheung may have been thinking about his son everyday for the past 7 years. It is such a haunting experience. Fortunately they have another child and have not been deprived the opportunity to be parents.

      1. 1 daughter, 1 son. 🙂

        So odd to see Eugena with Peter. I had to google to figure out who they were. No clue who Peter is but vaguely remember Eugena from the Proud Twins with Tony Leung.

      2. Pandamao,
        I guess you don’t remember TVB shows from the 80s that much. Eugena Lau made headlines when she first entered the industry because she was dubbed as a look-a-like version of Barbara Yung, so that truly sent the media into a frenzy! My sister was a huge Barbara Yung fan and transferred her love to Eugena!

        Another bit of trivia, Eugena’s elder sister had dated the hunky David Siu at one point.

      3. Pandamao.

        Peter Cheung is 1/2 of a singing duo that consist of 2 brothers. His brother is Andrew Cheung (張崇基). They were most active in the 90s. They are good singers. Considered as 實力派.

  4. Jayne, what’s Bowie language skills like?He speaks English & Japanese too?

    I love him!!! Flora Chan & him made one of the BEST on screen couples!!!!

    1. Grace,
      I believe Bowie speaks decent English, from watching him in series. I don’t know if he speaks Japanese, which is why I asked fans who are watching “Strangers 6” whether his voice is dubbed or he speaks in his own voice.

      The trailer clip of “Strangers 6” made everyone look so cool, including Bowie. I also like Toshiaki Karasawa as well!

      Hopefully Bowie’s good acting in “Strangers 6” will generate Japanese companies’ interest in featuring more HK stars in their future productions!

      1. P.S.
        In light of recent debates, just wanted to clarify that I do not own the video and all credits should be given to the person who made/uploaded the video on youtube.

  5. I don’t think Eugena Lau looks like Barbara Yung. Barbara Yung had better features than Eugena.

  6. Hope the Japanese will like Bowie!!!
    He looks a little like them too….lol….

  7. Which channel it is in? Fuji I guess. Karasawa Toshiaki is good in 20th century boys so he is the one I want to see in this one, the most! Not fond of the K features but for Karasawa Toshiaki :).

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