BTS to Start Pursuing Solo Activities

South Korean boy band BTS gave fans a scare after announcing that they will be turning their focus on solo activities. The announcement was not well-received by the fans and sent shockwave to management agency HYBE’s stock price.

In a video, the members opened up on the band’s struggle since their polarity exploded. The group’s leader RM explained, “The problem with K-pop and the idol system is that it doesn’t give you time to mature. You have to keep producing music and keep doing something. There is no time to think and I don’t know what direction our group should take.”

After the announcement, online discussion ran rampant with speculations that BST is on the brink of disbanding or that the announcement is related to the member’s mandatory military enlistment. As speculation continued to grow, HYBE’s stock price plummeted by 25.65% in a single day.

In a statement, HYBE emphasized that the group is not disbanding, “The members are not taking a hiatus. They are working on solo projects and group projects at this time.”

While fans may have to wait until BTS perform as a group again, fans can look forward to the band taking some time to find themselves and come back stronger together.

Source: World Journal

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  1. They do deserve a rest, I must agree. They have been putting in more than overtime. However, I think they are far too overrated, overpaid, over popularized, but way too undertalented, but this is what the generation today wants.

      1. No typo. To be made over populated, or popularized, means gaining tremendousdous popularity without any real talent to back it up. Boy band version of the Kardashians.

    1. i personally feel its all boys/girls band everywhere, not just BTS. Selling point is their looks or the images created for them. Never about their talent. If they have any, its buried and lost in those images.

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