BTS “Dynamite” Breaks “Gangnam Style” Record on U.S. Billboard

BTS’s new English single “Dynamite” has broken several records in the United States, including a record previously held by Psy with his 2012 single “Gangnam Style.”

Released in August 2020 to worldwide success, the music video to “Dynamite” has set several Guinness World Records. It is the first YouTube video to receive over 3 million concurrent viewers, surpassing a record previously set by BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That.” It is also the fastest YouTube video to reach over 10 million views, after only 20 minutes. “Dynamite” is the fastest YouTube video to surpass 200 million views, after four days and 12 hours.

After winning four awards at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), which where held on August 30, “Dynamite” broke another charting record, de-crowning Psy’s viral hit “Gangnam Style” on the Billboard Hot 100. “Dynamite” debuted at number one, making BTS the first Korean artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 in the chart’s six-decade history. “Gangnam Style” had debuted at number two back in 2012.

BTS had expressed that their goal is to top the Billboard Hot 100. The seven boys have now achieved that milestone after only seven years of debut. Their fanbase—known as ARMY—are happily celebrating their achievements.

South Korea’s president, Moon Jae In, is overjoyed with BTS’s success overseas. He called the septet “incredible” and credited them for pushing Korean pop music to the world, calling them the leaders of modern Korean culture.


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  1. a typical korean mv style. the song is so popular probably b/c it’s BTS and an english song.

    1. @m0m0 yup, spot on right there. It went viral fast on YouTube because it’s BTS, with its huge fan base, all the youtubers do a reaction to their video to catch more traffic into their channels. Overall, the song is meh, but then I’ve never like any of the BTS songs, it didn’t sound catchy to me ‘\o/‘

      1. @littlefish
        They have some nice songs but I like their older music more. Many rely on their huge fan base and popularity not just them. They are talented but are not the most talented. However, many are lucky, popular, got good timing, etc… so it is not just talent that takes you far.

    2. @m0m0
      They have a huge fan base with crazy fans who would do anything for them. Even if their songs are not so great, those crazy fans would blindly say they are all great.

  2. My girls are a diehard fans of BTS. They were so upset at the postponement of the concert in NJ past May. They didn’t refund money. Postpone until further notice. Don’t know when will they have another concert

      1. @m0m0 yep, they smart. They “postponed” not “canceled” so that way they don’t have to refund. So now just keep waiting until their next concert

      1. @hetieshou exactly, I’ll just accept the fact that I’m losing that money. Lucky I didn’t book hotel or else I guess I’ll loose another couple hundred dollars

      2. @joyce
        I feel bad for you. Maybe you can watch the new concert with that money online if you cannot see it in person. It sucks to lose money especially during such tough times like this. May I ask how much the tickets were?Just curious.

      3. @hetieshou i paid a little over $600 for 2 tix for my daughters. Last year I got a cheapest ticket and paid almost $400 for 3 tix for myself & my daughters cuz I didn’t feel they’re old enough to go into that zoo by themselves. I got a really bad headache after the concert. This year I bought them better seats for just 2 of them & it “postponed” due to this stupid pandemic

      4. @joyce
        Thanks for the info and the tickets are not too overpriced compared to some of the prices that I have heard about but are more expensive than some that I have seen. My friend went to a Vivian Chow concert in 1995 and the price was only $75 for 2nd front row tickets. But then that was over 20 years ago. It is no wonder many fans always struggle to save money for the tickets. You are such a sweet mom to buy tickets for your daughters. I talked to this one fan whose mom refused to buy even some merchandise. I feel so bad for her.

        There is going to be an online concert soon. Do your daughters plan to watch it? Yes, the pandemic is driving us all mad. I hope they can refund your money but I doubt they will.

      5. @hetieshou I paid $115 for a meh seats at Jolin Tsai & Sammi Cheng concert like 11-12 years ago. For BTS, it can go as high as $1500 for VIP where you can go in early to see them mic check front role seat. It’s ridiculous. Last year I spent $250 on merchandise for my girls at the concert $300 at line friend store buying bt21 merchandises. Well, you might think I’m spoiling my kids but they really deserve it. They’re good kids, well behave, they never ask for anything except bts related thing

      6. @joyce
        You are such a sweet mom and of course your kids deserve it. Yes, I know BTS tickets can get very expensive. I think only their family members or close friends can get VIP tickets for free or a low price. Of course as they are popular now, the tickets can get expensive. I was talking to this one fan online that actually cut her wrists because her mom refused to buy her any BTS merchandise. I feel so bad for her but told her not to hurt herself like that. I thought after what she did, her mom would get her at least something but her mom still refused to which is why I feel your daughters are lucky to have a sweet mom like you.

        Which seat tickets did you get for the Jolin and Sammi concerts? $115 is expensive if they are way at the back. But these are still cheap compared to Super Bowl tickets which are beyond expensive.

      7. @hetieshou I remembered the most expensive tix was $180. We got like middle row, pretty close to the stage considering the auditorium at Mohegan Sun casino In Connecticut is not that big. I paid $115 for Sammi concert cuz I was her fan. But only $88 for Jolin cuz I didn’t know who she was back then. I just went with my brother-in-law ex gf

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