Candy Chang Reports to Police Station Over Drug Case

Following her arrest for drug-related charges in November, TVB actress, Candy Chang (張慧雯), was seen reporting to the Hong Kong Police station yesterday. Representing Candy on the case is actress-turned-lawyer Money Lo (盧敏儀). Although Candy did not stop to speak with the press, she smiled slightly.

On November 25, a van driven by a man with the surname of Law was stopped by the police for speeding, and 13 bags of marijuana was discovered in the car. The police did not know that the passenger was actress Candy Chang, but the driver begged the police not to arrest her. Candy reportedly told the police she is an actress and would not like her name to be disclosed, although the press quickly rushed to the scene.

Charged by the police for possession of and driving under the influence of illegal drugs, Law has previous records of the same charges and car thefts.

After the drug arrest made headlines, Candy claimed that she fell asleep in the car and maintained her innocence. She also explained that Law was not her boyfriend, but only a new acquaintance she met through a mutual friend.

Maximum Sentence of 7 Years Imprisonment

As stated by Hong Kong’s Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, if proven guilty, the maximum penalty for possession of illegal drugs is a fine of $1 million HKD and imprisonment for 7 years. The sentence will usually depend on whether the drugs involved was used for distribution or personal consumption, whether he or she pleads guilty, and if it was the first time the crime has been committed. If drugs were found in the car, the passenger will also be arrested and charged. If drug trafficking is involved, it may result in a life sentence.

Benched by TVB

Twenty-three-year-old Candy Chang was born in Hong Kong. The Chang family immigrated to Canada when she was 7. Candy was crowned 2009 Miss Chinese Toronto, and was the second runner-up in the 2010 Miss Chinese International pageant.

Candy gained popularity after acting in The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>. She is also tentatively cast in The Hippocratic Crush 2, and will be in a love triangle with Him Law (羅仲謙) and Eliza Sam. However, the drug charges may cost Candy her role. Chen Yaoquan (陳耀全), the producer of The Hippocratic Crush 2, said he has not received any notification from TVB management on the need to replace Candy with another actress yet, and believed that her personal life will not affect her performance. Many of Candy’s TVB colleagues also believed she is innocent in the drug possession case.

Candy was also cast in the comedy Master Understands <師父‧明白了>, but TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) decided to remove her from the series, due to possible scheduling conflicts.


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  1. Wasn’t she second runner up in miss Chinese international 2010?

    1. you mean clever her to lie like that.. if the driver didn’t know her why would he beg the police not to arrest her, he could have told the police that the drugs belonged to cancy chang instead

      1. Maybe bc he is a nice guy or perhaps he in fact only her subordinate?

        And the druglord providing drugs to celebs in HK is E.T! No not the alien 🙂 No wonder so many have to suck up to him.

        Knowing TVB’s policy she will win BA by playing doctor turned into drug addict, LOL

  2. Why would you fall asleep in a car with a guy that you don’t really know??????

    Hong Kong penalty are crazy. How big was the bag of weed. Here in America, when ppl get caught with weed, it’s nothing, they get arrested and do community service.

    1. no, candy chang looks like a smart girl, she would not have slept in a stranger’s car

    2. certain penalties may sound crazy to you but drugs did bring China to its knees once

  3. She’s a fool. No sane girl sleep in a car with a guy she barely know.

    1. she’s anything but a fool, candy chang is probably getting a cut from the sale of weeds, btwn wonder if jamie chik and hillary tsui would allow/encourage their children to do drugs?

      1. she’s anything but a fool, candy chang is probably getting a cut from the sale of thee marijuana, btwn wonder if jamie chik and hillary tsui would allow/encourage their children to do drugs?

    2. tvb not paying the actors well enough.. they (the actors) have to look for other means

    3. can you not go and call her a fool before you know the full story? it says”fell” asleep not “went” to sleep! she can’t help it if she was tired and fell asleep?!?!

  4. It is pretty hard to believe her story ……. she fell asleep in a stranger’s car.

      1. yeah, let ppl like her stay in jail maximum term, safer place for children in this world, parents should be relieved too, lady drug seller who doesn’t care for anybody but herself.. yucks, would not want to watch her acting on the tele

      2. I think drug users/customers are more culpable than the dealers, unless they were forced to take them at gun point. I don’t condone illegal drug dealing, but people are quick to point fingers at them, when the users/customers themselves are victims of their own lapse in judgement.

    1. Poon Ka Tak left TVB. Not sure if he’s coming back for THC 2 or not. I like him

      1. He didn’t leave, he’s still around 1 series per year he’s producing the sequel next year

  5. I like her and want her to continue on acting! Come on guys !! Everyone make some mistake in their life. O just hope she learned from this mistake. Support you!!

    1. it’s easier said than done you know that? It’s not the netizens or the entertainment industry that’s ousting her but she has to deal with HK LAW. Unfortunately from what i said, she will probably be set free. Kelvin Kwan and Jill Vidal was set free as well.

    2. Well the best way that she is going to learn from this huge mistake is if she gets charged guilty and gets punished by Hong Kong law.

  6. Actually this article didn’t mention it but her friend was also in the car who’s driver was her boyfriend so she wasn’t alone with him.

    I don’t think she has anything to do with this really nor a user cause they already tested the guy and he got prosecuted while she didn’t, she’s just involved in the case cause she was at the scene.

    1. this mr law is not stupid, he would not have taken the wrap for candy chang if there is nothing in it for him

      1. By your words it seemed like Candy is already proven guilty, its’ still under investigation, not guilty until proven

  7. To this day, my mother warns my thirty-something brother to not offer rides to people or getting into other people’s cars. As far as my mother is concerned, the car is an extension of our private home.

  8. Whether she actually let her guard down and fell asleep on a stranger’s car, or consumed/did drug trafficking, it is still a dumb act.

  9. She is lucky this happened in HK. I doubt she will even go to jail, charged, etc. Again she is lucky she is not in Malaysia.

      1. Depending on the drugs, the volume and circumstances, it can either be trafficking (death) or for use (life).

      2. Thanks, Funn. The punishments are much heavier in Malaysia.

      3. Of course. Which I agree. So it is with kidnap for ransom, possession of gun.

    1. So it means Malaysia is comparable to Singapore in terms of strictness?

  10. ” If drugs were found in the car, the passenger will also be arrested and charged.”

    Oh man that sucks so freaking bad, especially for her. An innocent person just like that can get screwed over. As much as I enjoy HK media, I’m so glad I reside here in the states….Asia is still Asia.

  11. Andy Chan (Yiu Chun) is the producer of Master Understands.. that series finishes in January with post production work to follow, there is no way he could start production on The Hippocratic Crush II in February, therefore he is not the producer..

    Poon Ka Tak has been confirmed as the producer for The Hippocratic Crush II for a while now, and he is not leaving TVB.. please fix some facts…

  12. If Hong Kong prison is not full, yes, she can go to jail. Not like America, the prison is over crowded. Well, she didn’t smoke it so it shouldn’t be that bad. Maybe fine and community services.

    I was wondering who’s that guy in the car.

    1. yeah, some drug dealers are not drug users themselves, those are the more dangerous ones.. not forgetting evil and wicked

  13. I like her more then Eliza Sam, Rebecca Zhu & Kuo. She act more natural then those 3.

    1. hmm.. she acted more naturally than other newcomers, would be good at acting real life and in the police station too

  14. It doesn’t seem fair that the passenger would be charged, it’s not even her car. So everytime a friend or acquaintance gives you a ride, you’re supposed to search their car for illegal drugs or firearm before you take the ride? Seems ridiculous.

    1. It’s not fair, but that’s just the way it is. He should have not put any drugs in his car knowing there’s gonna be a passenger. Never ride in some guys car when you don’t really know them. Also, never fall asleep in a strangers car. You think she’s dating that guy? Cuz she really trusted him.

      1. If she was in a taxi, I don’t think she would be charged because she was a paid passenger (a money transaction only) unless she was proven to be a friend of the taxi driver.

  15. candy chang in kenny wee’s (she is one of the 5) and now this, hard to be that she is innocent

  16. wonder if she’s the one supplying weeds to hillary and the rest on that night in kenny’s restaurant

  17. I hope everything is fine for her and her acting career is fine

    1. You wouldn’t be saying that if your children were getting their weeds/marijuana from her

      1. U set bad example to young ppl, hopefully she will get some punishments.

      2. I don’t get it. It’s all speculations. No one knows but herself and maybe the criminal if she was actually involved. So, why is she a terrible person now?

  18. This is a prime example of how you can get beeped for life if you’re there at the wrong time especially for a celebrity. Good luck Candy, you’ll never stop hearing the hate, bash, but hopefully your heart and mind remains calm. Remember, even if you’re guilty, only you have the right to justify yourself morally. And if you’re not guilty, good girl! 🙂

  19. Candy Chang and Kenny Wee case just “tip of the Iceberg” that involve artists on drugs ???

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