Carina Zhang’s Mother Had Always Wanted Her Daughter To Be Famous

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Carina Zhang’s Mother Had Always Wanted Her Daughter To Be Famous

On New Year’s Eve 2019, Raymond Lam (林峯) announced that he and his girlfriend of one year, Chinese model Carina Zhang (張馨月) had officially signed marriage papers and tied the knot. Raymond and Carina started dating sometime in 2018, and their relationship was exposed by the paparazzi in December 2018, when they were spotted hanging out at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park.

After their marriage, it was said that 40-year-old Raymond Lam started to have much more traditional views toward marriage and family. As the only son of Lam Wah Kwok (林華國), a real estate giant in Xiamen, Raymond is the heir of a billion-dollar empire and is given the traditional responsibility of expanding the family.

So it isn’t a surprise to see that the couple, who officially married October 2019, are now already parents to a beautiful baby daughter.

Their speedy marriage and pregnancy may be because Raymond is long overdue for an heir, but Carina herself has always wanted to start a family, and a big part of that came from her mother Wang Shuhong (王書紅), or Sammi.

According to media reports, Carina’s mother has always dreamed of her daughter to be famous or financially successful. Aside from teaching her daughter how to cook (thus learning how to be a housewife), she has, over the years, consistently encouraged her daughter to audition for various beauty pageants to win a chance to join the entertainment industry. In 2010, Carina won second place at a underwear fashion event in Shanghai. In 2011, she auditioned for a beauty pageant hosted by Hunan TV, but failed to get selected. Before meeting Raymond, Carina worked as a promotional model.

Sammi herself is very money-savvy, and had opened several businesses before. She once claimed on social media that she was worth over a billion dollars at one point, but lost a lot of money after several failed businesses.

As for Carina, it is said that she is a very “well-behaved” daughter-in-law, and has a good relationship with Raymond’s parents and relatives. While Carina was still pregnant in Hong Kong, Raymond’s mother reportedly hired two maternity helpers to manage Carina’s daily life. While awaiting to give birth, Raymond brought Carina with him to Shenzhen because he had to film in Zhongshan. She allegedly gave birth there and spent a month at a luxurious postpartum center in Shenzhen.

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8 comments to Carina Zhang’s Mother Had Always Wanted Her Daughter To Be Famous

  1. rika says:

    “As the only son of Lam Wah Kwok (林華國)…”

    Raymond is the eldest son but not the only son. His younger brother is taking over the family business.

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  2. m0m0 says:

    lol, who wouldn’t if one truly believes that her daughter is beautiful but i think 99% of the mothers think their daughters are beautiful while the remaining 1% just want them to be financially successful.

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    • hetieshou replied:

      My late mom did not think I was beautiful at all. She criticized my looks all the time and almost allowed me to get some minor enhancements and plastic surgery. But she saw the risks with plastic surgery and the negative effects so she changed her mind.

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      • m0m0 replied:

        lol, that’s why i say 99%. i do not think my daughters are pretty and i tell them that it is okay to be not pretty. relatives have suggested surgery to fix their eyes but i tell them to focus on school not on looks. the handsome ones tend to end up with plain janes so it is really okay.

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      • wm2017 replied:

        @m0m0 Exactly! Pretty ones don’t mean they will marry good looking ones and vise versa. hahaha why bother? lol

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  3. afan202 says:

    It’s evident that Carina has had plastic surgery. Her face looks similar to Fan Bing Bing, Aaron Kwok’s wife etc etc.

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    • hetieshou replied:

      She did but I think it is minor compared to Viann Zhang for example, who looks nothing like her old self. They still have some traces of their old self. Fan Bing Bing is not that unnatural as I have seen her childhood photos and photos of her parents and family, and she looks like them but with some minor enhancements.

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  4. sherla1019 says:

    Raymonds face is fixed no doubt about it not to sure about his wife i hope his daughter will not have the dad side of the nose cause it looks like all the family members has the same nose frame before his cousin Rosina debuted in TVB she looked oddly weird up until she did something to her face that when she looked acceptable

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