Carlos Chan Sends Blessings Towards Jennifer Yu for Upcoming Wedding

News broke that Jennifer Yu (余香凝) is in the first trimester of pregnancy and will get married in November. While the 27-year-old actress refused to respond on her pregnancy rumors, Jennifer  confirmed that she will be getting married and released a bridal photo. Only a side profile of her fiancé’s face is visible, but he bears strong resemblance to insurance executive, Victor Hui. Netizens believe he is the same person who was speculated to be the catalyst behind Jennifer’s controversial breakup with ex-boyfriend, Carlos Chan (陳家樂).

Jennifer had dated Carlos for four years, with the actress suddenly announcing their split in 2018. Caught by surprise, Carlos cried before the press when he said he was not ready to let go of the relationship. Speculations arose that Jennifer had cheated in the relationship before officially breaking up with Carlos, as she was photographed spending the night with Victor Hui. Admitting that she had visited Victor’s home, Jennifer said their evening meetups were only for business discussions and said there was no third party involvement leading to her breakup with Carlos.

In July of this year, Jennifer expressed that she was still single and plans to get married and have children before she turned 30 years old. Thus, it came as a surprise that three months later, her plans would have changed dramatically, fueling speculations that Jennifer got pregnant unexpectedly.

While she has yet to announce publicly, the actress’ Instagram seems to hint at her pregnancy. Jennifer recently posted a photo and captioning it, “A moment worth remembering.” She also uploaded a picture of her eating crabs, a big no-no among most Hong Kong expectant mothers and shortly deleted the photo after learning her mistake.

Carlos Sends His Blessings


As her wedding is said to be in November, Jennifer confirmed the news yesterday. Seen wearing a white wedding dress and her fiancé is kissing her hand in her bridal photo, Jennifer wrote on Instagram, “I’m grateful that we could meet. Even though we don’t know what’s ahead in the future, I know that I will spend each day holding your hand to create our own world.” She thanked all her friends and family for their wonderful blessings.

When reached for comment, Carlos sent his blessings to Jennifer. “I wish Ms. Yu happiness,” he said simply.

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