Jennifer Yu Admits Staying Overnight at Victor Hui’s Home

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Jennifer Yu Admits Staying Overnight at Victor Hui’s Home

Yesterday, Carlos Chan (陳家樂) announced that he and Jennifer Yu (余香凝) had broken up. Carlos’ eyes brimmed with fresh tears while addressing the media regarding his break up with Jennifer, whom he previously regarded as a potential marriage partner.

The shocking breakup led many to speculate that Jennifer had cheated in the relationship, especially after tabloids published photos of her spending the night at insurance millionaire Victor Hui‘s home.

Insists Victor Hui is Only a Friend

Following Carlos’ announcement, Jennifer clarified her side of the story. “Carlos and I have been broken up for a month. We had a mutual agreement. In the end, we sat down and decided to break up. It was not our intention to lie to everyone. We wanted to finish our work first before sharing it with the public. I did not intend to use his name for publicity!”

Although Jennifer claims it was a mutual decision, the 24-year-old actress was spotted spending the night at Victor Hui’s residence. Branded a gold-digger by the media, Jennifer stressed that the breakup did not involve a third party and took the opportunity to clear her name. “I’m an independent woman. I don’t desire luxury brands, nor will I use someone else’s money. Since I graduated from school, I have always depended on myself to earn money and support my family. I’m this kind of person. Carlos and I have always kept our finances separate!”

Jennifer further expressed that Victor is merely a long-time friend and business partner. “Recently, we began a joint investment in a restaurant. There are other investors too. Every time we have a meeting, there are other people with us. Furthermore, I will be leaving Hong Kong for a month soon, and the restaurant will have its grand opening at the end of the month. There are a lot of things to discuss. So every day after work, no matter how late, I would go to Victor’s house to meet with him. His family is upstairs too, as well as other business partners. It definitely is not just us two in the house.”

When asked to clarify whether she indeed stayed overnight at Victor’s home, Jennifer said, “Yes. There have been times where we had all night meetings. We are definitely not dating. He is my friend and my business partner.”

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12 comments to Jennifer Yu Admits Staying Overnight at Victor Hui’s Home

  1. jimmyszeto says:

    I guess if they had already split up then Jennifer is entitled to sleep with whoever she wants…

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  2. craziejones says:

    So why is she tagged a gold digger? Wasn’t she with Carlos when he had nothing?

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    • @craziejones Because people like drama, picking sides and witch hunting. Poor girl.

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    • replied:

      @craziejones It just makes for more sensational news, lol. Plus, any time someone “trades up” for a more financially well off partner, it’s easy to label them as such. I mean, why else would she break up with someone as charming and doting as Carlos, if not for money? *note sarcasm*

      I’ve seen a couple of Jennifer’s Youtube vlogs, and I get the impression that she’s still at a stage where she wants to explore her youth/freedom, meet new people and have fun. Understandable, since she is considerably young. Carlos, on the other hand, seems a lot more laid-back, introverted, and ready to settle down. I’m guessing this discrepancy eventually drove a wedge between them, but who knows.

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        Surely Carlo can earn more than £100000 a year now with the potential to earn even more. Surely staying with Carlo will be more gold digging than this new ‘kid’

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      • replied:

        @jimmyszeto I agree, which was why “trade up” was in quotations, haha. In reality, she’s not trading up (at least not in the financial department), but some people see the word “millionaire” attached to his name and perceive it as such.

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  3. dramafan says:

    Hhhhmm, ok. So Victor Hui is a long time friend and a recent business partner whose home she’s had to stay over to discuss business matters.

    Yet when her ex boyfriend of 3 years, Carlos was shown a picture of Victor in the street from a previous video. Carlos did not appear to know or recognize this Victor at all.

    Seems like someone may lying here…

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  4. I’m having Bernice Liu flashbacks. With people and the media picking Moses’ side and spread rumors and attack her. History always repeats itself.

    When we say that breakups are a personal matter everyone always tend to agree but some also can’t help but to speculate and find out who’s ‘at fault’, lying and is to blame. Sometimes people grow apart, fall out of love, even in love with someone else, the reason doesn’t matter. Not all stories need a villain, just let it be. Wish them well and let them heal.

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    • jimmyszeto replied:

      It’s so unfair. Can be career shattering…

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    • iciel replied:

      @peanutbutterjelly This is exactly what was going through my mind as I read the articles about their breakup and going through the comments. People are so quick to judge. They don’t realize how damaging it is to the girl’s career when branded as a gold digger. Poor Bernice’s career went downhill after the incident and now they want Jennifer to go down the same path. I feel bad for Carlos but I really hope he will step out and clarify if it indeed did not involve a third party. I’m still mad at Moses until this day for not standing up for Bernice. I know his management might have told him to keep quiet but she was someone he loved for so long yet he just let the media and the audience attack Bernice while she was in the hospital.

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    • rika replied:

      @peanutbutterjelly That’s what media does. Blow things out of proportion for their own sales and ratings. It’s a common M.O. of theirs and it’s not just HK’s paparazzi is like this. Basically every country’s media behaves the same way and a number of artistes’ careers have been destroyed before.

      I am not condoning what the media does but this is a price that every artiste has to pay the moment they step into the entertainment business. That’s why some artiste managing companies enforce authoritative ridiculous “no dating” rules. It’s not like they don’t understand people have needs for companionship but they also know the vultures (media) are always lurking somewhere to prey and create stupid tabloids.

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  5. bubbletea says:

    The girl has all night meetings. There is nothing at all wrong with that, nothing at all.

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