Jennifer Yu Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Baby Clare has big eyes and thick brows like Daddy.

Hong Kong actress Jennifer Yu (余香凝) has given birth to a baby girl named Clare. Sharing the happy news via Instagram on April 23, the 27-year-old revealed that she has already started breastfeeding her newborn daughter.

Resembles Daddy Tim Luk

Replete with joy, Jennifer ignored old wives’ superstition of not praising newborns (for fear of the child turning rebellious) and wrote, “Baby weighed 6.5 pounds at birth and did not waste Mommy’s efforts of eating so much towards the end and gaining much weight. She was very cooperative and with everyone’s help, already started breastfeeding three days after the C-section.” The actress also thanked her husband Tim Luk (陸政渡) for accompanying her post-surgery and staying up late to be by her side.

Initially worried as the baby’s weight was on the low side at 5.5 pounds during one of her final pre-natal check-ups, Jennifer was glad that the child was born within the healthy weight range. She also praised her sweetheart for not crying much at the hospital, and revealed that Clare resembles Daddy and has thick eyebrows and huge eyes like him, allaying her own fears that the baby would be almost brow-less like herself.

Experiencing all the novel emotions of motherhood, Jennifer was finally able to understand why her own mother had been so long-winded. “Once I even screamed along with [Clare], as I was so worried that she would be feeling uncomfortable. My friends told me not to worry, as I would have an entire lifetime to do so. I am already beginning to understand that feeling now.”

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